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Dahon Jetstream P8 (2012)

Weight: N.A
Date Setup: 14th Jan 2013
Price: N.A
Website: N.A
With Owner? Yes
Dahon Jetstream P8 (2012) 's Description:

All parts are as it was bought: a dahonbikes.com link


Change following stock parts:

1) Handlebar: Dean Ti Riser

2) Seatpost: KCNC Lite Wing

3) Saddle: WTB Rocket Pro V Ti

4) Grips: T-one Bricko II

5) Pedals: Xpedo Utmost XMX16AC

6) Brake lever: Shimano XTR

7) Brake: Shimano XT V brake

8) Quick Release: Agogo Ti Skewer

9) Wheelset: Wheelsport Smart 1.0 406

10) Crankset: FSA SL-K Light


Dear worldsomind,

I like your Jetstream so much. It is good looking.

And you have the best of both world for Brompton and Jetstream.

Can you share the riding experience between both of these?

folding is not a concern here. Thanks Patrick.

I am thinking of buying one of them. Thanks.

Om888999 on 22nd Jun 2013 11:41 PM


Hi Patrick thanks for your kind words.

Both bikes really ride very differently. 

The brompton (M6R) gives you a more upright position and with the break in brooks saddle - the bike ride is very comfortable; almost to the point of effortless when riding on flat road.  However, given the 16" wheels and the limited gearing; you will feel more of the bumps on the road and going steep uphill tends to be a bit more taxing.

The jetstream on the other hand is more rugged; it handles the different bumps and holes on the road with more ease and control (due to the front and back suspension).  The 20 inch wheels do help in easing the bumps too and the thicker tires also act as a natural suspension.  However due to it being a full suspension bike, you may find yourself exerting alittle bit more effort in pedaling; but not to the point of having a significant difference as compared to a rigid bike (note you can actually adjust rear suspension). 

Both bikes being small size bike are nimble in their handling as compared to a full size bike.  Although you mentioned that folding is not of a concern, do note that brompton is really a folding bike whereas imho dahon is a bike that is build to fold. As such I don't really fold my jetstream as I realise the folding mechanism with constant folding at times can get loose (it can be easily tighten). 

Now in deciding what you really need consider the followings:
1) Do you need to fold your bike often? - Yes - Brompton
2) Do you need to have a bike that handles the rough road and crack pavements? - Yes - Jetstream

Separately, do note that when it comes to modification brompton really isn't that friendly given that a good number of its parts are proprietary and the lbs selling brompton really doesn't bring in much after-market parts for performance modifications (they do have lots of parts for aesthetic modification).  Although the dahon also has its proprietary parts, a good number of parts can be easily found in LBS not selling foldable bikes. And the LBS selling dahon also has lots of parts provided for both performance and aesthetic modifications.

Lastly, as i did a fair bit of modifications on both the bikes, at this point of time I like both bikes but I am using the jetstream more often than the brompton.

23rd Jun 2013 10:35 AM