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Living in a tiny and urban island city like Singapore, we do not have the luxury of having parks or country sides with sprawling greens and hectares of different types of plants, and in any case, those that can be found in Singapore are usually quite a distance away from our homes and offices as these parks are usually only found fringing the coastal areas of Singapore like Sembawang, Changi and our most famous coastline, East Coast Park. Therefore, the easiest and safest method of transporting our bicycles to and from these parks would be to transport them directly to the parks by using our vehicles, as cycling on our local roads ca...

Posted 16 hours ago
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Funn Python Pedals

Thin and Tough

Fancy a pedal that is light, strong and extremely durable? Look no further than Funn's new Python pedals.

Weighing in at a mere 375g a pair, the Python was designed for aggressive riding whilst remaining plenty easy to service.

How easy? No hassle at all actually, as the Python uses a cartridge axle that is fully sealed on the outside. This means absolutely no crap going into the bearings and internals of the pedals, which makes for supreme durability and serviceability.

The cartridge housing is made of self-lubricating plastic, and a large contact area to share the pedalling load is formed between the housing and axle.

These ped...

Posted 22nd Jul 2015
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Ridley Fenix SL Review


Ridley introduced the Fenix in 2013 as a direct successor to the venerable Damocles and Excalibur lines of road bikes. The Damocles was a bike designed for strength and maximum stiffness - a true sprinter's bike if you will - while the Excalibur was given the task of being Ridley's lightweight race machine. Taking cues from both legendary sword-named bikes, Ridley came out with a frame that is not only extremely stiff, but also retains the comfort of the best race bikes out there.

Fast forward 2 years later, the redesigned Fenix has arrived. Aptly last-named SL, the new Fenix SL promises to be stiffer and lighter than its predecessor. O...

Posted 21st Jul 2015
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Guerciotti Eureka SHM50 and SH+ Shabli Review

The Bike

Branding and marketing is an extremely critical component when you have a product to sell, that's why big brand companies might spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing budgets to spread news of their latest and most innovative products to the public. All cleverly perfectly created with only one goal in mind, to woo ‘you', the unsuspecting, but potential, target who might fall prey to their expertly planned advertising campaign that was skillfully created to get everyone to spend their hard earned money on their products or services. So sadly, but realistically more often happily, some of us will fall for these ‘traps' and ...

Posted 16th Jul 2015
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Bike Review: Colnago AC-R 2015

Colnago AC-R 2015

Cycling is one sport or hobby that can really be addictive, especially for the those who yearn for the thrill of moving as fast as possible under your own strength and effort, the feeling is quite indescribable as your legs power you forward at over 30 km/h or much faster for some very fit and experienced cyclists, in addition to the wind travelling over your entire body, it's gives you a sense of freedom that could probably only get superseded by skydiving or bungee jumping.

Taking heed from public opinion and demands, Colnago introduced their entry level carbon bike the AC-R, the UCI approved carbon frame is anything but entry level, ba...

Posted 7th Jul 2015
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Review & Ride Report Intense Tracer t275c

Togoparts takes time out to look at the Intense Tracer T275C, more Enduro than you will ever be.

So, yesterday I had a really ordinary ride. You know the type, travelled all the way out to Ubin with a riding mate who is clearly faster than me, feeling a bit tired, misjudging all the lines through the rocks, just couldn't get any flow happening, just one of those days. Needless to say I didn't have a hope of keeping up with said riding mate on the day and came away a little dispondent. Sure I still got a ride in which is always good, but it was the kind of day when you think about some kind of change to refresh your energy and enthusiasm. And then I got the call. Singapore has a new Intense Cycles distributor and there is a brand-spank...

Posted 25th Jun 2015
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Bike Review: FSIR Spin 3.0

FSIR Spin 3.0

There is a huge variety of folding bikes today in Singapore, with each brand or range or model catering to a specific consumer type.  Whether you want a folding bike that's performance oriented as a folding equivalent of your five figure priced road bike, or one that folds into such a tiny package that it might accidentally get mistaken for a skateboard, or maybe you just need a basic but still very portable foldie to augment the ease of public transport between your home and workplace, I’m sure that there's a particular model of folding bike out there that will suit your unique requirements, maybe even up to a 'T'!

One of the biggest ...

Posted 22nd Jun 2015
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Bike Review : Fuji Altamira 2.5, 2015

Fuji Altamira 2.5 provides bang for its bucks

With the Altamira 2.5, Fuji has produced a winner in the burgeoning market for affordable carbon racing bikes.

Let’s be honest, it's difficult to make a bad bike these days. What with the trickle down of technology from bike and component manufacturers as they continue to improve their top-end products, buying mid- or even low-range bikes from reputable brands more often than not delivers a good looking and great performing machine.

The Fuji Altamira 2.5 is no exception. With a price point of S$3,995, it costs about a third of the top-of-the-range Altamira SL but the geometry is basically the same. The slightly lower C5 high-modulus gr...

Posted 19th Jun 2015
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