Where to ride during the Chinese New Year?

Where to ride during the Chinese New Year?

Thursday.. Friday.. Saturday.. Sunday.. Whoooaah!  A whooping four long days of non-work festive holidays for this Chinese New Year (CNY)!  For many of us, the duration of the holidays is long enough to make us sit down and ponder “so, how shall I spend my Saturday and Sunday?” after the yearly ritual of visiting relatives (and vice versa) during Nian Chu Yi (first day of CNY) and Nian Chu Er (second day of CNY).  Well, there are a few things that you can do.  You can choose to visit your (more distance) relatives (we hope that we are not getting some frowns).  Or you can choose to get out of Singapore to Bintan Island for a short getaway.  Or you can choose to stay within Singapore and grab a hotel stay for a short staycation.  Or you can choose to ride.  Yes, the fourth option sounds fun!  But where?
Posted 12th Feb 2015
5 New Things to Do in 2015 as a Cyclist

5 New Things to Do in 2015 as a Cyclist

For most cyclists (including myself), it seems that plying on the same cycling route on that weather-beaten bicycle will soon become a stodgy activity in no more than a couple of weeks.  Continuing with that same path is likely to familiarise you with the typical timings that the elderly couple from your adjacent apartment will be walking their Jack Russell Terrier.  Somehow, novice and avid riders alike, we cannot seem to stay put in the same place doing the same thing.  As cyclists with a ride-hard-and-play-hard attitude, we have a penchant for new stuff.  Anything.  As long as it is new to us.
Posted 8th Jan 2015
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5 reasons why cyclists should buy from the Togoparts e-Store

5 reasons why you should buy from the Togoparts e-Store

1. Delivered Right to your Doorstep - FastWe understand that bicycle supplies are rarely a matter of life and death but it is always good to get your toys or replacement parts early before the weekend rides. We aim to deliver the stuff to you in 2 working days unless specified otherwise (by our partner merchant or by Ta-Q-bin our courier partner)
Posted 2nd Oct 2014
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Why Go Custom? An introduction to custom-built frames & bicycles

If looks could kill…it’s a material world The very first thing other cyclists or even non-cyclists would notice is the appearance of your bike. Some may even judge you based on the type/brand of bicycles you use. Sure, most of us will drool at the sight of the latest Pinarello Dogmas, Specialized S-Works Venge or Cervelo RCA but when was the last time you ‘wowed’ at a truly artistic marvel of a bicycle?
Text & photos by Dean Koh posted 29th Jul 2013
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A Guide to Saddle Selection

Above image: Dean Koh Saddle selection is an area in the bike building process that should never be taken lightly. Choosing the wrong saddle will give you an uncomfortable ride or worse, cause impotence.
Posted 10th Jul 2013
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Which wheelie is best for you?  26 vs 27.5 vs 29

Above photo: http://thepeopleofsantopoco.blogspot.sg For those of us who had been mountain-biking for a while, the venerable 26 inch mountain bike has been around for the longest time and many honed their handling and riding skills on the 26 inch platform. Then about a decade ago, the very first 29 inch mountain bikes appeared which received a less than enthusiastic welcome to those who were so used to 26inch mountain bikes. Fast forward today, almost every bike company has a 29er model and improvements in ride geometry and availability of related accessories make it an irresistible choice for those considering a new mountain bike.
Text by Dean Koh posted 4th Jul 2013
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Road Wheels: Aero vs Shallow

Box section and semi-aero wheels

Given that this is your first road bike, and assuming that you are only owning one set of wheels, you should aim for a best set that money can buy that suits the terrain of routes you are likely to take most often. 
Posted 25th Jun 2013
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TTSH Charity Ride 2013: Tips on Long distance cycling, injury prevention & nutrition

With cycling fast gaining popularity as a form of sport and recreation in Singapore in recent years, it is common for cycling enthusiasts to participate in events such as the OCBC Cycle Singapore and even overseas cycling events in neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia. However, embarking on a long-distance cycling event may be daunting, especially for beginner cyclists. Having the right preparation and training for such events is crucial to reduce the risk of injury and knowing how and what to eat before, during and after the ride is important as well.
Dean Koh posted 28th May 2013
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