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ElliptiGO C Series Review

If you've never heard of the proverb "Necessity is the mother of all invention", then probably you might not be aware of this fantastic new kind of bicycle called the ElliptiGO, it is basically a bicycle that is powered not by the standard and usual way of pedalling, but you actually need to 'run' on it to make it move. If you have ever used an elliptical trainer machine in the gym to exercise, then imagine that same movement and principal but with the addition of two 20" wheels to enable it to move.

The ElliptiGO is the brainchild of former U.S. Marine and Ironman triathlete Bryan Pate, ElliptiGo, Inc.'s CEO, when in 2005, he lost his a...

Posted 13th Nov 2015
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Colnago Strada SL Review

If you see a bicycle with a signature on the frame itself, you will know that it's not there just for the design's sake, but that this frame might have something special in store for you, and if that signature happens to be of Ernesto Colnago's, then prepare to be surprised once you get this bike under your feet.

Though this aluminum framed Strada SL is not considered light when compared to most other carbon fibre framed bikes, it's definitely not on the heavy side as well, as modern aluminum materials have enabled bike builders to create some truly lightweight aluminum frames. A new or beginner rider might actually think that this is a ...

Posted 22nd Oct 2015
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Vincita Transition 45 litre Bag Review

Ever needed to pack your bag for a cycling trip up north and had lots of gear to bring? Found yourself requiring lots of various storage pouches to organise different sets of items in your luggage? Well so have I. After all, dumping everything into the luggage without any sort of order is not something that everyone can stomach.

Enter the new Vincita Transition 45 litre, a bag that looks innocuous and unassuming at first glance but turns out to be um, more than meets the eye, if I may use a transformers phrase. It's designed and sold exclusively by Fazz Bike360, and is only available through them.

What's so special about this bag then?...

Posted 19th Oct 2015
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Sinbao XD 3.0 Review

Fat bikes were originally designed for riding in the snow, so what would someone living in tropical Singapore do with one? Have loads of fun, that's what!

This writer had a blast on the XD 3.0, putting the big-wheeled monster through its paces on a variety of terrains. It ate up the roots and rocks on the trails, bounced its way along the Green Corridor and slowly slugged its way through the golden sands of Sentosa.

While not exactly a high-performance machine, the Sinbao XD 3.0 provides a good introduction into the strange world of the juggernauts that are beginning to find their way into local bike stores. And at a price point of just ...

Posted 16th Oct 2015
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Birdy 3 Carpreo Disc Review

Considering that the Germans are one of the best engineers in the world, it's only natural that some of the most innovative and cleverly designed products originated from there. In the automotive world, they are the undisputed leaders when it comes to the designs and technologies that they come up with in their cars and engines. Similarly there is Riese and Mueller, a little bicycle manufacturer that was founded way back in 1993 in Darmstadt, Germany, they are dedicated to designing and creating suspension bicycles for the bicycle market which created the birth of the Birdy folding bike, which started off from a basic idea that Markus Ri...

Posted 12th Oct 2015
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Trek Remedy 9 27.5 Review

While 26-inch mountain bikes haven't quite been killed off by the big, bullying 29ers, the writing is firmly on the wall for the smaller-wheeled machines now that most industry players are throwing their weight and considerable resources behind the middle child of the family. Whether you call it 27.5 or 650b, the "fad" size in mountain bikes is here to stay and could end up dominating the market.

There's no denying that 29ers are faster than 26ers over most types of terrain and with their rock and root crushing ability have made the sport of mountain biking more accessible to a wider range of people. However, with that added speed and sho...

Posted 12th Oct 2015
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Lumos Bags Review

A backpack that has solar panels is not all that novel an idea. After all, it's been done before. Almost everyone carries a bag, but you won't see many of them deliberately going into the sun as they head from place to place. Air-conditioning, underground link ways and sheltered bridges are all being installed at rapid rates to please the community.

What's the use of a solar powered bag then, if you're going to stay sweat-free and keep your Chanel or Dior Eau de Parfum on you to impress your clients? Well Lumos' solar backpack for the cyclist makes a whole lot more sense. Even if you're not a cyclist, I think you'll quickly see why.


Posted 5th Oct 2015
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Polygon Helios C3 Review

Indonesian bike manufacturer has been creating and building bikes for two decades already, backed up by a huge team of industrial designers and engineers which are based in North America, Europe as well as in Asia, coincidentally, these people are also cyclists, therefore the best people that you can get to design bikes are the riders themselves, as they will know themselves by first hand experiences what their designs and creations are capable of as well as what kinds of levels and targets that they might want to achieve, and they also strive very hard to meet and exceed global market expectations with their latest and fresh, new and exci...

Posted 25th Sep 2015
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