Subject: Vert v8 vs Java Decaf TT

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Vert v8 vs Java Decaf TT

Posted on: 17th Jul 2014 12:09 PM    Quote and Reply

decaf 7 is 350 at cheap john's. any shop sells cheaper than them??

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Posted on: 10th Mar 2014 9:19 PM    Quote and Reply

hey guys, new to forum but purchased a vert v8 (over the java tt, which was nice but i thought a clear #2 compared to v8) and wanted to ask a question for the other owners.

i am pretty satisfied with the bike overall, it's nice...but i'm suspicious that the tyres are not authentic kenda tyres and the owner is not giving a clear answer.

when i compare online with other kendas, it appears:

1) the tread is different, 
2) as are the color borders on the tyres (i have the red and black ones), and 
3) the branding on the tyre is no done without color or in the same format as the other ones i see online (example here: 

For 3, you can also compare against v6 tyres, which i believe should be same kendas:

let me know if you have any idea about this or are facing similar issues with your V8?


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Posted on: 22nd Feb 2014 12:17 AM    Quote and Reply

The price is $450 now

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Posted on: 21st Feb 2014 5:47 PM    Quote and Reply

Not sure about official distributor, but other shops are selling java decaf tt too. Try scootz and bikeactually.

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Posted on: 21st Feb 2014 5:09 PM    Quote and Reply

Maybe you can try BikeFair At Safra Tampiness. They got booth there.

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Posted on: 11th Jan 2014 1:44 PM        


Help. Im confuse which to get. Which is a better buy. Java decaf is currently on offer at $380. While the vert v8 is selling at $398. The vert looks like kalaq though. My budget is 400 though. Appreciate your wonderful advise!
19th Aug 2013
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