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#TOGO1117 and #TOGOHALF Leaderboard Chat

Posted on: 16th Nov 2017 12:35 PM    Quote and Reply

The certs are already available, participants are required to write their testimonials before they can download the certificates online.

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Posted on: 15th Nov 2017 1:48 PM    Quote and Reply

When will the certs be available ?

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Posted on: 14th Nov 2017 12:12 PM    Quote and Reply

Togo Admin .please let us know when will you ship the finisher tee ? No response from you through email
Too . I have a change in address .

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Posted on: 13th Nov 2017 2:22 PM    Quote and Reply

Togo award ceremony was fantastic. Big thanks to Evan and his staff for making it a great experience for all the participants. After speaking with Evan the next upcoming events will be very exciting. Cadence Sensors and Heart Rate Monitors will be items added to the rule book for ride verification. This is great news for all. See you all next year and look forward to the challenge.

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Posted on: 12th Nov 2017 1:37 PM    Quote and Reply

yes, please bring along your friend's finisher email as proof. See you at the Finisher Event at 2pm!

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Posted on: 6th Sep 2017 1:30 PM        

Check your challenge progress via the Leaderboard by following this link here:
'#TOGO1117 Admin'
9th May 2017
From: Singapore
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