Subject: Safe route from Sengkang Fernvale to Clarke Quay

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Safe route from Sengkang Fernvale to Clarke Quay

Posted on: 27th Oct 2018 2:36 PM    Quote and Reply


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Posted on: 27th Oct 2018 2:35 PM    Quote and Reply

My best bet for you is to go by upper Thomson then rochor then Clarke Quay. I used to work at Funan and I cycled from my place at hg. this is usually the route I take. 

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Posted on: 14th Sep 2017 1:02 AM    Quote and Reply


I stay in Sengkang, when go to Clake quay using hougang (pcn)-circuit road (pcn)-kallang (pcn)-bugis-clarke quay safe trip. Kallang got 2 over-head bridge which you need to carry.

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Posted on: 22nd Aug 2012 11:26 PM    Quote and Reply

I would advise against using Upper Thomson / Thomson Road to get into town as the traffic will be at least 4X heavier than the YCK traffic going towards Upper Serangoon Road.   That is the case for the morning commute.

For the last stretch, definitely Cavanagh to (via overhead bridge) to Cuppage to Killiney to River Valley would see quite manageable traffic.    Occasionally Cavanagh would see heavy traffic, but you can just hop onto the pavement on the other side of the road and ride all the way to the overhead bridge to cross over the CTE.  Less traffic, then you can stay on the road.   Don't worry about the policemen you'll see on the pavement... they're there to patrol the Istana surroundings and won't bother you as long as you smile and give them a wave.   

The tricky bit would be connecting from Serangoon central to the Cavanagh stretch.   You'll need a bit of time to explore and map out the area in your mind.  I would suggest heading towards Potong Pasir.. but don't use the park connector, just use the traffic lights to cross under the PIE and from there, you can use a few small roads to connect you to this underground tunnel that goes under the CTE.  You'll pop up in the Whampoa area, near Jalan Bahagia.. and if you use the right roads, you can come out to the main Balestier Road near the Moulmein junction.    From there, it's an easy ride to get to the Cavanagh / Bukit Timah junction.   Got a few ways....  I would suggest using the traffic lights to go across the road and there;s another short tunnel that will pop you onto Rangoon Road (got a famous bak kut teh stall right there).. you can have a nice breakfast at the Pek Kio market (cheap and good food stalls, incl $1.50 char kuay teow that is pretty good)....     just take a look at the streetdirectory map and figure a few ways to Cavanagh depending on your mood. 

As for the YCK stretch... it is kind of hilly.  Just spin in a smaller gear on days when your legs just have much juice.   No need to attack the hills everyday :)      Good luck and have a safe commute.

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Posted on: 22nd Aug 2012 9:18 PM    Quote and Reply

How about from Thomson Road, go past Novena, towards Kampong Java, then onto Cavenagh Road all the way alongside Istana (dun forget say hello to uncle LKY), go into Cuppage Centre area to get across to Killiney Road.
Take Killiney Road all the way to Martin Road, Saiboo Road, then onto Robertson Quay Promenade and then use promenade to catch your breath before reaching Clarke Quay.   

Not sure but thot this way looks like fewer roads jutting into your path.. Be careful man when riding to work and i admire your guts!

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Posted on: 13th Aug 2012 10:52 AM        

Hi guys,

I just started cycling to work and realised that from Yio Chu Kang road all the way to potong pasir and to jln besah and to town is very busy with traffic.

Had been searching for a pcn to a nearest point in town but cant find any. Does anyone knows which is a safest route from my place to town? I dun mind if its a little longer as long as its safe.

pls guide me.

thanks a lot.
11th Jul 2012
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