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Merida Crossway 2017

 City Bikes are gaining prominence in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of infrastructure that is squarely aimed to introduce cycling into the travelling equation for the modern commuter. But this is not the only reason as to why City Bikes are so well-received. Specially built to fit into the way we live, work and play, City Bikes themselves are a great bunch of purposeful fun on two-wheels that have somehow assimilated into the grander scheme of our lives. Today, almost every established bike manufacturer holds no fewer than 40 different models under their respective City Bike line-up. 

Thriving on the success of the 2016 Cr...

Posted 1st Dec 2016
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Ambersil Ambersolv SB1 Review

We all know that keeping our bikes clean is the best way of ensuring it works correctly and safely, while making sure it stays looking good. Clean components wear out less quickly than dirty ones, a well-kept bike will definitely perform better, and won't require as much maintenance. After that hard century ride, give yourself a big pat on the back but don’t forget about your bike. In weather changing Singapore, if you had just ridden in the rain, skipping the bike cleaning can result in dirt and grime accumulating on the drivetrain, and cause damage to the brakes or the braking surfaces on rim brakes as well as making your bike look under...

Posted 3rd Nov 2016
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Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer

If you have ever used or owned a bicycle trainer, chances are it was big, bulky and heavy, probably because of the weight that the trainer had to support upright, especially when you are on it and riding hard.  With enough common sense, any device that is able to support a heavy weight needs to be manufactured very robustly, probably with heavy and thick metal tubes to prevent the support legs and structure from buckling or bending when under stress, add to that stress factor some occasions when you are riding out of your saddle and lateral or sideways forces now come into the picture and the trainer needs to be very sturdily planted on th...

Posted 19th Oct 2016
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The competition in the bicycle saddle circle is getting stiffer.  Just 2 months back, we’ve tested the Scoop Elite saddle made by the folks at Fabric and we absolutely adored it!  Fabric is a relatively new kid on the block who has impressed the cycling realm with their race-inspired saddles.  Just as we were recovering from the intoxication of adrenaline pumped in by the Scoop Elite, we found ourselves holding a new saddle – the EN:GAGER FORTE.

EN:GAGER is a relatively new player in the saddle market.  It is so new that there is practically no technical review on any of the saddle models produced by Engager.  Togoparts is probably the fi...

Posted 12th Oct 2016
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Fabric Scoop Shallow Elite Saddle

Ask some cyclists which part of the human body forms the largest contact point with the bicycle and you will probably get a mixture of responses like “hands”, “palms”, “feet” and “sole”!  But the truth is, our bums is the biggest touch point with our two-wheeled gizmos!  As the mainstay that supports our spine and the weight of our torso, it is no surprise that the most fleshy part of the human anatomy is the key factor that determines how enjoyable your ride can be.  It doesn’t matter that you have a strong pair of legs or powerful lungs; once your backside feels sore, your ride is miserably finished!

The folks from Fabric probably kno...

Posted 10th Oct 2016
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MERIDA bikes are no strangers to the ever-evolving world of cycling.  Being Taiwan's second largest bicycle manufacturer after Giant, MERIDA has carved out a respectable reputation as a well-known industrialist of premium bicycles since it is established in 1988.  MERIDA is, in fact, so well-regarded in the two-wheeled business that even mega player Specialized sought the Taiwanese firm to manufacture bicycle frames for them.  To date, MERIDA is still the contracted manufacturer for Specialized.

MERIDA makes bicycles for all genres of cycling, from kids' bikes to top-of-the-end road racing machines.  But perhaps, the bikes under the Big N...

Posted 3rd Oct 2016
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Cycop BiTool

The Cycop BiTool is probably the only device in this world that truly blends functionality, portability and magnetic properties so finely.  In case you are wondering what the Cycop BiTool is, this pocket-sized ratchet is chiefly a mobile toolset that is designed to ease your repairing or building tasks anywhere and anytime.

Cycop BiTool, the Marvel of Modern Toolsets

Eliminating the incommodious need to maintain a massive set of working tools, the BiTool is an integrated D-I-Y toolbox that is compact enough to be slotted into the pocket of a pair of slim-fit jeans.  Lightweight and easy to carry, the body of the BiTool is made from CNC-m...

Posted 7th Sep 2016
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Cyclone Bike Cover

For all serious, as well as the not so serious, cyclists, after having spent a lump of money purchasing our bicycles, and not to mention the additional amount spent maintaining as well as upgrading it further, it is only natural that we would want to keep it in tip top shape and spotless all the time.  Admit it riders, it doesn't matter how well you can ride, as long as you look awesome doing it, right?  Alright alright, I'll be the first to admit, I may actually be one of them!

Anyway back to the topic, if you want to upkeep your precious ride, a great method is to cover and protect your bike from the elements, even if your bike is ke...

Posted 10th Aug 2016
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