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Merida Crossway 300 2017 Chat

Date Setup: 8th Oct 2016
Weight: 14 Kg ( Pounds )
Price Bought: SGD 1000
With Owner? Yes
Bought from Hup Leong
Usage since Oct 2016(4 months)
Mileage so far: 800-1000km

Purpose: Daily commuting between workplace and home.
Type of pathway: Pavement (70%), 10% PCN, 20% tarmac & others.
Daily Mileage: 12km.
Riding speed: 10 to 35km/h
Rider Age: Reaching 50.
Front and rear light FOC with bicycle.
Add on: Mud guards(full coverage), Ibera BA9 pannier rack

Previous bike, a classis lady bike from Crescent, with DIY basket for grocery goods.
(For about 1 year commuting the same route)
-steel frame and york, wobbly ride when carry more than 5kg load.

The Crossway frame comes with many mountings threads for mud guards, pannierrack.

The handle bar can bring closer (more upright) or away(more sporty) from the ride with
adjustable stem.

Seat with suspension(comfortable)

Deore shifter, read and front de-rail, work fine and trouble free

paddling effort is very easy, smooth and quiet.

Frame is stiff, pillion+rider weight = 95kg, still feel sturdy up to 25km/h

Tyre noise a bit high at speed over 30km/h. current is stock Merida speed
Probably a tyre suited more toward trekking

Front fork suspension seem only good for bigger bump or step

i am 1.70m, riding on size 44 frame.(men)