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Clauds Bamboo Bike

There is a saying, "You will always remember your first love!".  Well this phrase holds true for me and my bicycles as well, as I can still clearly remember my first bike, a BMX made with crash proof steel and could take a good beating and some very big crashes without so much as a single dent in the frame.  A few years later, I progressed to an aluminium mountain bike, then to an aluminium road bike which was my 'fastest' bike at that point in time, I'd never thought that I could reach 40+ km/h just from the strength of my own legs.  It was only years later after I had worked for a few years and had saved up enough cash to pamper my hobbi...

Posted 17th May 2016
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Dartmoor Primal

For anyone who enjoys mountain biking, the latest carbon fibre framed off road bikes with complicated looking and expertly designed rear suspension linkages and swingarms, coupled with equally impressive front suspension forks and gearing componentry that puts a Formula 1 car to shame is usually an eye turner wherever the bike goes, and regardless of the type of terrain that it gets put through, even if the bike never truly gets ridden to even half of what it's capable of handling, some cyclists still have the mentality that if they have a more expensive and higher performance bike under their feet, that they are able to ride faster, bette...

Posted 4th May 2016
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Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon

Being a mountain biker with a special interest in free-riding and down-hilling, weight is seldom a key consideration when it comes to purchasing a new bike or component.  In contrast, the heavier the bike or component, the better it is.  In the context of riding road bikes, the opposite is true.  

So, when I was told that a pair of light-weight Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon wheels have arrived at the office of togoparts.com for a product review, I must admit that I was overwhelmed by the excitement of deviating from the usual rumble and tumble of rough-riding in the dirt.  Although I owned a road bike with fairly-good components, road rid...

Posted 26th Apr 2016
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BRU Kid on the Block!

Despite being a relatively young start-up in the cycling fraternity, the one-year-old BRU has already clinched two industry awards – the Best Folding Bike Range Award and the Best Commuting Bike Range Award – fortifying its position as a bike retailer that offers the widest range of Folding Bicycles and Commuting Bicycles.  Compared to mature cycling disciplines like mountain biking and road racing, Folding Bicycles and Commuting Bicycles are considered newer niche segments in the local biking scene.  For that reason, it is an amazing feat for BRU to be recognised as the bike joint to go to if one is keen to know more about these two types...

Posted 15th Apr 2016
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THE-Industries T3 Helmet

It is always a thrill to be able to get some adrenaline pumping in your veins, whether it is due to performing some death defying stunt, or for the majority of us less courageous people, something much more docile but still fairly dangerous, we can't help ourselves but crave for the need to feel the 'rush' and the 'makes you feel damn good and alive' feeling that we love so much.  But all these dangerous situations also calls for some kind of protection, for some truly death defying stunts, professional persons might have taken months or even years to plan and prepare for such a stunt, for most others, some pre-planning ahead of time coupl...

Posted 8th Apr 2016
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Format Ozy 88

Most of the cyclists in the world are aware of the big names in the bicycle industry that are world renowned and their bikes are the dreams and wish lists of many cycling enthusiasts globally.  Plenty of times, it is also the branding and the prestige that plays a major part  with a person's purchasing decision for a new bike, so instead of getting a bike that suits the person's riding style, purpose and actual requirements, they might end up getting something different altogether just because of the brand name.  But get off the beaten track and you will discover the lesser known and less popular bike manufacturers and brands out there tha...

Posted 6th Apr 2016
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Merida Crossway 2016 Series

The Crossway series are Merida's latest offering of crossover bikes for 2016.  Available in 43 variants, the Crossway bikes are hybrids of road bikes and mountain bikes.  With increased prominence in the urban landscape, the Crossway bikes exude the aggressiveness of mountain bikes and, at the same time, are zippy enough to tackle any city's twists and turns with their lightweight road bike frames, flat bars, shock absorbing forks and slightly-wider road tyres.

Made for the daily commuters and the adventurous explorers, the Crossway bikes are designed and fabricated with practicality and durability in mind.   Similar to other Merida's ran...

Posted 31st Mar 2016
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2016 Cannondale FS-I Carbon 4 Review

Cannondale's new entry level XC race bike, FS-I Carbon 4

Three things I would never expect of myself as a mountain biker:


Pushing towards unatainable GPS records

Seeking out and hammering climbs for the sake of it

Wearing lycra


I found myself recently in possesion of a 2016 Cannondale FS-I Carbon 4, a ride which, to be honest, would sugggest this rider is venturing into the above mentioned realms. Not to say that I don't have any competitive spirit, & of course we all ride XC trails, it is for the most part what is available in SG. It has been a good while since I have ridden a hardtail and I am not sure I ever pictured myself on a XC race machine like this. Certainly I was keen to fin...

Posted 30th Nov 2015
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