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2014 Merida Speeder

Weight: 9 Kg ( 19.8 Pounds )
Date Setup: 10th Nov 2014
Price: N.A
Website: N.A
With Owner? Yes
2014 Merida Speeder 's Description:
Black; Ultegra 52-39 crankset; 11-28 cassette; Shimano SLX Hydraulic disc brakes w Ice-Tech rotors


Hi Kev, On a forum post I noticed you were planning to get a Merida Scultura 5000, Did you end up with this bike? I too like the look of the Scultura 5000 but am concerned about how comfortable it is? Any comments on it. Thanks. Matt, Australia.

Mavoz on 25th Jan 2016 6:38 PM


So sorry for the late reply.
I was considering the Scultura 5000 but decided against it due to concerns about being able to get used to the drop bars.

After trying the Speeder 300D, and also having owned a mid-range hardtail MTB before, I'm completely sold on hydraulic disc brakes. Hence I waited for discs on road bikes to become a little more mainstream before I went and got myself a Giant Defy Advanced 1.

I'm alternating between the Giant Defy and my Merida Speeder, depending on the type of riding I'll be doing.

Not sure if this reply helps.

14th Mar 2016 5:19 PM