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Editorial Features
How to Bounce Back from Bonking

We have all been through a ride where every last calorie seems to have been squeezed out of our muscles. Usually this occurs in the middle of a ride, or the tail end of it – where the hardest part of the trip has already passed, and you’re perhaps riding home or just reached the trailhead.

Why we bonk

Think of your body as a 3 stage rocket. While exerting yourself, your body’s energy stores are depleted in this order.  First, calories in your blood stream as well as your digestive tract are used up, and these represent ready-to-burn energy available for your immediate disposal. These are responsible for your immediate outpu...

Posted 2 days ago
Merida 2016 Ride Series

Fresh from their Stage 16 win at the recently concluded Tour de France, Ruben Plaza masterfully carved the roads aboard his Reacto Evo and descended to Gap, crossing the finish line with a 30 second lead over the first runner up, handing Team Lampre-Merida a very valuable and prestigious solo stage win.

Merida was also honored in April 2015 at the Taiwan Excellence Awards with two outstanding awards, The REACTO was awarded Taiwan's Gold Excellence Award for "The Road World Champion's Bike", while the ONE-TWENTY grabbed Silver for "Dual Suspension Marathon Mountain Bike", so this shows that Merida has really come a long way in creating ver...

Posted 25th Aug 2015
Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Studies done by bike nerds have discovered the formula for calculating the correct number of bicycles to own: n+1, where n is the number of bicycles you already have. Now, a series of completely-made-up, yet convincing studies are today proving that the first rite of passage every new bike owner goes through after buying a new bike is shopping for bike accessories.

Psychologists say that the urge to decorate comes from the most primal instinct of all time: the desire to claim a cave, a mate, or even a parking lot, as your own - the human equivalent of a dog marking its territory.

This then, is why you will personalise your new bi...

Posted 24th Aug 2015
5 Local Cycling Superstitions That Fly in the Face of Reality

Last week you learnt about the Chinese obsession with the afterworld, which is why I exhorted you to seek out group rides. This week, you’re about to find out about a few facts that fly against the face of superstitions we cyclists have.

Cycling is a sport, which means it carries a certain amount of risk. That also means it is rife with superstitions, especially at the professional level. Lance Armstrong for example, had certain rituals surrounding clothing - such as one which saw him refuse to wear the yellow helmet, as traditionally worn with the yellow jersey, except for on the final stage.

He also had to always start and fini...

Posted 17th Aug 2015
You'll Never Ride Alone (During the 7th Month) Again

You Will Never Ride Alone (During the 7th Month)

Actually, make that “You Shouldn’t Ride Alone (During the 7th Month)". If you’re not Chinese, you’re probably unaware that the most important social event in the Chinese Calendar is coming up: ie. the Hungry Ghost Festival, also called the 7th Month.

Why should you care? After all, in the rest of the world, also called the American Empire, there’s Halloween – a mock-serious day for kids to celebrate the occult and the scary.

Not the case, when it comes to the Chinese version. Our Halloween is legitimately more scary - and a whole lot longer. According to the Chinese, the gates of Hell open for 30 freaking days during the 7th Lunar ...

Posted 10th Aug 2015
Coffee on a bicycle

Coffee on a bicycle. Yeah you read right. Someone's serving coffee on a bike.

We found this idea rather interesting; so interesting we got in touch with Madi Gras, the founder of Apostrophe Coffee & Crafts.

So how did he start serving coffee on a bike? "I got involved in the project when the founder of Bicycle Barista, Tony Boatman, got in touch with me some time in August last year. After looking at the prototype, I agreed to collaborate with him to get the project going", said Madi Gras.

Bicycle Barista is a social enterprise and its mission is to empower entrepreneurs who would like to start a coffee business with low investme...

Posted 5th Aug 2015
Your SG50 Weekend Round-Island Getaway

Day 1 - From West to North

It’s a 4 day weekend, and we’ve all been implored not to leave Singapore for overseas riding holidays so that we can participate in Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. What are you going to do instead then? Go for a local riding holiday of course. How about a local riding holiday to celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee? One that can be truly called 'epic'? Here's an idea!

Singapore’s park connectors are fantastic, but try riding around the island. When I say “around", I mean literally around it. Here’s a proposed route, spanning 4 days and a clockwise lap of Singapore's circumference, which I'm affectionately calling "Journey to the West".

Posted 3rd Aug 2015
6 Biking Trends To Watch

Things that go round and round


Maybe you've been biking under a rock for the last 2 years, or getting back into mountain biking after a long hiatus. Stay abreast of the bike trend curve and be set for the rest of this year! Here's the trends to watch in the fast-changing world of bike tech and bike retail.


650B+, 29+

Fat bikes have come and, well, some say this trend’s momentum is spent. But fat tires introduced riders to the joy of riding terrain previously barred to them due to lack of traction. For many, the feeling of floating over sand, snow or slippery roots on nothing more than a few PSI of air; with spades of traction to ride up any obstacle, is ...

Posted 27th Jul 2015
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