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About Buy and Sell Safely in the Marketplace Forum:
Share information of genuine or counterfeit products, identify scammers and everything there is to help promote buying and selling safely in
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Posted on: 6th Jun 2013 5:07 PM        

This forum is created for educating all users of the marketplace to increase the knowledge of genuine hence counterfiet products so that scams can be prevented.

What can be posted here:
1) "How to identify"types of questions
2) Asking for help of members to go buy and sell with
3) Posting of links into the marketplace asking if the ad is legit

The secondary aim is also to increase our knowledge of products via these helpful exchanges. Abusive and personal exchanges will be moderated.

You may email to for a certain threads to be looked at, however moderators have the final say with regards to the action/inaction of the threads and disabling/activating of the accounts.

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