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Coffee on a bicycle

Coffee on a bicycle. Yeah you read right. Someone's serving coffee on a bike.

We found this idea rather interesting; so interesting we got in touch with Mardi Gras, the founder of Apostrophe Coffee & Crafts.

So how did he start serving coffee on a bike? "I got involved in the project when the founder of Bicycle Barista, Tony Boatman, got in touch with me some time in August last year. After looking at the prototype, I agreed to collaborate with him to get the project going", said Mardi Gras.

Bicycle Barista is a social enterprise and its mission is to empower entrepreneurs who would like to start a coffee business with low invest...

Posted 11 hours ago
Your SG50 Weekend Round-Island Getaway

Day 1 - From West to North

It’s a 4 day weekend, and we’ve all been implored not to leave Singapore for overseas riding holidays so that we can participate in Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. What are you going to do instead then? Go for a local riding holiday of course. How about a local riding holiday to celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee? One that can be truly called 'epic'? Here's an idea!

Singapore’s park connectors are fantastic, but try riding around the island. When I say “around", I mean literally around it. Here’s a proposed route, spanning 4 days and a clockwise lap of Singapore's circumference, which I'm affectionately calling "Journey to the West".

Posted 2 days ago
6 Biking Trends To Watch

Things that go round and round


Maybe you've been biking under a rock for the last 2 years, or getting back into mountain biking after a long hiatus. Stay abreast of the bike trend curve and be set for the rest of this year! Here's the trends to watch in the fast-changing world of bike tech and bike retail.


650B+, 29+

Fat bikes have come and, well, some say this trend’s momentum is spent. But fat tires introduced riders to the joy of riding terrain previously barred to them due to lack of traction. For many, the feeling of floating over sand, snow or slippery roots on nothing more than a few PSI of air; with spades of traction to ride up any obstacle, is ...

Posted 27th Jul 2015
Rider down!

Sitrep, stat!

Accidents are a part of life. This is even more true in the case of mountain biking, as there are plenty of opportunities for things to go awry when you’re out on an everchanging trail, far from civilization.  Here are some guidelines on what to do out on the trails when sh*t gets real.

When you or one of your riding buddies get in an accident on the trails:

Report sitrep, stat!!!

First, check for injuries. Sites of pain are a generally accurate indication of what’s gone wrong and where. Next, determine the seriouness of the injury.

Injuries can be classified as non-traumatic, non-emergency injuries, such as scratches or bruises...

Posted 20th Jul 2015
Before You Buy: 10 Standards To Consider

Planned obsolescence

Before you buy your next bike, you might want to consider the following - standards! Too often, people buy new bikes without taking into account the standards of the components used in their bikes.  

There is the offchance that when you wish to upgrade components later, you might find that the newest and the latest components of the day won’t fit.

To make things worse, because standards go out of style, you may have parts that are on the tail-end of an industry development cycle.  You may come across industry hype, for example, that says that in a few years, replacement wear and tear items for 26" wheels may no longer be availabl...

Posted 13th Jul 2015
TOGOPARTS Announces Restyling


Friday, 3 July 2015, Singapore – TOGOPARTS (www.togoparts.com), Singapore’s first and leading cycling web portal, announced the debut of its new web interface and interactive features, at the TOGOPARTS Restyled Official Launch Event, held for its partners, members, and brand marketers at Beer Market@The Foundry, Clark Quay.

After the stream of arriving guests slowed to a trickle, Evan Lee, CEO and founder of TOGOPARTS, took to the stage to share the latest interesting facts and figures about Singapore’s changing cycling scene and demographics of TOGOPARTS visitors. He then introduced the audience to the site’s new look, which he sa...

Posted 10th Jul 2015
5 Essentials for Riding Trails at Night

Night Rider Basics

Fancy squeezing a little more fun and ride time out of your weekend? Why not try trail-riding at night?

But first gird up your loins - riding at night is not for the faint-of-heart. Be prepared for a totally out-of-this-world experience, when anything can happen, and where riding can become a soul-transforming trip. Night-riding is one of those things that every mountain-biker needs to have done at least once, because unless you have done so, can you ever say “do you even ride, bro?”

Stoked yet? Alright let’s get on with it. Because night trail-riding comes with a set of risks all of its own, you’ll need the following accessories t...

Posted 5th Jul 2015
5 Post-Holiday Tuneups To Perform

It’s that time of the year again, when overstressed students begin trudging back to school in heavy white shoes, military-style uniforms, and dejected looks that shouldn’t rightfully belong on the face of any child. Yes, it’s the end of yet another far too short June holiday.

On the bright side, the children who are most sad to see the holidays end are the ones who enjoyed it the most. 

Assuming you did your job as a cycling parent and brought your child on all manner of cycling adventures (or if you’re a student or teacher), it’s now time to start working on the maintenance your childrens' bikes need, so they can be in great worki...

Posted 29th Jun 2015
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