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EuroBike 2012: Crops advances into European markets


With a design background, the Japanese company, Crops, makes bicycle-related accessories like locks, lights, tools and computers. We took the opportunity to speak to Keiji Taiga, Crops’ General Manager, and got to know more about their current product line-up and upcoming product developments. 

According to Taiga-san, the Crops brand has been around for about 11 years with an emphasis on function and design. Looking beyong the Japanese domestic market, Crops is looking to tap upon a burgeoning worldwide interest in bicycles and cycling, and explore opportunities in markets like Europe and North America. 

The 2013 Product Ra...

EuroBike 2012: An Exclusive Chat with Alcide Basso, President of Basso

Mr Alcide Basso. 


Basso was established in 1977 at Vicenza, just 5km away from renowned bike component manufacturer, Campagnolo. Compared to their bigger counterparts, Basso chooses total control over their design, production and finish, which is why the production numbers are comparatively lower compared to bigger bicycle companies. For instance, Basso produces 12,500 frames a year and not surprisingly, 99% of them are carbon frames. 

One Team: Design, manufacturing and finish

“Every detail, frame, and R & D, (is done) inside our company. It’s one team.”

Basso has 45 employees, which includes the engineers, research and ...

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Eurobike 2012: The Weird and Wonderful


Having sighted so many wheeled machines at EuroBike, words alone will not suffice in sharing that experience. 

Togoparts compiles a mini photo essay on some of the weird and wonderful rides sighted at EuroBike 2012 as we approach the tail end of our special feature series. Enjoy...

The Weird

Electric Recumbent Cruisers

Surly Salsa (Big Foots)

Electric Full Sussers really got me going

Laid back, light weight Recumbents were really hot

The Wonderful

Old School commuter bikes make a comeback

Extreme Downhill 

Hand-made goodness

Now we're talking

29-inch full sussers made a splash. This was a big hit with u...

Posted 26th Sep 2012
EuroBike 2012: Shimano's line of shoes and soft goods for 2013


As seen on sponsored riders such as the current Norwegian National Road Champion Edvald Boasson Hagen (who recently came in 2nd at the Road World Championships), new for 2013 for the road range of shoes is the SH-R320, the successor to the SH-R315. Shimano has incorporated feedback from sponsored riders to increase the shoe’s customization abilities. Insoles are included in the Custom-Fit program and are heat-moldable. Cleats have extra 11mm of adjustment on both the shoe side and cleat side. To promote smoother and more efficient pedalling, Shimano developed Dynalast, which reduces unwanted loss of power during the pedal stroke.

EuroBike 2012: Shimano Saint and Zee

Such is the depth of EuroBike that after a full two weeks of consistent updating and profiling the coolest, most dope technology and product releases from the who’s who of cycling, there is so much more to say and even more to share. Well, we could definitely give you a main summary of everything we saw, but that would not do the products any justice at all. So here goes…

Saving perhaps what might be the best for last, we take a closer look at Japanese component maker Shimano’s new 2013 line up of Saint and Zee ‘Gravity’ components (surely, the brand Shimano needs little introduction, right?).

So here goes, Shimano has unveiled some all-...

Posted 24th Sep 2012
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EuroBike 2012: Spoilt for Choice


It’s hard to deny that riders are getting spoilt (not to be taken literally) by technology. Given the array of ‘convenient’ and energy efficient mechanics and electronics available to cyclists, getting your ideal fork or gear setting has been made much more convenient.

In an earlier article, we discussed the benefits provided by the Shimano’s new Di2 system in having electrical assistance reduce the effort of gear shifting. Here, the spotlight is cast on the new CTD (Climb, Trail, Descent) system that has been incorporated into the suspension maker’s 2013 range.

Essentially, the CTD system has been set up to allow riders to tweak th...

Posted 21st Sep 2012
EuroBike 2012: Does size really matter?


We’re no stranger to standard 26-inch set-ups and we’ve crooned over the benefits wearing larger 29” wheels (but of course, 29ers are completely different bikes altogether and it isn’t as simple as just changing a wheelset and tyres). So what’s the deal about the 650B?

According to marketing division manager for Scott Sports, Reto Aeschbacher, “the 27.5-inch wheel size is the happy medium, combining the agility of the classic 26-inch format with the speed and the capability of 29ers to roll over obstacles”.  But the question remains for the average consumer, is this some marketing gab to push sales of something tweaked to be slightly...

Posted 20th Sep 2012
EuroBike 2012: Focus on FOCUS: New Developments for 2013

The flagship model, Focus Izalco Team SL 1.0

Belonging to the home country of EuroBike, Focus Bikes of Germany had an impressive line-up of bikes; not just the top models but also the more affordable ranges and models for mere mortals like us. I had the privilege to speak to Mr Jorg Arenz, the Overseas Sales Director at Derby Cycle, the distributor for Focus Bikes in Germany. Mr Arenz enthusiastically gave me a quick tour of the latest offerings for Focus in 2013 as well as some insight on the upcoming trends in the worldwide bicycling scene.

The top road model, the Focus Izalco Team SL 1.0 has a brand new carbon lay-up and shaves up to ...

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