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Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards 2016 Winners


Holding an award-giving ceremony at the end of every calendar year seems like the customary thing to do across practically every industry. Don’t get us wrong. We folks at Togoparts are staunch believers that every well-thought product or service should consistently be rewarded with some form of recognition at the industrial or national level. From manufacturing to retailing to post-sale service, it is undeniably the consumer satisfaction and loyalty that established the popularity of a product or service. Consumer satisfaction and loyalty are, un-coincidentally, also the primary factors that kept the businesses on their toes, driving them ...

Posted 4th Jan 2017
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Buzzrack Colibri Bike Rack

For a city state country like Singapore, not many people can enjoy living near a park or the coast where they will be able to access these areas very easily for their leisure walks or rides, so for the majority of us folks, we would probably be living in the more urban areas and therefore have to transport our bikes to these beaches or parks for our leisure activities, and although the authorities have done an excellent job in linking all these leisure and family spots by a system of park connectors throughout the entire island, it is tough to expect small children to cycle the few kilometers themselves to get to the nearest park or beach,...

Posted 13th Jan 2017
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Christmas Ideas this Season!

As the week draws close to the festive season, many people, looking for that perfect gift for this Christmas? In this article we feature 5 of these great ideas for yourself or your partner. Packed with features and value, these are deserving gifts for every aspiring cyclist.


6D ATB-1T Trail Helmet

Head protection is one very important aspect all riders should take never take for granted, and we feature the 6D ATB-1T Trail helmet. Packed with advanced safety features, including the foam shell of the helmet, essentially two separate and thinner foam shells held together by twenty-seven red coloured rubber dampers, is 6D's patented Omn...

Posted 21st Dec 2016
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Polygon Siskiu D8

Local brands should never be doubted when it comes to quality, as we all know that the majority of bicycle frames are now proudly made right here in South East Asia, so a lower price tag now does not equate to a more inferior product, in fact I believe that manufacturing and quality control standards should actually be better now since production have increased for this region.

Indonesian born brand Polygon has gained quite a good foothold  in the global cycling market with their very broad range of bicycles matched with more affordable prices and superior performance and quality as an added bonus.  They have already enjoyed very good suc...

Posted 20th Dec 2016
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5LINKS 169 Folding Bike

The concept of a folding bike is essentially to reduce the overall size of a bicycle to make it easier to store and transport, so whether you need a folding bike just to save precious space in your home or office, or whether you need a bike that is light and compact enough when folded so that it can be carried or lugged around when folded, such as when taking public transport, or some may even call it 'Bicycle Commuting', where the folding bicycle plays an integral role in the seamless transport modes of combining public and personal and private commuting, such as a daily commute to and from the home and the workplace.  Even in a very spac...

Posted 13th Dec 2016
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Birzman Pumps

Birzman and Innovation  

Birzman, although relatively unknown to local market, it is an established Taiwan manufacturer of bicycle tools and pumps. Their products are sold across America, Europe and Asia region. Now the brand has arrived in Singapore too, exclusively distributed by Bike31.

Birzman is a serious contender in the business right from the beginning.  They made its foray into the bike scene in 2009 when it scooped its first gold at the EUROBIKE Award 2009.  A year on, in 2010, they clinched an iF Award and two Reddot Awards for three different products. Birzman never fails to impress the cycling industry with devices that are ...

Posted 5th Dec 2016
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Merida Crossway 2017

City Bikes are gaining prominence in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of infrastructure that is squarely aimed to introduce cycling into the travelling equation for the modern commuter.

Posted 1st Dec 2016
Posted in General News
Polygon Strattos S4

Should you get yourself a good road bike when you are still a freshie in the complex world of road riding?  Some say the first bike need not be a good bike, for fear that the rider's enthusiasm may not last long.  We have a different opinion though; your first bike should be a solidly-built bike.  It need not one which is spec'ced with high-end components.  But it should be one which is good enough to allow you to truly immerse in the beauty of the two-wheeled sport and to keep your passion going.  How good is good enough?  Polygon holds the answer to your question with the Strattos S4. 

The Specifications

The Polygon Strattos S4 is not ...

Posted 20th Nov 2016
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