CCK Cyclists #TOGO517 Team Challenge Experience

#TOGO517 was certainly a new experience to many a rider, but it also debuted tweaks and improvements on our end, too.
Posted 7th Jul 2017
Urban Chic - it's Hip to Fold!

Folding bicycles, or simply Foldies, are all the rage nowadays! Since its steady inception into the local market about three to four years ago, more cyclists have taken an interest in riding folding bikes, discarding their prized mountain-climbing rigs and road racing gizmos to make space for the smaller-sized two-wheeler (well, in fact, many sold them away online at a third of their original prices).
Posted 19th May 2017
Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Lou Hei 2017

It’s the New Lunar Year and cyclists from all walks of life are sure to look forward to a new prosperous new year. Riders from all over Singapore came together on 5 February 2017 to celebrate the new year with a Lou Hei session, and they rode to Soek Seng 1954, a Bicycle themed cafe at MAJ Aviation Building, Seletar Aerospace View. Soek seng 1954 is a vintage themed bicycle cafe for all people to immerse in the world of vintage bikes.
Posted 12th Feb 2017
IM Criterium 2017

On Sunday 5th Feb early in the morning, IMevents hosted the IM criterium at Keat Hong Link. A very intense 12-kilometer race consisting of 10 laps of 1.2 kilometer and 1 neutral safety lap. At 7AM, men’s open category qualifying race started. This category is a team race of 4 member per team, with this, it makes the race really strategic and intense. Due to the intensity and fast pace nature of cycling races, few laps in and there is already a casualty. However, the casualty wasn’t too serious of an issue for the rider but took a toll on the rider’s bike as the frame cracked. As the race progressed, the peloton started to break due to the fast riders at the front of the whole pack. During the race, many of the other team members cheered and pushed their race member of the team on. It really showed the bonding everyone of them has. After a fast paced and exciting 30 minutes, the race came to an end for the qualifying round.
Posted 12th Feb 2017
Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards 2016 Winners


Holding an award-giving ceremony at the end of every calendar year seems like the customary thing to do across practically every industry. Don’t get us wrong. We folks at Togoparts are staunch believers that every well-thought product or service should consistently be rewarded with some form of recognition at the industrial or national level. From manufacturing to retailing to post-sale service, it is undeniably the consumer satisfaction and loyalty that established the popularity of a product or service. Consumer satisfaction and loyalty are, un-coincidentally, also the primary factors that kept the businesses on their toes, driving them to maintain their competitiveness by constantly reviewing their product offerings and service levels. 
Posted 4th Jan 2017
TOGO1050 Finisher's Party And 2016 Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards

Faces and Smiles during the TOGO1050 Finisher's Party And 2016 Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards

Posted 13th Dec 2016
#TOGO920 Finishers Party - Event Review

Typically, nobody will be in the right frame of mind to associate cyclists with alcohol.  Putting more than 200 cycling enthusiasts in the same drinking joint for a pint of beer or two is even more unheard of.  But did just that!
Posted 24th Aug 2016
The New DVO Suspension from USA

 Developed Suspension, or DVO Suspension for short, is a relatively new entrant to an industry that has been fiercely dominated by Rock Shox and Fox Racing.  If you are thinking that DVO Suspension will never be competing in the same ring with the big suspension makers, then you are quite wrong!
Posted 28th Jun 2016
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