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Trek 2.1 - 2010 Model (Gloss Black) 54

Weight: 8 Kg ( 17.6 Pounds )
Date Setup: 17th Mar 2010
Price: SGD 2XXX
With Owner? Yes
Trek 2.1 - 2010 Model (Gloss Black) 54 's Description:

Stock model purchased on 17 March 2010. Took it for a 45km ride from Fort Road to Changi Village and back. A super fast racing bike indeed. 10 out of 10. 21 March 2010 - Changed tape on handle bar to Black and Blue. Changed tires to Continental Ultra Sport Blue and Black. 1 April 2010 - Added Stradalli Carbon Bottle Cages & 2009 Limited Edition Fizik Arione Kium Racing Black/Blue Saddle to complete the look. 13 July 2010 - Changed Crank-set, Brake Calipers & Front Dee to Shimano 105 Black 5600. 24 September 2010 - Changed stem to Bontrager XXX Carbon Lite Stem - White. 29 March 2011 - Changed Seat to Fizik Ares TT Specific (165gram SGD300), Fizik Dual:Tape Microtex Black-Grey, Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700X23 Black Black Tires


thanks alot jon, btw, your roadie is really awesome. thanks for all those help..

long8 on 15th Jul 2010 10:09 PM


no prob - i wish the rider was equally awesome hahaha....u cant really go wrong with trek - if lance won 7 tour de france with this brand. Of cos he rode a custom-made madone tho. :)

15th Jul 2010 10:19 PM


i have a bike that i manage to change from a MTB frame and made it to suit the road, im just looking around for a good road that is value for its money and i had always liked Trek bikes,  and when i saw your bike, i kinda like it. so i wanna see hows the price of it and how is it as a stock bike. ive see the upgrades that you have made to your bike, so how was it when you first rode it without any upgrades. thanks.

long8 on 15th Jul 2010 8:24 PM


MTB can't really compare to a roadie. Diff groupsets all together. The price of this bike is about 2300 SGD. The original groupset is fine - works like a charm. That price isn't really what a first time roadie should pay. There is the 1.5 Trek or something which is about 1500 or something. Go to the shop at Jalan Kilang Barat - near Queensway. They will be the best to advise.

15th Jul 2010 8:51 PM


Hi Jon,

Im very interested to get my first road bike, how much did you pay for your stock bike and where did you get it??

long8 on 15th Jul 2010 1:57 AM


My first road bike was actually a hybrid. It was also a Trek and the model was 7.1FX. Then when I got hook on cycling that's when i converted to a roadie. If it's your first bike my advise will be to spend about 800 to 1K as you will certainly want to upgrade after your first taste of a roadie. A polygon or felt will be good or look at this togoparts.com Marketplace where they have lotsa second-hand entry-level roadies. Hope this helps.

15th Jul 2010 8:09 AM