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Urban Chic - it's Hip to Fold!

Folding bicycles, or simply Foldies, are all the rage nowadays! Since its steady inception into the local market about three to four years ago, more cyclists have taken an interest in riding folding bikes, discarding their prized mountain-climbing rigs and road racing gizmos to make space for the smaller-sized two-wheeler (well, in fact, many sold them away online at a third of their original prices).
Posted 19th May 2017

The introduction of shared bicycles, which are a pretty common sight these days in cycling-friendly Singapore, has been both a boon and a bane. And it seems that the bane factor has taken itself to another level, thanks to the increasing number of reports on illegal parking and abuse of the shared bikes. To tackle the problems, the Jurong-Clementi Town Council inked a memorandum of understanding with the three bike-sharing companies - Mobile, ofo Singapore and oBike - to manage issues arising from illegal parking or unsafe bicycle use.

Posted 10th May 2017

Sounds like a place to literally enjoy bikes and have a bite. Bikes N Bites, The Official distributor of Cervelo is now in a larger showroom.

Posted 22nd Apr 2017
Posted in General News

SH SH deserves a special mention simply because their helmets are not only quite affordable, but they are of extremely good quality and perform very well when on the road or trail too. The Shalbi, a road riding helmet is a quite the performer when it comes to fit, comfort and light weight, aided by the Speed Turn System IV which is a quick fit system which enables the user to very quickly adjust the grip around the sides of the head to produce a very snug and comfortable fit, and weighing in at only a scant 230 grams, this helmet is also very light when compared to other much more expensive and ‘famous’models in the market.
Posted 6th Apr 2017
Posted in Features

The New Paper reports Madam Ang Liu Kiow, a 53-year-old housewife, met with an accident involving a 17-year-old on an electric scooter last Saturday 17th September.

Posted 21st Sep 2016
The Decline of Traditional Bike Shops and Their Bike Uncles

More people are favoring American and European bikes over cheaper, mass-production bikes sold by older bike shops.

Posted 31st Aug 2016
Posted in General News
LTA to Require E-bike Registration

Registration needed for more effective enforcement against illegal modifications.

Posted 25th Jul 2016
Posted in General News
All-day Access to Foldable Bicycles on Public Transport to be Launched Soon

Trial scheme will last for six months.

Posted 20th Jul 2016
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