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Editorial Features
5 Post-Holiday Tuneups To Perform

It’s that time of the year again, when overstressed students begin trudging back to school in heavy white shoes, military-style uniforms, and dejected looks that shouldn’t rightfully belong on the face of any child. Yes, it’s the end of yet another far too short June holiday.

On the bright side, the children who are most sad to see the holidays end are the ones who enjoyed it the most. 

Assuming you did your job as a cycling parent and brought your child on all manner of cycling adventures (or if you’re a student or teacher), it’s now time to start working on the maintenance your childrens' bikes need, so they can be in great worki...

Posted 29th Jun 2015
5 Shopping Centres You Can Ride To

The Malls Cyclists Love

First of all, you might be interested to know that most malls in Singapore have no explicit rules against the parking of bicycles in basement carparks.

Just find a good spot to lock your bike to, don’t obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic, and be careful when sharing space with larger vehicles. A bicycle and a 4000-pound car are not equals.

That said, there are a couple of malls and shopping areas in Singapore that are especially pedal-friendly, either by design or accident.

1. Velocity@Novena

One of those 'by-design' bike friendly malls is Velocity. A mall named “Velocity” wouldn’t be complete without some wheels, and comp...

Posted 21st Jun 2015
BRU - A Showroom Experience

The Flagship Store for Moulton, Tyrell & Airnimal

Step into a typical bike shop and you’ll expect to see an interior filled to the max with product: new bikes, tires, pumps, shoes, accessories, advertising materials, and maybe some grime courtesy of the typical bike mechanic area in the rear, with bikes in various states of disrepair waiting for attention.

Step into BRU at Block Number 9, Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-77, though, or their new shop, BRU2 at 67 Frankel Ave, and you’ll feel more like you’ve walked into a musuem of sorts.

For one thing, there’s the abundance of white space all around. White floors, white walls, white lighting, and white furniture, make this ...

Posted 19th Jun 2015
5 Reasons Not To Ride with Your Kids

Baby's First Bike: Your Bike!

Like me, you probably want to share your passion for cycling with your young one. Oh, the things you'll see together! That’s a wonderful thought. But hold your iron horses. You should probably wait until your child is strong enough to get on a balance bike, by which we mean able to walk and run, so that's roughly urm... about three to four years old?

Just to be on the safe side, if you intend to bring your precious along with you on a bike ride, you must first ensure that your child can sit up unaided, for at least 15 minutes, which is usually after the age of 15 months. You'll also want to make sure your bike rides with junio...

Posted 15th Jun 2015
5 Green Places to Ride With Your Kids

The Usual Places

Why cycle on congested, smoke-filled roads when you can cycle on picturesque paths surrounded by the emerald foliage of our supposed garden city? Not only is it safer for your kids, it’s an escape from the exhausting hustle of city life. Who couldn’t use some of that once in a while? You could use some of these, for example:


1. East Coast Park

This is where many of us learnt to ride a bicycle for the first time. Oh the memories! If you need a semi-urban cycling getaway that offers beautiful greenery while still providing a restroom and convenience store around every corner, East Coast Park is the place for the family!

Stretched alo...

Posted 8th Jun 2015
5 Things To Do After A Muddy Ride

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Mud and dust can do a real number on your bicycle if left unchecked. Improper maintenance after a dirty ride allows solid particles to get cozy with the bike’s moving parts, hindering smooth operation and wearing grooves into them. So say bye bye to your fork seals, cartridge bearings and suspension pivots. Unless you want a bike that runs and sounds noisier than a noisy thing, you’ll want to keep it clear of dirt and grit after every ride.

It isn't just for looking good, either. I've had to replace brake pads because of contamination, which my bike shop mechanic says is due to riding into pools of mud or water which hav...

Posted 2nd Jun 2015
Taipei Bike Show (Video) Interview with Mr Dave of Feedback Sports

Interview with Mr Dave of Feedback Sports

Whilst on our Taipei travels, and with some effort we managed to score some interviews. This is one we have of the ever smiling Dave from feedback sports telling us about their new products as well as his dream to ride in Singapore.

Ladies and gents, we present to you the Feedback Sports interview.

Posted 10th Apr 2015
The Butterfly Effect in the Cycling World

The Butterfly Effect in the Cycling World

Has anyone heard of the Butterfly Effect?  Well, the term “Butterfly Effect” - coined by well-known meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz – refers metaphorically to the formation of a hurricane when influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a butterfly several weeks earlier. 

Whilst it remains a controversy that a butterfly possesses the capability to create a disaster or alter its course, one man firmly believes in this theory from a business perspective.  And it is indeed true to a large extent – If a product is good, customers (of that product) will give positive reviews.  In turn, the product will ...

Posted 4th Apr 2015
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