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5 Reasons To Buy A Used Bike In Singapore

The Better For Riding With


After last week’s tongue-in-cheek story about 5 Reasons NOT To Buy A New Bike Online In Singapore, I was given the idea for a follow-up story on why you should buy a used bike instead. Of course, chief amongst the reasons would be price. But there’s also:


1.         More value for money

As mentioned by the TGP member who goes by the nickname albatross, very often, the used bike you are eyeing has had component upgrades or replacements, often with parts from higher-performing groups.

So unless you have a problem with getting more for your money, you’ll appreciate not needing to shell out your hard-saved money for bet...

Posted 9th Nov 2015
5 Reasons NOT To Buy A New Bike Online In Singapore

In Search of A Better Ride

Hardly anyone ever comes up with a list like this. After all, everyone knows that the best way to encourage someone to do something is to discourage them from doing it. The more forbidden the fruit is, the sweeter it’ll taste am I right?

The truth is, once an avid cyclist has his or her mind set on buying a new bike, online or otherwise, hardly anything in the world will disrupt that train of thought. You, me and just about everyone on this website has experienced the red mist that comes over our eyes when the stars of disposable income and a bling new bike cross, sealing our wallets' fate.

With that in mind, there are some hidden ...

Posted 4th Nov 2015
5 Essential Home Bike Mechanic Skills

Start from the top

With a little investment of time in upgrading your skills, you won’t have to pay your local bike mechanic to perform the most basic of tasks. Simply check out my guide to turn yourself into a home mechanic with wicked skillz and keep your bike running well in between component upgrades.


1.         Adjusting your cockpit

Of course, first of all, you should learn the most basic skill of all - wrenching. At your disposal should be the ability to tighten or loosen bolts and screws using quality allen wrenches or screwdrivers.  

First, a golden rule when it comes to tightening or loosening screws or bolts – make sure the tip of yo...

Posted 26th Oct 2015
Wheeler's Yard adds caravan to their decor

Many of you would be familiar with Wheeler's Yard, the little (okay not so little) corner off the PCN in Balestier that is a bike shop, café, chillax place and more. Already well-known for the great food and even greater ambience, Wheeler's Yard has earned the affection of cyclists and non-cyclists for being the place to be when you want to step away from the bustling world.

Its rustic charm is created by the use of a large barnyard looking warehouse within which sits a full bike shop and café. The front of Wheeler's Yard faces the PCN and large storm canal that it runs along, giving it a certain park-like feel that takes your mind out of...

Posted 23rd Oct 2015
Grouphunt: Community hunting for the best deals!

Ever heard of Grouphunt? Well if you haven't, perhaps it's best you read on. Why, you ask? Well you're gonna score yourself some great deals with this website and it's ingenius crowdsourcing concept that's proven to recommend you only the best stuff at the best prices.

Now you wanna read on? We asked 5 key questions to Grouphunt and got their response about it, which will shed some light into the main idea behind this wonderful initiative.

What's Grouphunt's concept all about and how does it work?

The concept is simple: GROUPHUNT brings cycling enthusiasts together, providing them the tools to discover, share and buy the best new produc...

Posted 20th Oct 2015
Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe

Ever thought about the history of cycling in Singapore? Considered how the future would be like when you look at the entire timeline from the past till the present? In truth I have no real idea what the history of cycling in Singapore is like, because I wasn't born when Singapore was. But I know a guy who does; his name is Mr Poon Kng Joo, founder and Director of Soek Seng 1954.

Let's get something out of the way immediately. Mr Poon, affectionately known as "Ah Joo" by those who know him, was very sure to point out that 1954 was the year the company was founded, hence those numbers in the name. So if you didn't already know, you do now.

Posted 19th Oct 2015
5 Reasons To Buy A Foldie in Singapore

The foldable bicycle is the poster-bike of “last-mile” commuting and sustainable transportation, and has become immensely popular in recent years amongst Singaporeans.

So much so that a multitidue of local bike shops have sprouted all over, such as Star Merchants E-Walker, InnerCityRhythm, and BicycleSg, which solely sell, service and support foldable bikes.  

So clearly, foldable bikes have niched out into the mainstream and are here to stay. Now, just what makes them so popular and why should you be looking at a foldie for your next purchase? Here’s my take on this trend:


#1.      They let you geek out over over-engineering

Posted 18th Oct 2015
5 Rules For Riding In The Haze

The haze is expected to last until the end of November. If you’re riding to work daily, or simply ride for its health benefits, you’ll need to ensure that what you are doing isn’t going counter to your intentions. After all, nobody exercises so that they can get sick! Here’s how you can protect yourself from the haze.

#1.      Suit Up

The typical N95 mask, rated for 95% of fine particles, isn’t enough. The Respro or 3M 7000 with 2200 particulate filter is rated at P100(99.97%) - and is much better. More importantly, they are much more comfortable to wear.

These masks have quite a few components: the mask itself comes in half or ...

Posted 12th Oct 2015
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