Event Questions:

Q: What are the individual achievement categories are there for me to aim for?


  • Top Elite Male Finisher & Top Elite Female Finisher
    The top cyclists who completed the most distance.
  • Top 10 (2-10) Elite Finishers
    Recognising the top 10 Elite Finishers who clocked the most distance
  • Top 1050km Male Finisher & Top 1050km Female Finisher
    The TOP Male and Female 1050km Finishers who completed the 1050km in the fastest time with the least number of rides outside of the Elite Finishers.
  • Top 10 (2-10) Non-Elite 1050km Finishers
    Recognising the top 10 Non-Elite 1050km Finishers.
  • Longest Single Ride
    The longest single ride in one session.
  • Least Number of Rides
    The cyclist with the least number of rides who completed 1050km
  • Least Saddle Time
    The cyclist that completed 1050km in the least possible time clocked on.
  • Most Number of Rides
    The non-elite cyclist that completed 1050km with the most number of rides
  • Most Senior Elite Male Finisher & Female Finisher
    The most senior cyclists who completed the challenge in the Elite Category (> 2500km)
  • Most Senior Non-Elite 1050km Male Finisher & Female Finisher
    The most senior cyclists who completed 1050km
  • Youngest Regular Female Finisher & Male Finisher
    The youngest cyclists who completed the challenge in the Elite Category (> 2500km)
  • Youngest Elite Female Finisher & Male Finisher
    The youngest cyclists who completed 1050km

Q: What do I get as an Individual Achiever?

A: You get a certificate and attractive prizes from our sponsors!

Q: Who are the sponsors of #TOGO1050?

A: Official Jersey – The Cyclist Mess

Q: Where can I check my progress against other participants?

A: You can check the Togo1050 cyclists Leaderboard that will go live after the 10th September 2016. The leaderboard in Strava serves as a means for logging your rides, we will not be basing on the distance shown in the Strava leaderboard as some participants log rides in before the start of the challenge.

Q: My ride does not show up on the Togo1050 leaderboard.

A: The leaderboard refreshes every 10 minutes. Please wait for your rides to be updated. If any irregularities occur, please email us at togo1050@togoparts.com. Please allow up to 48 to 72 hours for us to respond.

Q: How can I be sure I'm logging my distance for Togo1050?

A: As long as you are a member of the Togo1050 club in Strava, you are a part of the challenge. You will receive an email invitation or notification that registration was successful when you sign up as well. For participants who already registered and have yet to join the Togo1050 club, kindly contact us, as it is required for you to join the club to track distances covered.

Q: I am a registered participant but I do not see my Username on the leaderboard?

A: You need to sign up to Strava and request to join the Togo1050 club. This is so that we will be able to track your progress for the event.

Q: When do I have to complete the 1050 km ride?

A: You can ride any day and time from 10th Sep 2016 0000hrs to 13th Nov 2016 2359hrs. We will only accept and compute the distance for the ride if the start time is registered after 10th Sep 2016 0000hrs. Similarly, we will accept logged distance for the ride if the end time of the ride is before 14th Nov 2016.

Q: Can I log / ride multiple times to add up to 1050 kilometers?

A: Yes. Even to the market/work/bikeshop and back. Just remember to log your rides with the Strava app, or upload them to Strava if you are using another device for recording your rides. Just make sure the devices are Strava-compatible!

Q: Can I measure my distance using other apps or devices?

A: We require all participants to log their rides using Strava. You can use tracking devices like Garmin and upload your activities to Strava. If you have logged your activity with another app and not Strava, the system will not recognize uploaded activity.

Q: Sometimes I ride for very long distances. How do I ensure my battery does not run out?

A: To conserve your battery, let the Strava app run in the background while it is recording your activity. Here's a few steps you can follow:

  1. Turn on location services for your mobile phone:
    • iOS: Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Set to ON
    • Android (Samsung 6.0.1): Settings → Privacy & Safety → Set to ON
  2. Turn on your Strava app's location services:
    • iOS: Settings → Strava → Location → Set to "While Using" or "Always"
    • Android: On by default.
  3. When you go out for a ride, hit record and turn off your mobile phone's screen.

Special thanks to user triton for sharing this information.

Q: Can I do indoor rides on a trainer or stationary bike and log that ride?

A: No, you can only ride outside, and log your ride with the Strava app or a GPS-enabled device such as a Garmin and sync it to Strava. We will not recognise indoor riding. Bikes such as elliptigos and recumbents are allowed.

Q: Can I add my rides manually?

A: No, your activity must have GPS tracking and a route in order to count. We added this restriction to make it fair to all participants.

Q: Why do some of my rides don't register?

A: Due to restrictions from Strava, rides can be missed or do not register. Most common reason is if rides are uploaded late (a few days after the ride), especially for riders who use tracking devices like Garmin. We advise you to upload your rides and acitivities at the soonest convenient time.

Q: I have registered after the start of the event (10 Sep). Can my rides from 10th Sep be included?

A: To be fair to all participants, we only include rides that you clocked from the date you registered onwards. Activities you have done before joining will be excluded.

Personal Questions

Q: Why is Togoparts holding this event?

A: We wanted to give back and to do something special for our community that have been supporting us for the last 15 years.

Q: Why hold a cycling challenge?

A: It's simple really:

  1. To reward anyone who set their minds to achieve a goal.
  2. To encourage those who want to be serious about cycling.
  3. To give seasoned cyclists a challenge.
  4. But really, it's for anyone - to be able to participate on their own time, Anywhere.
Administrative Questions

Q: How much is the participation fee?

A:It's $48 for returning #TOGO810 & #TOGO920 participants and $55 for new participants.

Q: I have paid for the Challenge, how will I know if my registration is successful?

A: You should recieve an email notification, almost immediately, if you joined the by-invitation only Togo1050 Strava Club. If you are sure your payment went thru, please contact us at togo1050@togoparts.com so we can verify.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of participants?

A: Yes, as of the launch of #TOGO1050 on the 10th of Sep 2016, we are limiting to 600 cyclists only.

Q: I signed up, what's next?

A: Ensure that you are registered in the STRAVA #TOGO1050 Club. and start riding from 10th Sep 2016 0000hrs onwards! The #TOGO1050 leaderboard will be up to reflect your distance clocked in from 10th Sep onwards.

Q: I live outside of Singapore, can I still sign up and join?

A: Yes, you may. #TOGO1050 is not limited to Singapore.

Q: How will I get my Finisher Jersey?

A: If you are not residing in Singapore, we will employ a registered mail/parcel service to get the jersey to you. After you have successfully completed the challenge, our team will send and email to you to confirm and will require a shipping fee. Estimated costs via a registered mail/parcel service is as follows: West Malaysia - $8, Philippines - $16, UK - $22, USA - $22, New Zealand - $21, Australia - $22.

Q: Can I request for a refund?

A: There will be no refund once a participant has signed up. In the event where the participant is unable to complete the challenge due to unforeseen circumstances, no refunds will be made.

Finisher Jerseys and Caps Questions

Q: If I clock more than 2,515km do I get just the ELITE Finisher Jersey or Both ELITE and Regular Jerseys?

A: If you clock > 2,515km you get just the ELITE Finisher Jersey

Q: I want the Cap! How does the Top 50 cyclists work?

A: If you are the Top 50 cyclists that clocks the MOST DISTANCE at the end of the challenge, you get the Top 50 Cap.

Q: When and How do I get the Finisher Jersey (and other stuff) when I have successfully clocked 1050km?

A: The jersey collection day will be on 11 December 2016 Sunday, at ORTO (81 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769198) from 4-6pm. Event day itinerary will be sent out when we have firmed up the details.

Q: What if I can't make it on that day?

A: We will arrange for you to come down to the Togoparts Office to collect. Alternatively we can send the Jersey via registered mail to you at a fee of $3. Courier services are also available at a fee of $8. We will keep the jerseys for 6 months, after which, we will use them for marketing purposes at our own discretion.

Q: Can I change the size of the Jersey if it does not fit me?

A: Unfortunately, that cannot be done as we order the exact number of jerseys strictly based on size upon registration. Please go to The Cyclist Mess to try the sizes and update us for changes before the end of the challenge period.

Q: How good is the quality of the Finisher Jersey?

A: We worked to improve on a better quality jersey for #TOGO1050 which will be similar to the look and feel of the #TOGO810 and #TOGO920 jersies. If you wish to touch and feel the #TOGO810 Jersey, you may come down to the Togoparts Office, from Mondays to Fridays 10-6pm and have a look for yourself.

Strava App Questions:

Q: I use Garmin Connect / Movescount to track my rides. How do I link them to Strava?

A: You can log into your Strava account and click on this link: https://www.strava.com/upload/device Alternatively, you can check this out: https://strava.zendesk.com/forums/20539803-Uploading-to-Strava

Q: Is it necessary to use the Strava iphone/android app to record my rides if i have another device such as a Garmin that I normally use?

A: No, you can continue to use your existing preferred device such as a Garmin Edge to record your rides, as long as you can sync and upload them to Strava. If you use both to record, we will adapt to recognise the distance from only 1 source.

Other Interesting Questions:

Q: I think someone is using the Strava App on an e-bike / motorbike / car

A: It's a personal honour challenge as well as a physical one. We think cyclists have integrity and are honest about challenging themselves. Togoparts.com reserves the right to refuse registrations or to disqualify any participants at our sole discretion or should we find a participant in violation of terms and coditions of the challenge.