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Titus El Guapo 2009

Weight: N.A
Date Setup: 27th Jun 2009
Price: SGD 0.99
With Owner? Yes
Titus El Guapo 2009 's Description:

Fat Azz Heavy pathetic excuse of a bike  ---   The Weenie Eating Mutant.

Lost track by now of the nth time stuff has changed on this Do-It-All



HI anvil , i've ben interested in getting a KS 900 dropper seat post , waht's ur take bout these seat post ? Are they good enough ? I think Joplin4 ' s price are too killer , need alternative choice ^^

envylouis on 15th Apr 2010 12:13 AM


Not too bad. I got the first generation which has that master bushing scratching the stanchion issue. Sent back, they replace a new stanchion but problem was not solved. But I stripped apart and analyze that its not a biggie anyway. still works and so far no slop (saddle going side to side) which is a problem that plaques the Joplin.

The second generation supposedly have had the scratching issue solved with a new design bushing and also have been changed to a 2 bolt design for the seat clamp.

5 inches of adjustable travel is a lot more versatile than the Joplin's 3 or 4 inch versions

Go for it. I ride and hop around on my bike. Cant imagine going back to a regular seatpost now.

 I got the gravity dropper on the other bike too. That one is either a 4 inch drop or nothing at all.

15th Apr 2010 12:58 AM



aps-c on 8th Apr 2010 10:52 PM


thx :)

15th Apr 2010 12:59 AM