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Stuff I ride.

Weight: N.A
Date Setup: 5th Sep 2004
Price: N.A
Website: N.A
With Owner? Yes
Stuff I ride. 's Description:
Two wheels, saddle, pedals, steering and brakes.  Let's ride!


wow ur this nrs looks not where better than my....
even blind ppl can feel n touch the bike to noe it has two wheels,saddle, pedals, steering and brakes.

kellchew on 11th Jan 2008 12:55 AM


You still drunk from the new year parties? Aiya, be good girl.

Have wheels pedals, saddle, pedals steering and brakes on bike means can go and ride. 

I think for you gotta include one more: bring your smarts along too. 

18th Jan 2008 12:28 AM