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Wow. this is long due. Anyways, challenges always make you want to do your best.

mal_ali - 2 months ago

My First Cycling Self Challenge ????????????????????????????????

kctoh1967 - 2 months ago

The only challenge which is worth to sign up with.

knightskid - 2 months ago

Done something good for myself this year! Thankful to Togoparts and the team behind it for coming up with this challenge and the beautiful jersey design which was a really good motivation to reach the goals. Uploading of ride info and the whole process was hassle free and I enjoyed the journey in the past 2 months. Well done to the team and I am excited for future editions of the challenge in 2018 and beyond! :D

abelicious - 1 year ago

Can't wait for Togo 2018 Series!!!

hanez02 - 1 year ago

Thought i couldn't make it but thanks to the spurring on by fellow cyclists and other Togoparts 1117km participants, i did it! Looking forward to the challenges in 2018.

Pabloiceman - 1 year ago

Looking forward to the next challenge!

alexquah74 - 1 year ago

Fiuuuh, finally finished as elite finisher. Very long journey, too bad not sustainable after the event, I am so lazy to do anything at all. Hahahaha.

chikiball - 1 year ago

First participation in cycling challenge , pushes me to keep rolling =)

JojoCoco - 1 year ago

finally i finish togo1117?very happy n thanks all

kybike - 1 year ago

Great experience ! Looking foward for the next challenge!

avinlee - 1 year ago

Great fun and experience .....

Mondayzblue - 1 year ago

motivate me to keep pedaling and meet new friends

ronex - 1 year ago

cant wait for the next challenge! keep em coming ????

shatteredeye - 1 year ago

Great experience and I love cycling!

pambltrn - 1 year ago

I had a very good time finishing up this challenge with my partner. Even though I did not make it to the elite distance like I did at togo817, it is still a great accomplishment! Kudos to togo for continually keeping Singapore cycling community active!

roadbug - 1 year ago

It was definitely a challenge for me. Even though I have no problems cycling big distances as I am quite used to it while training for ironman events, to cycle for the sake of completing a challenge is tough. I prefer indoor cycling for my cycling fix... as on a trainer, a brutal High Intensity Interval Training is safe, fast and efficient. 30mins is really quite long and tough, if you are going all out on the high intensity portions. Alas, all these are not captured for the togo challenge.

Moreover, the consistent rain made things a bit challenging... Having young kids and a demanding teaching career means that cycling outdoors time is limited to commuting to work, and the odd times that the wife and kids are asleep.

Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile pursuit. Will definitely sign up again in 2018.

Sufian Ahmad - 1 year ago

Grateful for the TOGOHALF challenge that once again gave me good reason to get on the saddle and just be out there, going places! Would definitely go for the TOGO1117 in future!

Kurodin - 1 year ago

wish I could have gone further than half. I believed I can do it. with a bit more discipline, it s doable.

plchoy - 1 year ago

My second togo event. Successfully completed it. This time around managed to pull along a few friends doing it together. This event has definately encouraged me to stay healthy and to keep cycling. Thumbs up!!!

tamiya83 - 1 year ago

It was my first time to join togoparts event, great experience and have fun in this event. Looking forward to next challange!

JunTheDaywalker - 1 year ago

This challenge motivate me to stay healthy by consistantly cycling 20 km per day. Looking forward for the next challenge next year.

floydfloat - 1 year ago

Pls refer to my husband's testimoinal. his ID is " antiloop "

Yasinfa - 1 year ago

My wife and I recently picked up Cycling back in April this year, on a Polygon Tandem. We cycled recreationally at first and decided to put some serious effort into it. We got a Cannondale Tandem and rode and average of 120km per week and progressively increasing month on month and made 200km thereabouts the average.

We heard of Togo rides and never once thought of participarting but after seeing friends complete earlier iterations of it, we decided that it may just be a good idea to test our mettle and signed up for the TogoHalf. Almost a day after doing so, we decided heck, why not the 1117 and so we did.

Surprisingly, after planning and scheduling our rides and completnig ahead of what we planned for, we finished the 1117km on the 6th week.

What was tough to combat was the weather, at times work schedules conflict and more than often, the mental hurdle of 2 persons rather than 1 - you know, being lazy etc. Now that all's completed, i must state categorically that the satisfaction is heavenly. more so that its been completed on a Tandemm bike!.

both of us will be looking towards the next togo and might just go for the Elite when the time comes!.

ride safe all.

antiloop - 1 year ago

It's my first TOGO challenge, and I am really happy to have completed it. This challenge gave me the motivation to cycle more frequently, longer distances, and under hot weather which I would otherwise not have done.

tarepanda - 1 year ago

It was a great experience. I'm glad that I was able to complete the challenge despite having O' level this year. Definetly will be looking foward for the next challenge!(:

squxhashi - 1 year ago

This was my first togo challenge and my experience was just amazing. I would like to thank togo team for this platform. I want to participate in every single challenge and looking forward to events . This is one of the life changing experience for me .

Jimmysingapore - 1 year ago

Amazing and challenging competition.

NiteshJillundra - 1 year ago

LokeCK - 1 year ago

It was overall a great #TOGO1117 experience, albeit the immature ruckus from a bunch of road barbarians.

Grateful for all the LIKES, encouragements, guidance received, and new found friends.

Thank you to EVAN, JINA, and TOGOPARTS.

Hope that the organizer will learn from this ugly episode and exercise due assertiveness to your rights than be overruled by such sourpus*ies (than winners).


mountainbear - 1 year ago


SunnY Teo - 1 year ago

It was awesome experience and thanks a lot to my great team GOWES SGID. Keren pisan !!!

Heri Heryanto - 1 year ago

Every day like challenge and every mile is count

zulfakar - 1 year ago

Couldn’t reaching the target as elite

didigustaf - 1 year ago

The final part of the three challenges which make cycling interesting

limz - 1 year ago

Well done !!! my team ( GOWES-SG-ID ) make it big, congratulation to all team members, continue breaking our own record ...

kresnawan - 1 year ago

TOGO1117 is much more intense than TOGO817, but with some determination and discipline, and good weather, finally able to complete the challenge. Thank you Togoparts for arranging the challenge and event. Hopefully you can arrange some charity rides in the future. Cheers :)

foxroque - 1 year ago

Thanks God for HIS blessing on all of us who cycled safely in this event. I have personally enjoyed the challenge and had a very good Tour de Bintan trip with Spin Doctors team + Mobike challenge in China. I had achieved a few new records in my personal distance challenge (longest day distance + longest event distance). Lose even more weight this time but I need to gain it back healthily. Thank you Spin Doctors team and Togoparts organiser.

jsckoo2016 - 1 year ago

As we conclude the #togo1117 Final Challenge of this season
Kudos and Thanks to all whom I have crossed path with
Was a wonderful journey

My thoughts on the recent drama
Inspired By Queen - We will Rock You
Here it goes...

We Will Flag You

Buddy you’re a fag make a big noise
Riding in the street gonna be a big “CHUMP” some day
You got crap in your brain
You big disgrace
Kicking up "FUSS" all over the place


We will we will FLAG You
We will we will FLAG You

Buddy you’re a “PUSS” whining all the time
Rolling in the street thinking you would own the world some day
You got pea for a brain
You big disgrace
Parade your "GLORY" all over the place

We will we will FLAG You
Sing it
We will we will FLAG You

Coin yourself as Soldier, fighter, warrior
Flagging others‘ ride to be righteous in some way
You got no CREED on your face
Big disgrace
Somebody better put you back into your CRIB

We will we will FLAG you
(Sing it!)
We will we will FLAG you


We will we will FLAG you
We will we will FLAG you


Peace Out \m/ O.O \m/
Joe Ng

bakashi - 1 year ago

Wonderful experience with great team bonding. Thanks for organising and a great shout out to the Togo team for a job well done!

Roy Yong - 1 year ago

My team(Road Warriors)are the strongest team in TogoX challenge, we take down 11 challenge out of 15. Now is the time to give other a chance to feel what is winning. Remember team work is always the strongest weapons that created winners.

garyong72 - 1 year ago

Thank u - Bo liao

akw000089 - 1 year ago

Finally last one done... all 3 Togo challenge elite.. 2017 ending with this and I finally did it

Takashirei - 1 year ago

congratulations to all athletes.

triton - 1 year ago

It's good to challenge your own limit. But too bad recently keep raining.

nicholas1984 - 1 year ago

Glad to keep this Togo1117 under wraps 1 week earlier. The constant raining worries are unfounded. PTL for injury free and safe rides, amidst overseas vacations

tumtham - 1 year ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the togo1117 elite finisher at Cameron highland with awesome scenery.

JX Goh - 1 year ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the togo1117 elite finisher at Cameron highland with awesome scenery.

JX Goh - 1 year ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the togo1117 elite finisher at Cameron highland with awesome scenery.

JX Goh - 1 year ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the togo1117 elite finisher at Cameron highland with awesome scenery.

JX Goh - 1 year ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the togo1117 elite finisher at Cameron highland with awesome scenery.

JX Goh - 1 year ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the togo1117 elite finisher at Cameron highland with awesome scenery.

JX Goh - 1 year ago

Hi can I get my fren help to collect the jersey on my behalf ?

Xris - 1 year ago

Togo 1117, I have enjoyed cycling with my cycling buddies, cycling friends, Togo cyclists and Team Speed Rocket buddies during this challenge.
We always encourage each other to keep on pedaling even we have encounter some unpleasant events.
Lastly. I like to thanks all that I met on the roads...Ride safely and longer distance whenever you can.

uncletamiya - 1 year ago

good to know fellow cyclists here.

35534 - 1 year ago

First time paid to ride for togo1117.
Pro---Got leadboard to compare.
Got drama to watch.
Can monitor other cyclist hideout.
Learn that can sabo people by flagged.
Got the quad lock thing free.

Con---I got complete 1117km for my flowery jersey?
This time round never delivered to us?
Admin only do work when we post at public.

Please give us discount code if you want us to join the next time round and can we have a better jersey not from cycling messy? Maybe source else where? Thank you.

febboy - 1 year ago

if not going for elite, it's pretty relaxing

macpork - 1 year ago

this challenge is very shiok!

melhwc - 1 year ago

Totally enjoyed this. Makes you go all the way out to exercise.

teoboonkengalvin - 1 year ago

Another excuse to go out riding.. and missing out on togo817 due to work commitments, just glad to be able to squeeze the time to complete togo1117km...

Han Swifter - 1 year ago

I have only 4 weeks to complete the 1117km as I am out of sg. If I could have 8 weeks elite ride should not be an issue to me.

Congrats to all who completed the challenge and also those who gotten elite

Based on my view, I would suggest the 2018 challenge to fix the rule of all sensors are require for the rides. Rather than rider suspect each other and flagging all over the place.

terencetan1978 - 1 year ago

Just getting it over and done with... Lol...

alyciagoh - 1 year ago

Great experience! At first I thougnt I wasn't going to make to the elite because I missed a lot of on riding days. But I challenged myself to push hard and and complete the 2517 km requirement. And now, success! How sweet it is!

Lomar - 1 year ago

I was this close! The PCN ****** me 162km from the finish! So close... I was so close to getting all three. It's like deja vu from 920 where I also could've gotten it if not for the injury in the last week. Thanks to my teammates in Team Speed Rocket and all the other cycling circles that have inspired and motivated me to ride. Kudos to TOGO team for the event. Looking forward to another season, if any, so I can finally drive the final nail... I was this close!

Greybach - 1 year ago

1 year ago, I started cycling again and was struggling at about 35km. Now, 1 year later, I had completed togo517. togo817 and togo1187. I found it unbelievable but through these 3 challenges, I have managed to keep pushing my personal limits and the last personal milestone is 101km in 1 ride.

I still remember my first reaction when I heard about the togo517 was cynical; why give money to others to make myself cycle. But now, especially through these 3 challenges later, I am supportive of these challenges and a thumbs up!

peterteo - 1 year ago

Well don't bother about this TogoSHIT anymore... Next Togo I not keen to join anymore.. I rather have time host for long distance ride oversea or plan for Bintan or Batam trip..

This Togo feels like playing game..u flag me.. I flag u... See whose email or flag report is more powerful or story more convincing...

Next Togo just suggest must wear heart rate monitor to count the ride.. No HP allow.. To use to clock. Best to make it a compulsory to use heart rate monitor then can count the actual real rides.

That would be the most accurate information we can see for the ride...

Those who did and finish it.. Congrats and well done.. As those who have cheated and cycle without having sore leg or aching muscles.. Pls consider to join national team soon. We need you to get a GOLD for our country.

Those on escooter, beware... The fine is $5000 and impound your toys.

- Cheat with style but don't get caught.

geoffery.ho - 1 year ago

Congratulations to my Team Speed Rocketeers & many awesome TOGO cyclists who joined in this 1117 journey ????. I was fortunate to cycle also in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia this time, to do more exploring on two wheels.

My favourite part of this challenge was of course, meeting all my old & new cycling friends and doing our fun leisure rides.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike ????????

becstar - 1 year ago

Despite being my first Togo challenge, I'm glad I kept it up and finished the Elite 2517 at 31st place, especially considering that I finished the 1117 only at 116th place. I guess the main lesson is to keep pedaling and break a big goal into more manageable smaller chunks. I did majority, like 98% of the challenge as a solo rider, I look forward to having some buddies to ride together for next year's challenges.

sunnylusun - 1 year ago

Good Ride and Happy to make new friends along the way!

Adriansim1970 - 1 year ago

A fun way to improve endurance especially for new riders like me!

chtur - 1 year ago

tough to complete. glad to complete

MarcKoh - 1 year ago

TOGO events are still a good way to add motivation to go out cycling

marcelmuliawan - 1 year ago

It's been an amazing 4 months starting from TOGO817, 10 years since i bought my 1st bicycle and i have never ridden so much before in my life, it's been very tiring so far but the experience is fantastic. Aside from losing weight and inchs off my waist, also learnt a great deal about bike maintenance and ride planning. Also met many other cyclist along the way which really helps to motivate one to ride more. looking forward to Togo2018's challenges.

fastfrag1981 - 1 year ago

Enjoyed it totally and hope to join the next challenge!

Shirley Jong - 1 year ago

While I did not manage to complete the elite finisher this time round, I managed to keep pace and finished the Well-Traveled again. Kudos to myself, and I will strive better in Togo Challenge 2018! Bring it on!

sgayanami - 1 year ago

An interesting and fulfilling journey of self-induced “slavery” (i say this with fondness - lol) that involved much time management, sacrifice and determination. Cheers to my Team Speed Rocket teammates for the motivation, camaraderie and laughter ~ you folks are awesome! Alas positivity is usually accompanied by negativity, and it is unfortunate that a lovely experience as such has been tainted by few who opted to take the challenge too seriously.

Anyway kudos to Togoparts for this trio of events, and huge cheers to all finishers, and for those who didn’t…. well… there’s always next time! Ride on and ride safe!

#nomoretogoslaves #untilthenexttime

Eruaina - 1 year ago

Finally managed to finish this event despite having a rather tight life schedule and with the encouragement of my team mates.

alana07 - 1 year ago

The sense of self achievement is far greater when you see your team work hard and achieve the goals together. Despite, the heat from the sun, thunderstorms n heavy rains, lack of sleep, injuries, butt sore..we still never stop pedaling. Each of us contribute all we can individually in a righteous way. Integrity n honesty are cast in our heart n mind. We are taught well by our close ones since young. It’s not about fame that we are going for, ITS ALL ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO FOR THE TEAM N OURSELVES. How we achieve the awards are truly based on our own honest efforts. Indeed, this togo challenge is meant to be a friendly match, but sadly thru this I have experienced the lost of friends whom I respected n admired most since I joined cycling circle, who does little tricks just to stay at the position! WORST, wrongly accused and dampened the hope to continue staying in the cycling society has been smashed! The admiration and desires to ride with them (rode once and enjoyed it) frequently have been vanished! Apart from this, all the un-call for incivility, disrespects to one another n obvious favoritism, have shown the lack of sportsmanship thru this “Friendly match”. So sadden to see..Greeds and Unfairness are everywhere. Now I understand why many of my friends just so refuse and against in joining...This will be last journey with this “friendly match” challenge.

PinaPN - 1 year ago

Well done team we did it again kudos . To all those that completed the self challenge . Cycling is to bring people together not trolling other

ivan9888 - 1 year ago

A lot of unfortunate events took place this time around.

DanLanglois - 1 year ago

Lessons to share: There are 2 lessons that I learnt:
1. Do it Once, Do it Right, Do it Well. I work for somebody. If I do my work well, my colleagues and bosses have no reason to bitch that I’m leaving the office on time to go cycling.
2. Don't have a dream. Take each challenge as a short term goal. Achieve that, move on for the next short term goal. For example, if you keep on having a dream that you want to be in this and that position, or achieve this and that mileage, then you’ll be stressed and not enjoy the competition.

jamestan - 1 year ago

Hope to be able to get Elite for the next challenge. Congrats to all finishers!

Kurenai_19 - 1 year ago

Hope to be able to get Elite for the next challenge. Congrats to all finishers!

Kurenai_19 - 1 year ago

Is a good challenge for myself.

flamechionh88 - 1 year ago

Great ride with all my group and team

E - 1 year ago

I am happy that I can finish it

Xg3niisx - 1 year ago

TOGI1117 had really pushed me beyond my limits. I am glad that I can complete the challenge.
Thank you.

Jaytks - 1 year ago

Nice 2917 challenge ...

fossils1234 - 1 year ago

Another achievement unlocked.
Challenging during the raining season.

RaymondChoy - 1 year ago

My 2nd time taking part TOGOPARTS challenge. This is a memorable ride for me compared to my first TOGO810 challenge where I signed up as individual. This time round I formed team with road bike, cyclocross and myself riding mountain bike despite our differences in discipline, I am glad we were able to push the limit together and complete this TOGO1117 challenge. I have a wonderful experience! #respectthedifference #cyclistunite

Wheeler_Roy - 1 year ago

Riding With Kakis of different type of bike, all along the seletar homeground then also ride to TMCR many times. Eddy Merckx EMX-1 (Shiro) have been a trust ride thoughtout the togoX challenge. Not forgotting Obike to clock more out of the Garmin ride.

chiatming - 1 year ago

totally upset with the whole running of this challenge, those who caught cheating was not disqualify and even have a chance to proceed. Seem like you just need to get into the good book and you will be save from doing what you want during the challenge. TOTALLY UNHAPPY and this will be my FIRST AND LAST!

IMEL.26 - 1 year ago

1st time joining Togo Challenge and I would say it was a breath-taking experience. Days and nights of pushing my lazy body and endorphin aftermath, end of the day everything pays off...I lost a whopping 10 kg over 4 months with the majority of activities taking place these 2 months! Looking forward to Togo Challenge 2018!

gavintan - 1 year ago

It's the Final Count down !

Maritimo - 1 year ago

This event i was not in good condition. Injuries struck me. But thanks to my riding kakis. I manage to complete it last min. Ride on even with injuries. Mamba mentality

Ryan Yang - 1 year ago

I am glad to be able to complete the Elite category for this challenge.

Hieraglyph - 1 year ago