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Merida Speeder 2016

If you have the assumption that you could only go fast if you ride a road bike with dropbars, well you could just be proven wrong, because Merida has launched their latest 2016 lineup of ‘Speeders’, a true road bike but with flat handlebars instead of the usual dropbars.  


The Speeder is a blend of speed and fun all rolled into a complete bike package that is also more practical for everyday use, whether it is used for your daily commute to and from the office, a quick trip to the convenience store, or a leisurely long distance ride, the Speeder gives you a more upright and comfortable riding position so that you can enjoy the entire r...

Posted 6th Feb 2016
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Torpado Impudent Nearco N Carbon

History of Torpado and the Impudent Nearco

Thoroughbred Italian Stallion

Impudent in Italian translates into “wild spirit”, and the Nearco was named after an Italian-bred racehorse that is described by Thoroughbred Heritage as "one of the greatest racehorses of the Twentieth Century" and "one of the most important sires of the century."

That the thoroughbred horse lived from 1935 to 1957 is an indication of where this Italian bicycle brand draws its inspiration.

Born to race

History has it that Torpado began life in at Via Nicolò Tommaseo in Padua then moved to the Industrial Zone, in 1895. In the beginning, Torpado’s early frames were made from steel with aluminum handlebar...

Posted 26th Jan 2016
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Rock N Roll The King of Lubes Gold Chain Lube

Directions for use: Shake well. Apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette. (Do not drip on the lube, like oil, because it’s not oil) Get it really wet, this stuff cleans and lubes all in one. Freewheel the chain backwards for about 5 seconds, then wipe off all of the excess lube. All of it! (You can’t wipe the chain too much, so really wipe it down good.) RNR works great in cold weather but should be applied in a warm environment.


HYDROCARBONS. Most people are familiar with how they have powered the 20th century, in the form of petrol, diesel and kerosene (also known as jet fuel). But these legacy handmedowns of dinosaurs f...

Posted 27th Jan 2016
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Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape

The bar tape is an important component on any road bike.  Not only is it essential as an aesthetic part of the bike’s overall racing livery, the bar tape is the first contact point between the rider and the bike, even before he or she hops on it.  And with the prevalence of road biking, road bikers are wildly spoilt for choice from the bevel of qualities and designs of bar tapes that are currently on the market.

The Super Sticky Kush from Supacaz looks set to be a tough contender when it comes to choosing a well-designed and high-quality bar tape.  Supacaz, adapted from the words "super casual", is a relatively new entity based in Califor...

Posted 19th Jan 2016
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Langtu KCR930 Hybrid Bike

Unique is probably the best term to describe the Langtu KCR930, a hybrid bike that exudes a classic blend of characteristics from a road bike and a mountain bike.  We are not saying that the KCR930 looks weird.  Rather, its uniqueness is largely drawn from the brand-name of the bike.  

In case you are wondering if Langtu could be just one of those small-time brands which probably will not last through a season, then you are quite wrong.  Whilst the cycling industry has always been dominated by big boys like Giant, Cannondale and Specialized, Langtu has been growing steadily in terms of size and stature internationally.  For the past 10 ye...

Posted 18th Jan 2016
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KS LEV CI Dropper Post

KS is a Taiwanese bicycle component manufacturer that has been in the industry for many years already, their brand name KS is actually an abbreviation for 'Kind Shock', but it also stands for 'Keep Striving', which is their company's mantra.  KS is always striving to achieve the highest level of technology and art for all their bicycle products by being at the forefront of development of new products which are able to improve the riding experience.  From concept design to delivery of their products, KS is committed to exceed the most stringent quality control and testing standards while always guaranteeing that their products are of the hi...

Posted 18th Jan 2016
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Trinx KA2007D

A relative newcomer to the folding bike scene, Trinx bikes was founded in 1992 in mainland China, but they've also got other branches in Taiwan, Russia and in Southeast Asia as well, where there are research and development, manufacturing and sales offices which are all integrated into a whole organization where they design, develop and manufacture bikes with superior quality, fashionable designs and excellent performance, to be enjoyed by the many consumers in the western hemisphere, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa as well as in many other countries worldwide.

Trinx manufactures about 1.2 million complete bikes every year, as w...

Posted 12th Jan 2016
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Casio EX-FR100 Camera

Ever since the invention of video cameras, manufacturers have always been find new camera features and function, while at the same time trying to keep making them smaller and smaller to make the as portable as possible, so that consumers could find more reason to carry it around to record videos of their most precious moments.  Manufacturers then started pushing the boundaries of video recording devices to be used in more demanding situations, like underwater and in freezing temperatures, and when digital video cameras started gaining flight, the super compact, tough, waterproof action cameras were invented, this brought video recording ca...

Posted 6th Jan 2016
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