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Taipei Cycle Show 2017 : Day 2 Photostory

Taipei Cycle 2017 - Day 2 Photostory, stay tuned for more on Day 3!

Posted 24th Mar 2017
Taipei Cycle Show 2017 : Day 1 Photostory

Taipei Cycle 2017 - Day 1 Photostory, stay tuned for more!

Posted 23rd Mar 2017
Tirecare Sealant

Emergencies are something that nobody would want to experience if possible, because it always calls for an immediate intervention to prevent the urgent problem from getting worse and escalating further, therefore it is something that everyone should be adequately prepared for. In cycling, getting a puncture mid-race or even halfway through your trail thrills or in your group ride is also one such emergency, nothing spoils your rhythm and pace like a sudden puncture in your tyres halfway through the ride, then you would have to stop and pull up to the side of the road, get off your bike and try to repair the puncture as quick as possible wi...

Posted 15th Mar 2017
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Gods of Repair

Singapore, though not exactly big, is a hub for almost everything, and with the high density of bike shops all over the island, it’s no surprise we are also a hub (effectively) for some of the best repair work you can get in the world, if not some say JB and Batam.

Just like us, when we are ill, we head down to the family doctors, but when serious issue crops up, we head straight into the hospitals. So you may wonder after all our hard work searching amongst the best of the best mechanics on the island, who deserves the title of “God”? Fret not while we bring you around island and highlight the final shortlist!


God of the West
(Monkey ...

Posted 3rd Mar 2017
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Fulcrum Racing Zero Competition

Established in July 2004 in Italy, Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. is the brainchild of three aerospace engineers who were also very passionate cyclists, and the success of this very young and vibrant company is fundamentally based on unique patents, continuous technological research and attractive and young spirited designs.  Fulcrum started manufacturing wheels only for road bikes, but in 2008, two more product lines joined the Fulcrum family, wheels for off road bikes and carbon fibre cranks for racing bikes.

With the use of high performance and lightweight materials like aluminum, carbon fibre and polyaramide to manufacture their wheels, Fulc...

Posted 21st Mar 2017
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Fulcrum Racing Zero

Wheelsets, some says that they make the most difference in your ride. Do they? This is where we find out about the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheelset. Fulcrum Racing Zero is at the higher end spectrum aluminium road wheelset that Fulcrum they themselves have to offer.

Yes it may seem like a pretty hefty sum to pay for a aluminium wheelset. However it does have its merits in the weight department due to the fact that it is actually lighter than some of the carbon wheelset range fulcrum has to offer, coming in only at a weight of approximately 1520 grams. With weight, they too topped it off with an aerodynamic edge despite being a pretty shallow ...

Posted 20th Mar 2017
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Colnago A1R

Ahh Colnago. The Italian beauty most of us may have encountered. Some may think that bikes of such brand and prestige may cost us a kidney. This is not the case for the Colnago A1R. With a rich history behind the brand and proven in the fields of the most competitive races in the world, you are sure that you are paying for a really bang for a buck package with technologies that has been tested and proven. As Colnago themselves said. This bike has been “Designed and studied by following the legendary Colnago criteria”. You can be sure that this bike is no slouch comparing to their higher end models.

Coming in at a modest price point of e...

Posted 15th Mar 2017
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Colnago C-RS

High performance Italian bike manufacturer Colnago was founded in 1952 by Ernesto Colnago who opted to work in the bicycle industry when he was a teenager instead of working at his family’s farm.  His brief stint in road racing was abruptly cut short due to injuries from a bad crash while racing, therefore turning to being a racing mechanic for some of the best cycling teams in the 50s and early 60s, all while still building steel frames for the cycling industry.  The 70s was a boom time for Colnago as they started mass producing bikes for the American market too and were producing huge volumes of bikes to meet the demands of a constantly ...

Posted 13th Mar 2017
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