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Editorial Reviews
Langtu KR14A Review

China bicycle manufacturer Jiangmen City Ming Le Sports Equipment limited company is a big company that manufactures all sorts of bicycles for the mass market, and they currently have over eight series with something like almost a hundred models of bicycles that they manufacture in Guandong province, China.

One of their flagship folding bike models is the beautiful and well made Langtu KR14A folding bike, the brand spanking new test bike that we received was all painted and blinged out in purple colour, the frame was a very classy matt purple colour, instead of the very common shiny gloss paint jobs that the majority of bikes co...

Posted 26th Aug 2015
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Change DF-612BF Review



Lately, there's been a huge influx of folding bikes in the bicycle market, as more and more people prefer and demand the compactness and foldability of these type of bikes, manufacturers are hard pressed to keep coming up with new ideas and designs to draw more customers and grab hold as big a slice of the pie as they possibly can. In the folding bikes market where the majority of the bikes are made and assembled in China, you have to have a very unique product which must also be very robust and strong if you want to stay in the game. Especially so if you are designing a folding mountain bike, because unlike regular folding ...

Posted 19th Aug 2015
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Lankeleisi S520 20" Folding Bike Review

There is a flood of folding bikes in Singapore right now, with numerous shops selling even more brands and models that one can keep track of, and they range from the very budgetly priced, to the expensive imported and high speced models, you might even be able to see them for sale in some bigger supermarkets. I have seen some folding bikes sell for under fifty dollars, and all the way up to some models with price tags costing more than a full carbon road bike, these very high speced foldies are sometimes fitted with parts and components that will make any mid-priced road racing machine look outdated and old.

The Lankeleisi S520 is not a ...

Posted 17th Aug 2015
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As Stealthy as the Nite

Cyclists are really spoilt for choice when it comes to wheel upgrades, especially when there is a huge number of manufacturers that are always coming up with new ideas and technologies to be able to just stay in the forefront of the bicycle wheel market. Wheel manufacturers therefore have to constantly invent and build products that are able to grab the attention of the cyclists and hopefully, lure them eventually into forking out money to purchase those wheels. Especially when a wheel upgrade is still considered one of the easiest ways to shave off a couple of hundred grams off of your bike's weight, therefore with wheel manufacturers k...

Posted 17th Aug 2015
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Langtu K8 Review


Langtu. The word simply makes you wonder which part of the world the bike is from.

The answer is quite simply not important, because most of the world's bicycles these days are made in the same few places. Make no mistake however; it's no crappy low quality nonsense that you might think of at first. Langtu has over 100 staff members, comprising young but experienced cyclists who have a passion for all things bikes, much like us at Togoparts.



Langtu also make all kinds of different bikes. The range extends over 8 series, from foldies all the way to racing road and mountain bikes. A serious competitor then, in the already highly ...

Posted 11th Aug 2015
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Wheeler's Yard City Bike & ZeHus Bike+ Review

Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, be it to run an urgent errand or to get someone to do a favour, all of us required someone else's assistance at some point in our life. Heck, when we were all born, we all required help from our parents or elders to take care of us, feed us, keep us clean and tidy, and chances are for the majority of us, the same assistance might be required when we get old, turn weak and are unable to take care of ourselves once again, and it's during those times that we truly treasure and appreciate any kind effort to help us get through those tough times. Likewise with cycling, all rides are not always on...

Posted 6th Aug 2015
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Quad Lock: Lock your focus on the road ahead

The Quad Lock Car Mount is strong, light and secure, making it a safe and reliable way to use your phone on the move.

According to the enhanced Road Traffic Act in Singapore, it is an offence for drivers to hold any type of mobile device while at the wheel of a vehicle.

However, it is not illegal to use the device when the car is stationary or when it is mounted on a holder such as The Quad Lock Car Mount.
Designed in Australia and made in Germany, this windscreen or dashboard car mount will properly position a smartphone to guide the driver safely towards his/her destination or for easy reading of messages or other notifications.


Posted 4th Aug 2015
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Living in a tiny and urban island city like Singapore, we do not have the luxury of having parks or country sides with sprawling greens and hectares of different types of plants, and in any case, those that can be found in Singapore are usually quite a distance away from our homes and offices as these parks are usually only found fringing the coastal areas of Singapore like Sembawang, Changi and our most famous coastline, East Coast Park. Therefore, the easiest and safest method of transporting our bicycles to and from these parks would be to transport them directly to the parks by using our vehicles, as cycling on our local roads ca...

Posted 29th Jul 2015
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