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Gods of Repair

Singapore, though not exactly big, is a hub for almost everything, and with the high density of bike shops all over the island, it’s no surprise we are also a hub (effectively) for some of the best repair work you can get in the world, if not some say JB and Batam.

Just like us, when we are ill, we head down to the family doctors, but when serious issue crops up, we head straight into the hospitals. So you may wonder after all our hard work searching amongst the best of the best mechanics on the island, who deserves the title of “God”? Fret not while we bring you around island and highlight the final shortlist!


God of the West
(Monkey ...

Posted 3rd Mar 2017
Posted in Reviews
Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Lou Hei 2017

It’s the New Lunar Year and cyclists from all walks of life are sure to look forward to a new prosperous new year. Riders from all over Singapore came together on 5 February 2017 to celebrate the new year with a Lou Hei session, and they rode to Soek Seng 1954, a Bicycle themed cafe at MAJ Aviation Building, Seletar Aerospace View. Soek seng 1954 is a vintage themed bicycle cafe for all people to immerse in the world of vintage bikes.

10AM in the morning, riders started arriving and were chatting with one another while waiting for the others to arrive. With the good vibe and ambience, everyone settled down for a drink and some light...

Posted 12th Feb 2017
IM Criterium 2017

On Sunday 5th Feb early in the morning, IMevents hosted the IM criterium at Keat Hong Link. A very intense 12-kilometer race consisting of 10 laps of 1.2 kilometer and 1 neutral safety lap. At 7AM, men’s open category qualifying race started. This category is a team race of 4 member per team, with this, it makes the race really strategic and intense. Due to the intensity and fast pace nature of cycling races, few laps in and there is already a casualty. However, the casualty wasn’t too serious of an issue for the rider but took a toll on the rider’s bike as the frame cracked. As the race progressed, the peloton started to break due to t...

Posted 12th Feb 2017
Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards 2016 Winners


Holding an award-giving ceremony at the end of every calendar year seems like the customary thing to do across practically every industry. Don’t get us wrong. We folks at Togoparts are staunch believers that every well-thought product or service should consistently be rewarded with some form of recognition at the industrial or national level. From manufacturing to retailing to post-sale service, it is undeniably the consumer satisfaction and loyalty that established the popularity of a product or service. Consumer satisfaction and loyalty are, un-coincidentally, also the primary factors that kept the businesses on their toes, driving them ...

Posted 4th Jan 2017
TOGO1050 Finisher's Party And 2016 Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards

Faces and Smiles during the TOGO1050 Finisher's Party And 2016 Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards

Posted 13th Dec 2016
The Cyclist Choice Awards 2016 : 7 Cycle Workshop Mechanic Services

Here at Togoparts, we are giving a special mention shoutout at 7Cycle Workshop for their works.

Got an old bike in need of attention? Got a new bike still in a box? Got an upcoming race? Got some new parts and blings? These are the things where experience really matters. With just some slight diagnostics, he is able to tell what's needed to be done and also what's best for every situation. Just sit back, relax and wait for him to work his magic on your precious.

Located near Sembawang driving centre at woodlands Auto Hub lies a shop where you can pamper your bike with a veteran at hand. 7 Cycle Workshop.

Catering towards cyclist from all walk...

Posted 15th Mar 2017
The Cyclist Choice Awards 2016 : FootLoops, Lifestyle Bicycle Shop

FootLoops is a lifestyle bicycle and accessories shop here owned and run by Singaporeans.  They place a strong emphasis on comfort and design, so the bikes that they carry are easy to cycle and maintain, not to mention look great and are super photogenic as well.  Compared to the high-end performance bicycles, FootLoops provides products catered more towards the leisure and daily commute segment of the cycling market.  The main house brands that they carry include Bobbin city bikes from London, Tula road bikes from Bangkok, Vincita cycling bags from Bangkok, along with a very wide range of Crops locks and lights from Japan.

Bobbin bikes a...

Posted 10th Mar 2017
The Cyclist Choice Awards 2016 : Piston Cycle, Piston Racing Road Wheelsets

Piston Racing Road Wheelsets
Probably not many of us local cyclists have ever heard of the cycling brand Piston Racing, but for those who have heard of this brand before, they should be aware that they make affordable and great quality wheelsets for both road and off road bikes, as well as other accessories like  wheel accessories and their superbly comfortable silicone bar tapes.  I personally am using their Silicone bar tapes and they are not only very comfortable to hold while riding as it really absorbs quite a bit of vibrations from the road, but the tackiness and feel of the tape is just right, even when wet.  I recently got caught in...

Posted 9th Mar 2017
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