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Kona Stuff

Weight: N.A
Date Setup: 3rd Jul 2008
Price: N.A
Website: N.A
With Owner? Yes
Kona Stuff 's Description:
Hey i know its an 05 frame but a mix & match of the parts that i have &.... WALLAH! Im happy with the result ay. Its just a bike for me to trash while going offroad. It aint high end but the best part is thers no heart pain even if i crash & burn.. haha...I want to ride my bicycle..I want to ride my bike.


I share you attitude 100%, I have a 06 kona Caldera I built from 2nd hand parts either purchase or left over. I used it as my spare bike, the joy of riding it is no less than my other bike which has 7 x the $$ value.. Sometimes it is not the blink blink parts, it's the ride...One thing for sure, tonnes of cash spent on bike will not guarantee you a good ride. A right attitude will. Cheers.

exile_biker on 26th Jul 2008 11:26 PM


Right on dude.. sorry for the late reply thou.

6th Aug 2008 3:24 PM