'Tour De Pharmacy' Mockumentary Review: Absurd, Raunchy, Hilarious

After 2015's 7 Days in Hell, which looked at the legendary (fictional) finale of Wimbledon 1996, Andy Samberg and Murray Miller's HBO follow-up mockumentary Tour de Pharmacy travels back even further in time and looks at the (fictional) 1982 Tour de France, in which "virtually every rider in the race was doping."

Posted 29th Jul 2017
Jin and Her Journey Around the World

If you think your round island ride is exhausting, wait till you hear what this lady has been doing for the past 5 years and counting.

Posted 20th Jul 2017
Posted in General News
Debut Race Category for OCBC Cycle 2017

The OCBC Cycle 2017 was officially launched this afternoon, unveiling exciting new features in the process.

Posted 7th Jul 2017
Summary: #TOGO517 Jersey Collection Day

A recap of what went down at #TOGO517's Jersey Collection Booth.

Posted 1st Jul 2017
The Plight of Our Shared Bikes

Another day, another sighting of a damaged shared bike. But, what exactly is the root of this alarming problem?

Posted 4th Aug 2017
Posted in General News
More East Coast Park Revamps; What About the West?

As much as we love these upcoming features that East Coast Park, one wonders if its western counterpart would ever receive the same facelift.

Posted 1st Aug 2017
The Role of Volunteer Public Path Wardens

Will Singapore's paths and roads be made safer now that LTA has empowered its volunteers with greater authority? 

Posted 31st Jul 2017
Posted in General News
Egyptian Endurance Athlete Sets New Goals After Cycling Record

Not content with having been part of the fastest ever team to cycle across Europe, Egyptian endurance athlete Helmy Elsaeed is turning his attention to a challenge closer to home - and then potentially the Winter Olympics.

Posted 28th Jul 2017
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