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Jin and Her Journey Around the World

If you think your round island ride is exhausting, wait till you hear what this lady has been doing for the past 5 years and counting.

Posted 20th Jul 2017
Debut Race Category for OCBC Cycle 2017

The OCBC Cycle 2017 was officially launched this afternoon, unveiling exciting new features in the process.

Posted 7th Jul 2017
Summary: #TOGO517 Jersey Collection Day

A recap of what went down at #TOGO517's Jersey Collection Booth.

Posted 1st Jul 2017
Ridley News: New e-Bike and Full-Suspension MTB

We bring you the latest news to come out of the Ridley grapevine, including their inaugural e-Bike hybrid model.

Posted 12th Jul 2017
[LOCAL NEWS] Mobike introduces new fleet with improved features

Bicycles from bicycle-sharing company Mobike have underwent an upgrade, as part of the company’s strategy to ensure that its bicycles are tailored for Singapore road conditions.

Posted 9th Jul 2017
Posted in General News
[LOCAL NEW] A punch on the cyclist's face landed man in jail

A motorist was, on Tuesday (4 July), sentenced to an imprisonment of four weeks for a case of road rage that resulted in an injured cyclist and a damaged road bike. A separate charge of mischief was taken into consideration during sentencing.  

Posted 6th Jul 2017
Posted in General News
[LOCAL NEWS] Government working with bike-sharing firms to curb rental bicycle growth

The sight of shared bikes in almost every corner of Singapore from bus-stops to refuse areas has prompted the Government to work with the bike-sharing companies – ofo, obike and mobike - to moderate the growth of their bicycle fleets. Today, there are around 29,000 to 30,000 shared bikes offered by the three companies.

Posted 4th Jul 2017
Posted in General News
[LOCAL NEWS] One-North to feature e-scooter sharing service

Those who visited or work at the One-North business district near Buona Vista will be astound to know the vastness of that area and the amount of time that is taken to travel from one point to another. It must have been a joy to know that two companies will be introducing an e-scooter rental service in One-North to help commuters get them to their destinations faster and easier.

Posted 3rd Jul 2017