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Do ensure that your profile has been set to public for your rides to be pulled automatically into our leaderboard. Instructions on setting them to public can be found in your email when you register!

If your ride does not reflect in the leaderboard after 30 mins, do write in to us at togo817@togoparts.com and our team will gladly assist you within 48 hours!

We have also added a little upgrade to our leaderboard below! Always observe road safety and enjoy yourselves!

Cheer for your team or anyone here!

Wishing everyone a safe ride. There is invariably a grumpy taxi/car driver or a unhappy bus captain on every ride :(. I rode on the east coast today first time and i must say i'm envious of the flat road and even more awesome cycling lane. Where i ride to work it is a lot mountainous.
- blrvenkat , 16 hours ago

#TOGO817 on

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