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This 2017, Togoparts presents a 3-Part Challenge series: #TOGO517, #TOGO817 & #TOGO1117. These events will culminate at the Finisher’s Event at the Togoparts Bike Fest 2017 at Suntec City.

2017 Challenges

This year, we celebrate the cycling life with our individual and collective adventures in our lush, colourful, busy Asian cities. The Finisher Jersey designs for all 3 Challenges this year reflects the colours and feels of the surroundings we encounter everyday.

Cycle anywhere, anytime, be it road cycling in our roads, colourful neighbourhoods, through lush park connectors, or heading to beautiful South-East Asian slopes for hill climbs and a spot of mountain biking!

Sign up for a Single Challenge pass or take on the Full Season pass and be rewarded! Join as an individual, with family, friends, colleagues or make new friends along the way!

Challenge distance: 517 km

Elite distance: 1,517 km

Closed for Registration

0000hrs / 13th May 2017

2359hrs / 18th June 2017

5 Weeks

Challenge distance: 817 km

Elite distance: 2,017 km

Closed for Registration

0000hrs / 15th July 2017

2359hrs / 3rd Sept 2017

7 Weeks

Challenge distance: 1117 km

Elite distance: 2,517 km

Challenge distance: 557 km

Registration Open

0000hrs / 9th Sept 2017

2359hrs / 5th Nov 2017

8 Weeks

2016 Challenges








Great motivation and challenging ride

lester.seah.50 1 year ago

Another target achieved for the year

prodasher 1 year ago

After a fresh start on a new challenge, I lost my way midway and found myself more lazy than usual so I did not push for Elite anymore. I enjoyed this challenge more than the last because I actually w... Read more

Greybach 4 months ago

Highest mileage ever done in 2 months

cjleong 1 year ago

A good event, keeps me going!
Looking forward everyday to crop more mileage/ distance.
Reward was great! More healthy and energetic.

Steven Leong... Read more

Ninja3035 1 year ago

Joining TOGO1050 I was motivated to cycle almost everyday. Got the tenacity to finish longer distance and lose weight more than 6KG
I will definitely join again and hoping to be very soon.
... Read more

noel hernandez 1 year ago

Hi..thank to Togo 1050 give me more motivation on my cycling..feel great and challenging ..although mean time I have not much time on cycling...since join togo1050 I push myself to cycle more often an... Read more

lite_speed_sg20 1 year ago

Togo1050 can motivate me to join group cycling more and starting to commute to office using bicycle

scorpio225 1 year ago

TOGO1050 has been a wonderful experience for me. It takes biking to a new level!

bukikoysports 1 year ago

It was a great experience. I love joining these challenges as it pushes me to ride further. The technical facilities available today makes it more easier to run such events even on different countries... Read more

Haljordan44 1 year ago

An event that pushes me to go further than my usual distance.

RaymondChoy 1 year ago

Love this event, I always lack of motivation to go out for a ride, and sometimes after working hour you just want to rest. During this event, I force myself to ride whenever I got time, to encourage m... Read more

elsonwang 1 year ago

Great event that motivated participants keep cycling.

Enjoyed the challenge! Had a great achievement too!
Loose some weight in a short period of time. Looking more healthier & fi... Read more

jneo_data 1 year ago

Help me loose weight and stay healthy

fjgarcia 1 year ago

It was an AWESOME experience. I really endured the rides and lost a good amount of weight. Got more fit on my bike. Love the experience.
The party was awesome. The Togo920 jersey was great too. ... Read more

Timmyz37 1 year ago

I was delighted that I came to know of this challenge and it is a good way to keep myself moving despite my busy schedule. It was rather challenging at certain time of the month as it had to be away f... Read more

Winniecfy_81 1 year ago

Having completed all three distance events, it has been great fun completing the challenges!

Keep up the great work! I truly enjoyed myself this year!... Read more

lockie90 1 year ago

This Togo1050 challenge has pushed me almost to my limits... Especially the first 2weeks. I would to thank to my younger brother - Ivan Yeo for servicing my bike and must sure no mechanical problems d... Read more

uncletamiya 7 months ago

It was fun during the 920 challenge where I went all out to the the elite finisher award so this time round,continued the 1050,but due to work contraints only managed a 1050 instead of the elite finis... Read more

shleesx13 8 months ago

Great event that keeps cyclist motivated. Please keep it coming. Great work to organizers.

Wonsterwon 1 year ago

The distance of 810 km was somewhat daunting at first, but doing it bit by bit makes it more manageable. Riding to work, riding with family during the weekends, pushing the limit barrier in the solo r... Read more

Sham2109 1 year ago

Though its a leisure event, its pretty apparent that the 1050 brought out the competitive streak in most participants. This is healthy as all strove to challenge themselves and perform their best to b... Read more

EdAm 1 year ago

#TOGO920 was a motivational experience, enduring the distances and fun.

Kelemel 1 year ago

The best challenge I ever participated in!

Dommon 4 months ago

exciting and full filling

jovel 1 year ago

Definitely joining the next togo.

flamjik 1 year ago

It was a worth while challenge for me. I feel healthier and fit now. Especially i have lost about 10kg. I have continued to cycle and started to jog... Read more

99sherwood 1 year ago

This is a good event to gather all my friends together for a group ride. Get to know more new friends through this event and share experiences and knowledge. ... Read more

brianleong 1 year ago

Hi it may be late buy i guess its better late than never. Thank you for the experience! Loving more the bike community because of this kind of event. More power and more cycling to go!????... Read more

aviejhoi 1 year ago

I like to thank TOGOteam for the effort and hard work that you had contributed to make TOGO920 a success. This event had made me gained more new cycling friends into my life and cycli... Read more

PinaPN 1 year ago

Great, I am able to complete the challenge

Adriansim1970 2 months ago

I had fun during the challenge. A good way to motivate and furce yourself to cycle. Please please continue having this challenges... Read more

royalvz 1 year ago

Learnt how to cycle without falling .. lose 8kg thru the challenge.. gained so much in cycling experience... gained so many friendships too. It's something that I will remember for life! ... Read more

LilyLai 1 year ago

It's our will, not the "wheel"!! Amazing experience with riding. Makes many new friends to keep me going. Don't stop riding ... Read more

Pristine 1 year ago

i am very motivated when i sign up the togo 1050. It push me cycle more and cycle hard to achieve the really work!! i definitely sign up when there is such events. ... Read more

neowudlee 1 year ago

I can't believe that I've achieved it!

miafarik 1 year ago

Good challenge!! Please have more in 2018

Kurenai_19 2 months ago

Throughout this journey, I had met so many friends along the way while I was cycling. Because of this challenge, I have achieved my desired fitness level and managed to meet many other enthusiastic cy... Read more

imrbean89 1 year ago

#TOGO1050 truly motivating, extraordinarily challenging.

chikiball 1 year ago

Nice experience with this event.
Hope the next event from Togo will be here soon.

bernardride 1 year ago

Awesome experience with the achievement hit !!!

steventankm 1 year ago

What started as just an exercise to get fit slowly became an excuse to loss weight and finally a passion that I just love to do. Thank you Togopart for the challenge and the amazing journey. Looking f... Read more

dave_1974 1 year ago

Fun and had adventure riding with friends

andytaz77 1 year ago

This event motivated me to exercise more often. Best cycling event I have ever experienced! Wonderful. ... Read more

FASTBLADER 1 year ago

My bike was barely a week old when the Togo810 Challenge caught my eyes. Having underestimated the distance and happily forgotten about the set of half-century bones which my body was carrying, my fin... Read more

Munny 1 year ago

The togo 1050 challenge was great!
All about time management :)

radvader 1 year ago

An event that pushes me to go further than my usual distance.

RaymondChoy 1 year ago

Liked the challenge, will do the next one

petervdp 1 year ago

I have been cycling for more than 5 years now. Riding my MTB on trails, road and of course work. I have joined various cycling events here in Singapore, but this year is my first time to join a cyclin... Read more

ReyJoseMeneses 1 year ago

Togo810 my bike rear derailleur hanger snapped and damage 3 rear wheel spokes
Togo920 suffered light injury due to fell down from bike, struggling to finish the last few km
Togo1050 Thank ... Read more

darthmax 1 year ago

Amazing experience and now i know i can push limit to be better.


Tint 1 year ago

Great and interesting place for bike information. Thanks.

CP 1 year ago

A fantastic event to get me into routine cycling to explore new places! A memorable milestone for my cycling journey!... Read more

Aspirer04 1 year ago

it was fun most of the time

Maritimo 1 year ago

Good way of building up our Fitness level, meet lots of like minded people and in the end gave us a great feeling of accomplishment ????????????????... Read more

Tansbag 8 months ago

What a great motivator. The daily distance did not sound a challenge but what with vacation and work trips I left myself needing 300km in the last week. ... Read more

allister 1 year ago

It was a unforgetable experience as i was surprised to complete the race while i had to sit for 4 exams papers. I took a new perpective to work as cycling became a new norm for transport. Glad to take... Read more

tumtham 1 year ago

I felt very happy and proud as this is the first time i take part in this kind of contest. I feel very motivated as i have something to look forward to, completing the course.
I will join if the... Read more

calverteo 1 year ago

It was an awesome experience! Definitely going at it again!

ts_rey 1 year ago

#Togo1050 is my first challenge I ever did and it's a wonderful experience for me.

Eruwonsa 1 year ago

I lost 5 kg in weight and become additive to cycling.

richardkwok68 1 year ago

I am a mountain bike and I am fighting stage 4 cancer (Doc said I had about 6 months to a year). I was asked by my mtb friend to participate in this Togo1050 challenge as a form of natural treatment f... Read more

goodday02 1 year ago

So glad to finish this.. the challenge is your discipline, consistency, determination, fitness, time management, etc. At the same time you enjoy cycling with your friends. Cheers!... Read more

MARIOR 1 year ago

Been a great challenge to get me to ride more. It was amazing how much I rode in the final week!!!

faizalsohaimi 1 year ago

Taking part in Togo920 had speared me to take part in Togo1050 challenge. Making the commitment to cycle had made me fitter, made more friends and fall in love with cycling. Thank you togoParts for or... Read more

LilyLai 1 year ago

The length of the ride was perfect for me. I'll never be fast, but will always finish. Best part was spending 9 weeks cycling with my husband while achieving a goal and my sense of accomplishment. Tha... Read more

mal_ali 1 year ago

It's a motivational event. The event should be go on.

almn74 1 year ago

It's my first time to joinTOGO challenge and I can say that good motivation to complete the goal,after completing the 1050 and plenty of time remaining,raised the bar for ellite finisher and able to c... Read more

Dynns1910 1 year ago

Togo920 was fun. The distance 920km is easily achievable. Initially i was targeting at 2400km, about 300km per week.

As i the fun started, there were many occassions where i told my cycl... Read more

woofy66 1 year ago

I very much liked and enjoyed the cycling challenges Togoparts has released this year. With the recent event #TOGO1050, I realized that if we could only incorporate biking to our daily lives, we can a... Read more

hardie.pelicano 1 year ago

Loved it! Please keep making it more interesting to keep encouraging me :-). Thanks Guys!

Andy Pedals 1 year ago

Hi Togoparts
I am a 1st timer taking part in any cycling event having taken up cycling only in Dec 15. With the encouragement of my group called Grace Revolution Riders ( GRR ), I managed to com... Read more

Blessed Chris 1 year ago

My first attempt and it was a great experience! Have a target and motivated to ride regularly.

Huathuathuat 1 year ago

TOGO1050 was a interesting self challenge. It gave me reason to cycle more ????

bloxhomester 1 year ago

TOGO920 challenge... is my first time joining this challenge.
Feeling wonderful that I was able achieve my goal and clocked my best cycling mileage for this challenge.... Read more

uncletamiya 1 year ago

It's good and fun. Look forward 1050

vows 1 year ago

This was the first time I participated in TOGO920 event. I love the challenge and I fall in love with cycling. I lost 3 kg in 9 weeks and currently very fit. I suggest the next TOGO event to have a mi... Read more

jsckoo2016 1 year ago

It's my first time joining and it feels Awesome!!! ????????????

allanl 1 year ago

This TogoPart1050 enable me to ride to more place that I never been, make more friends, improving my experience on changing tyres/tube ... Read more

Aris1206 1 year ago

Started Cycling beginning of August 2016 when I bought my first bike, a 20" wheel folding bicycle.

Came upon this challenge and gave it a go with the aim of just clearing 1050km.
Read more

bakashi 1 year ago

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for organizing the #TOGO920 Challenge. It was my first time ever to join in a cycling challenge and I would say I thoroughly benefited fr... Read more

bigniu84 1 year ago

Motivation n endurance for success


Was a wonderful experience to be a part of #togo1050

shyamsundar2007 1 year ago

Best challenge so far. Nice organizing

poland.pascual 1 year ago

fun and adventure riding with friends

andytaz77 1 year ago

Determination makes a finisher. Proud to be one.

Eddie_Lee 1 year ago

Thanks for the event, good job.

tangklrb 1 year ago

I'll never know I can do it until I do it. The goal is just around the corner and I did it!

jefftng 1 year ago

Initially disliked the design of this round's jersey, but I guess its an acquired taste. It did grow on me well.

I had fun this round too!

... Read more

lockie90 1 year ago

What a great motivator. The daily distance did not sound a challenge but what with vacation and work trips I left myself needing 300km in the last week. ... Read more

allister 1 year ago

Took part in this and previous event. Wonderful idea. Should be more inclusive by having different categories. By increasing distance u are turning away the weaker ones. U can reduce cost by getting m... Read more

kwleong63 1 year ago

Nice event nice people very nice place

Patrick Bansale 1 year ago

its been a great long journey. i love the way it has shaped my body and mind.
Very nice feeling to have your leg slimmer and very lean muscled.
Very proud of myself for keeping discipline... Read more

mukyo 1 year ago

Thanks for organising this event. It has rekindled my joy in cycling & also helped me conquer new physical limits! ... Read more

ryke 1 year ago

It was an awesome experience. Enjoyed the challenge!

Ram 1 year ago

Since this is my first time biking in the roads of SG and my first time in attending a bike mileage event so I found it a very challenging goal to achieve.
The pain every after biking session, ... Read more

deejay 1 year ago

#TOGO1050 made me a frequent rider and pushes myself to cycle more and further. It was a positive experience and I'm very happy to have participated and completed the challenge. ... Read more

seowkeong 1 year ago

After I joined the TOGO1050, I made many friends and ex-colleagues. I was able to go to many places and gained new knowledge on bicycling. ... Read more

chongkaren 1 year ago

Great motivation for me to push myself to complete the event.

felixbrian 1 year ago

Overall experience was great. Was a motivation for me to clock mileage. Suggest that return participation shall be given more perks, i.e.; better discount, different jersey print for finisher from fir... Read more

Weeuweed 1 year ago

I got DOMS twice during the challenge, each one during my gran fondo badge attempts which eventually cost me the elite finish. A bit disappointed to miss out on what seems to be the best looking TOGOX... Read more

Greybach 4 months ago

It was a good event and hereby I would to thanks my Cycling buddies that's sign up with me and ride together . You kno who you are ...And also thank the event organiser
I also learn that with su... Read more

ml94 1 year ago

good test of discipline, have to be constant in riding to finish the challenge and to avoid having to clock crazy mileage towards the end!... Read more

macpork 10 months ago

TOGO810 is a great event. I actually plan my ride schedule due to family and work commitment as I am a bike newbie. Additionally, due to my passed injury, I am very happy to achieve 810km. As for the ... Read more

Maverick1k 1 year ago

I participated in the Togo1050 challenge together with my mountain biking friend who is fighting stage 4 cancer. For us to clock the distance on the mountain bike in the trails was very challenging s... Read more

Angel308 1 year ago

Yes, I did it!
Good bonding with friends and family.
Although tired, but enjoy every ride.
Eunice Tang... Read more

eunice.tang 1 year ago

Fantastic togopart event.....look forward next event

supian 1 year ago

The Togo1050 challenge has given me the motivation to cycle more and at the same time stays
healthy and active.
By signing up,one has to make it a point to cycle and
increase the ... Read more

Adrian192658 1 year ago

#TOGO1050 truly motivating, extraordinarily challenging.

chikiball 1 year ago

Thank you Togoparts and its team for organising all these challenges.

It's an amazing experience for myself and my cycling group, Grace Revolution Riders. ... Read more

EdmundChew 1 year ago

Togo1050 was a wonderful experience. Spending days and nights riding with my wife, chasing ranks, met other togo cyclist along the and became friends itself was a great personal achievement for me.... Read more

suhaimi6495 8 months ago

It was my first time doing a challenge like this. I was genuinely surprised that what I already do on a daily basis could put me in such a favorable standing on the leaderboards.

It motiv... Read more

lockie90 1 year ago

It's a great ride and good challenge.

Kim Wong 1 year ago

The Togo920 and Togo1050 gave the additional impetus and motivation to clock the mileage other than our desire to keep on training for whatever reasons or to participate in cycling events. I get to cl... Read more

YNP 1 year ago

It was a great experience to finish the 1050km challenge.You can get along with other cylist on the road aiming the same goal!... Read more

Edvintage 1 year ago

second time is a charm

Maritimo 1 year ago

wonderful and unforgettable experience..more rides challenges like this..thanks to the organizers and admins..more power... Read more

jenalyn2911dizon 1 year ago

Thank you Togo920 for helping me get back to the saddle for my Cobra Ironman 70.3 and Bintan Ironman 70.3 last Aug 7 and 28 respectively. The Togo920 challenge kept me on the bike despite my very hect... Read more

orangestar 1 year ago

TOGO810 was a great initiative, it allows riders like myself to ride at our own schedule and own route but with a common goal in mind. Throughout the entire journey up to the day I collected the jerse... Read more

rickytay 1 year ago

Hi, I would like to provide my feedback after attending the past TWO sessions of the challenge. First session I was there at Safra, Jurong to give support to my better half on his completed challenge ... Read more

Marius Chin 1 year ago

It was a great experience. I love joining these challenges as it pushes me to ride further. The technical facilities available today makes it more easier to run such events even on different countries... Read more

Haljordan44 1 year ago

No comments for this time.

tisjet 1 year ago

I entered the TOGO810 challenge because I am a 58-year-old triathlete emerging from an extended period of injury and looking to ride more to improve on my cycling fitness. Also, I needed to put in the... Read more

calvin2909 1 year ago

The TOGO series have kept me fit and i'm more in love with my bikes! The freedom of moving to far places under my own power is just the best feeling!
: ) ... Read more

Nargunan 7 months ago

Very happy to complete the challenge with my cycling kaki. Really felt great when the sense of achievement travelled down my spine (to the pedals) upon hitting the 2000km mark on a 20" bike. Many than... Read more

Munny 1 year ago

It is wonderful event to motivate myself to stay fit as I have reduced my weight by 10kg during these period. A group photo among the elite finishers will be great for remembrance. Formation of togopa... Read more

PohTW 1 year ago

Hi there...togoparts cycling towards fitness events have been a great and memorable one for me.It is a personal achievement for me especially I am using my one and only full suspension mtb throughout ... Read more

antucili 1 year ago

#TOGO1050. The event motivated me lot. very use full event


Its an amazing experience joining togo1050 challenge, I was able to motivate myself ridiing longer distance and in result loose 5 kilos. Very happy on the end result !!! thanks for the challenge.... Read more

arsky 1 year ago

Hi Togoparts, just wanna say thank you for the awesome and memorable #togo1050 event and the previous #togo920 as well. It somehow teach me how to be more patience. And make me believe in myself. Look... Read more

aviejhoi 1 year ago

it's fun but tough.

barrysee 1 year ago

It was a great experience!

boon.yan.24 1 year ago

It was one of the most memorable experience that i had since i started cycling. It really tested my patience and faith that nothing is really impossible and nothing will loose if u try...instead i gai... Read more

jhaybrie23 1 year ago

A positive motivation to maintain a healthy regime of cycling. Will attempt more next time.

GW781 1 year ago

I normally was a weekend rider. Saturday to work and Sunday ride with friends. For this event, I think I did a lots of ride out of it. Although was not the top distance rider. But I did more than what... Read more

terencetan1978 1 year ago

Great ride with all my group and team

E 2 months ago

Midway through I had a serious crash with multiple injuries including concussion. What didn't kill me only made me stronger. I will come back with a better performance next year.... Read more

hewell 1 year ago

Signed it up almost at the last moment but loved the challenge. My first experience at such a challenge- kept me motivated for long and continued ride. Completing the challenge was such an achievement... Read more

Praspj 1 year ago

Life transformation. Most of our lifestyle (team mates) have changed due to participating in #TOGO920. Needing the mileage for the 2,000km, some of us who rode once or twice a week have increased to 3... Read more

kindaichi 1 year ago

I hesitated to participate initially as I wasn't sure if I could complete. The initial challenge period was shorter and even after extending I wasn't sure till my friend Munny encouraged me. Just as i... Read more

s.c.tan 1 year ago

Worthy callenge and will not think twice to join again if there is another.

PapayaBanana 1 year ago

Hi there,

Thanks for organizing the challenge. It really helped me to motivate myself.

I also enjoy the venue of your event yesterday, Dec 11. It is beautiful relaxing sett... Read more

AndreP. 1 year ago

Thank you! Was a great motivator to do those extra miles. Please do more with stiffer targets :-)

Andy Pedals 1 year ago

I supported this event is not to challenge others rather to challenge myself and know my limit better. It's also a motivational factor to keep us going and thus keep fit. Kudos Togoparts ! ... Read more

thomasnlb 1 year ago

Had a great experience with TOGO810! Due to work travel, had to do 2 Century+ rides back to back to finish in time, but it was a great way to test and push personal limits. Looking forward to TOGO920!... Read more

darylong 1 year ago

This event has helped to build a healthy and good cycling community among the riders. They ride, eat and explore many different places in Singapore together, hence get to know more places which we wil... Read more

thomasnlb 1 year ago

Too many times, we stopped and wonder... "Why am I doing this?"
and we realised its not that we have to.. but we actually can...... Read more

Gittsakorn 1 year ago

A recommended kind of event, should be held every year. Because of this, I didn't expect that I could cycle around Singapore. It was very tiring but fun especially with your friends around. It is real... Read more

bluemokona 1 year ago

Good event to motivate me to cycle more.

Loo Fang Hwa 1 year ago

I was just starting out for leisure when I came across the challenge ad and decide to give it a try. It was tough because it coincide with Ramadhan which is the Muslim's fasting month. So my time was ... Read more

mal_ali 1 year ago

Participated in all the 3 Togo challenges this year. Togo810 was simply fun & enjoyable. Togo920 was motivating & challenging especially having succesfully completed top100 and still one piece. Togo10... Read more

Munny 1 year ago

A roller coaster journey for me as an old beginner to cycling. Though i fell off the bike a few times and even fractured my spine with 189 km to go i managed to finish the challenge as this was my fir... Read more

kenjoe2016 1 year ago

Fun ride with many new friends.

ektyphoon71 1 year ago

Hi All...920 is my 2nd event..see my comments in togo 1050!

antucili 1 year ago

Good experience on my saddle.. needs proper budgeting.. improved my fitness..

hardie.pelicano 1 year ago

#1050 was a good motivation to ride more.

jamestan 1 year ago

Togo1050 gave me the chance to explore Singapore - places that I had never been to. I also have opportunity to meet many other cyclists who shared the passion of cycling and learn many cycling knowle... Read more

Adriansim1970 1 year ago

First timer but would definitely be back on 2017

amadocastro 7 months ago

My first TOGO challenge. I enjoyed pushing the limits with my hardtail MTB!

Wheeler_Roy 4 months ago

Hi all..This is my 1st event..see my comments in togo 920!!

antucili 1 year ago

It was fun participating #TOGO1050!

glenysjiajia 1 year ago

Been an enjoyable and fun journey completing this challenge. This has allowed me to meet up with friends and enjoying the beautiful sights along the route. At times was pressured due to the limited pe... Read more

Surfer 1 year ago

It was absolutely a great experience taking part in #Togo1050!!! May I check how do I collect my finisher jersey if I didn't attend the event on 11 Dec?... Read more

Ellen Foo 1 year ago

New to Singapore so this was a great first step in losing all that weight I put on here. Down 15 happy and this challenge gave me all the motivation I needed to give me the exercise bump!... Read more

perrisc 1 year ago

Great experience and riding with kakis are so much fun. All for the sake goal!

adammax 1 year ago

Most intense cycling experience ever had. If there is similar event like this and I have a road bike, I would surely participate again!... Read more

landwhalez 1 year ago

I only just started road cycling after I made the decision to get a road bike in June. Came across this challenge after it appeared on my FB newsfeed. Set out with a weekly goal in mind but that went ... Read more

billheng 1 year ago

Awesome experience, great cycling with friends and good workout!

NexusForte 1 year ago

a lifetime achievement! top50 was really challenging for me.

glsayson 1 year ago

Togo920 was my first participation. I love it! It has improved my fitness and I lost some weight. When togo1050 was launched, I signed up immediately to continuously challenge myself and maintain my h... Read more

jsckoo2016 1 year ago

I have managed to drop my body weight frm 110kg to 98kg. Thanks for hosting such event

tamiya83 1 year ago

A wonderful to loose weight.
A good way to know about Singapore

fjgarcia 8 months ago

Gives you so much more motivation to go the extra few kilometers! Also makes me want to ride much more to achieve the goal. Exactly what I need. And the finishers Guernsey is great!... Read more

perrisc 1 year ago

810km isn't a big problem as I am a bike commuter. The problem which several experienced is the selective way that the distance was calculated. I have not tried on the jersey but remember the super lo... Read more

JackCh3n 1 year ago

Togo1050 have motivated to keep on cycling!!

ChongSS 1 year ago

need to commit to it. very challenging for mtb users.

glsayson 1 year ago

The 1050 challenge has made me more determined to be consistent & disciplined in my cycling. Most of all, though it was a "Challenge", it made cycling fun! Thoroughly enjoyed the group rides to make u... Read more

JMastaT 1 year ago

Hi, I am a new roadbike cyclist that just start to ride in 2016. Never did i expect to finish in elite 7th pos. I'm very happy to participate in this Togo 1050, from the event i get to know many cycli... Read more

garyong72 1 year ago

Great event. Challenging distance. Will join the next one

richieboy 7 months ago

It's an amazing ride experience throughout the TOGO920 to TOGO1050 challenge... Its such a small world that we met up the ex-colleague, ex-ex-colleague and lots of fun cyclists... I m so glad to join ... Read more 1 year ago

Challenging, first time, last time.

ricoh 1 year ago

#TOGO1050 was a great experience especially with my kakis and friends around me who pushed me throughout the entire 2 months journey. Rain or shine, this challenge motivates me to take my bike out and... Read more

Hungryjared 1 year ago

Almost everyone I told about the event think I am crazy. But I am glad that I joined. I had lost some weight, more confident on the road and best of all, proved doubters wrong. Pressure forward to my ... Read more

Vicman200280 1 year ago

Never cycled this much before. Togo1050 and 920 got me healthier.

jekslee 1 year ago

good to go.will continue with togoparts

alan ong 1 year ago

LokeCK 5 months ago

Cool looking forward to next

EA 1 year ago

Great event to encourage all continue cycling for personal well being and promote bondings amongst cyclists.... Read more

Sam_127 1 year ago

Great event to encourage all continue cycling for personal well being and promote bondings amongst cyclists.... Read more

Sam_127 1 year ago

Great experience, ride with Riding kakis Singapore and Bike2bite cycling group. Learn to appreciate the dry weather, bring my bike to go chop passport at the custom and cycle longest distance 183Km a ... Read more

chiatming 1 year ago

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your group for organizing this challenge as I it was a big help to attain my weight loss goal at the start of the year and the excitement and challenge o... Read more

2016Speed 1 year ago

Here is a small speech I would like to make...

Well I'm S T Moorthy and I started cycling on November 2nd 2015. Along the way came Togo920 challenge and I grab upon it and started cycl... Read more

S T Moorthy 1 year ago

thanks for the event, good job.

tangklrb 1 year ago

1st time joining this challenge. Made me go cycle during my free time to complete this challenge. =)

JX Goh 1 year ago

Definitely a great initiative by Togoparts. It encouraged me to take my bike out despite the busy work schedule. Result- loose some weight, felt healthier and looks better. The rides also took me to m... Read more

leep5566 1 year ago

I'm new to cycling world but was enjoying the event. It was fun strolling around Singapore.

bluemokona 1 year ago

Great event to encourage all continue cycling for personal well being and promote bondings amongst cyclists.... Read more

Sam_127 1 year ago

I loved the event. I have completed the 810, 920 and now Elite and TOP 50 for 1050. Just sad I wasn't recognised as oldest Elite finisher at age 61 for the award ceremony. Love the competition. Please... Read more

Andy Pedals 1 year ago

It was an exciting and great challenge. I loved the experience of a deadline to complete the required distance. Truly loved it.... Read more

jessejames 1 year ago

first time is always the best

Maritimo 1 year ago

Togo1050 is my second challenge. I paced myself better this time & it was a more relaxing one compared to Togo920. I also took time to enjoy the ride instead of just clicking the kms. ... Read more

Blessed Chris 1 year ago

A good platform for selling bicycle stuff, and very useful bicycle related website and many exciting cycling events, like the recently togo1050! Thumbs up guys! ... Read more

performancebs 1 year ago

It's an awesome project. Thanks the organizer for making this.

vows 1 year ago

Even though I did not manage to complete this challenge, I still want to thank the organizer for this.

Just to share my personal thoughts on this. I'm new in riding a road bike and do n... Read more

Celkoh 1 year ago

This is my 2nd round participing the challenge and I have enjoyed the rides very much despite the busy schedules and juggles with family commitment. Thanks again.. ... Read more

Marius Chin 1 year ago

I did not particularly like the idea of extending a week cause of feedback on riders who are concern on potential haze and rain conditions. It is a challenge that is why the word was chosen
Read more

triton 1 year ago

Great challenge to complete

pandagabby 1 year ago

TOGO1050 has been a motivation to clock in more mileage.
And it was good to know that they are actually a lot of peeps who have the same interests in cycling. Will join the next challenge and ai... Read more

Clara Patricia 1 year ago

Great experience and sense of achievement getting the finisher jersey. However, fee is a bit on the high side. ... Read more

reks82 1 year ago

Challenging, first time, last time.

ricoh 1 year ago

1st Time joining Togo#1050. Loved it! It really motivates me to hit the road when I'm feeling lazy.

jennyng 1 year ago

Well done!!! Will definitely join again

Kurenai_19 2 months ago

An event that keeps me cycling

Loo Fang Hwa 1 year ago

I have been cycling but not too often until I encourage my friend to sign up TOGO1050. He is determined to complete it and push me along with him. I would not have complete this without all my cycling... Read more

arthurt 1 year ago

It was a great experience. I love joining these challenges as it pushes me to ride further. The technical facilities available today makes it more easier to run such events even on different countries... Read more

Haljordan44 1 year ago

it was all meaningful and worth the sweat and hardship.. lots of fun

johnloms 1 year ago

missed the frst challenge so when my friends asked me to join the 920,just went ahead with it,tons od discipline needed if going for the elite finisher award.... Read more

shleesx13 8 months ago

thank you TOGO920 Challenge, it push me to wake up early for cycling, makes lots of new friends and improve my own stamina! 100km of ride is 'sap sap water' now LOL... Read more

Ron lim 1 year ago

Have a motivated to ride,joint a group for cycling, meet a friend.

hook hee 1 year ago