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The Happenings of #TOGO810 at the Togoparts Bike Carnival

For those went through National Service, you might be able to recount the feeling of pride and joy when you marched into the parade square on the day of passing out from your Basic Military Training.  That familiar sense of achievement was somewhat replayed at SAFRA Jurong last Sunday, when participating finishers of #TOGO810 amassed at the Togoparts Bike Carnival to collect their Finisher Jersey.

The brainchild of Togoparts.com, #TOGO810 was a radical fitness and reward program that anyone of any age from anywhere could take part in.  The game plan was simple: the participant would have to cycle at least 810km within a space of 8 weeks i...

Posted 27th Apr 2016
Custom-Carbon Maestro Sarto Antonio Now Available In Singapore

“Bespoke”, “Hand-Made”, “Customised” and “Sarto Antonio” are all words that make the eyes of discerning road cyclists gleam with lust.

Sporting a pedigree that goes back all the way to the beginning of the Italian domination of the road bike scene, Sarto Antonio Cycles began life with its namesake, Il Signor Antonio, who started building bicycle frames in the early 1950s with his two brothers. 

Antonio Sarto opened his own company, Sarto Antonio S.p.A. in 1959, and with early major clients including the historic Torpado and Atala brands, his frame-building business flourished and Sarto Antonio Cycles eventually started making high end al...

Posted 14th Jan 2016
Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards 2015 - Results!


Cycling is a passion for many of us, and as with any passion that takes up most of a person’s waking hours, debates about which brand is better is an integral part of it. In fact, many cycling brands often inspire the sort of loyalty that has friends taking opposite sides on the issue of choice.

How do you roll? Do you prefer Shimano or Hope brakes? Who makes a better road frame, Cervélo or Pinarello? Would you pick a Chris King or i9 wheelset? Would you go with Campagnolo gruppo or do you swear by SRAM?

The list of dichotomous choices is long, and many a drunken night has passed with riding buddies hotly debating one or the other of the...

Posted 11th Jan 2016
12 Late-Shopper Christmas Gifts For Cyclists


Have you got someone special to buy a Christmas gift for? If you still have not found anything yet, I can kind of understand why. Some people are inherently hard to shop for when it comes to Christmas gifts. You know the type. Likes bikes, wears tights to ride bikes, gets up early in the morning to ride bikes, talks about nothing but cycling, etc … 

And then there are people like myself, who are grateful for being considered gift-worthy at all. Got a T-shirt you can’t fit into? I’ll take it. I won’t fit into it either, but I need rags to clean up my bike with... In other words, super-easy to shop for. I set my bar low. 

But I digress....

Posted 16th Dec 2015
Riding on Coney Island

Riding on Coney Island

About two months ago, Coney Island opened its doors to the public, marking another milestone in Singapore's efforts in conserving nature.  In the same way, it opened another chapter for mountain bikers and casual cyclists alike.  A rich biodiversity in a rustic setting and with a sizeable land of 50 hectares, Coney Island offers itself as a new cycling avenue to novice and skilled riders.  In this feature, we hit the trails in Coney Island to find out the kind of cycling experience that this nature reserve has to offer.

Entering the island

Coney Island is connected to the mainland via the “East Entrance” and the “West Entrance”.  The “Ea...

Posted 9th Dec 2015
Simple, Stylish Bikes For Grown-Ups

Don't Lose Your Nirve

Nirve’s product line of bicycles are all named after words that start with the letter B – Boulevard, Bohemian, Boardwalk, and Beach.

One glance at their product manual, and it is apparent: Nirve is aimed at people who love to have fun on their bikes, and who aspire to a leisurely lifestyle and look stylish doing it. Their motto apparently is “Go In Style”, and by that they mean “fashion-forward” and also “portage in comfort”.

That’s because every one of their frames (except the Belmont and Switchblade) feature threaded fender fittings, kickstand mount plates and double-threaded eyelets on dropouts and forks to accommodate both fe...

Posted 1st Dec 2015
5 Reasons To Buy A Used Bike In Singapore

The Better For Riding With


After last week’s tongue-in-cheek story about 5 Reasons NOT To Buy A New Bike Online In Singapore, I was given the idea for a follow-up story on why you should buy a used bike instead. Of course, chief amongst the reasons would be price. But there’s also:


1.         More value for money

As mentioned by the TGP member who goes by the nickname albatross, very often, the used bike you are eyeing has had component upgrades or replacements, often with parts from higher-performing groups.

So unless you have a problem with getting more for your money, you’ll appreciate not needing to shell out your hard-saved money for bet...

Posted 9th Nov 2015
5 Reasons NOT To Buy A New Bike Online In Singapore

In Search of A Better Ride

Hardly anyone ever comes up with a list like this. After all, everyone knows that the best way to encourage someone to do something is to discourage them from doing it. The more forbidden the fruit is, the sweeter it’ll taste am I right?

The truth is, once an avid cyclist has his or her mind set on buying a new bike, online or otherwise, hardly anything in the world will disrupt that train of thought. You, me and just about everyone on this website has experienced the red mist that comes over our eyes when the stars of disposable income and a bling new bike cross, sealing our wallets' fate.

With that in mind, there are some hidden ...

Posted 4th Nov 2015
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