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Safe Cycling Programme introduced to secondary schools!
Very soon, secondary school students will have another subject to grapple with.  The new programme, which is known as the Safe Cycling Programme, will be taking the participants out of their classroom to educate them on the basics of safe cycling in them.  Bicycling handling skills, riding etiquette and understanding road and off-road signs are some of the lessons that will be inculcated in the riders. 
Posted 2 days ago
A mountain-biking race that took place last Saturday in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, had claimed the life of a Singaporean cyclist.  Mr Al-Rashid Jamalludin was taking part in the MegaRide MTB Special Edition 2016 race when he collapsed.
Posted 26th May 2016
Impressive Results by Decathlon Sportsman Lance Tan in National Cycling Team Selection Trials!
The recent selection trials for the Singapore cycling team had spun off a new national hopeful!  Lance Tan, a familiar face in decathlon races, had emerged himself as a strong contender from the pool of 145 candidates.  During the six-second peak power test on the Wattbike, Lance registered a high of 1,700 Watts.  The average reading posted by adult male cyclist is 1,500 Watts. 
Posted 17th May 2016
Posted in General News
Ride for Rainbows 2016 - Sharing the Love through Cycling
Club Rainbow's annual charity ride is already on its fifth year, raising awareness and funds to support families of children suffering from major chronic illnesses.
Posted 11th May 2016
Posted in General News
#TOGO920 - Ride for Rainbows, Student Rates, Top50 Caps and Kit
Club Rainbow and Togoparts.com has teamed up to give you the perfect opportunity to ride for charity and be rewarded at the same time! Ride for Rainbow 2016 participants get a discounted rate of $45. if you are a Tertiary UnderGrad, you get a special rate of $39.
Posted 6th May 2016
Posted in General News
Farewell #TOGO810, Hello #TOGO920
3 months ago, togoparts.com launched #TOGO810, the first of Singapore's first-ever "Ride Anywhere, Anytime" cycling tri series.  The game plan was simple: the participant would have to cycle at least 810km within 8 weeks and he or she will automatically qualify for a Finisher Jersey.  Believe it or not, 243 riders actually completed the distance within the given timeframe!  Now that #TOGO810 is over, what is next?  
Posted 17th Apr 2016
TTSH Charity Ride 2016
As the weekend of TTSH Charity Ride 2016 drew near, our Charity Riders watched the weather reports of Taiwan anxiously as temperatures plunged and rain was expected. Although we braced ourselves for the cold before we set off, nothing could have prepared us for the strong winds, made worse by the rain that greeted us the moment we touched down at Taoyuan International Airport.
Posted 5th Apr 2016
The Mountain Bike of the Future
Friedrichshafen, Germany – Wide, wider, widest: Is this the trend that will shape bikes in 2017? Plus sizes, not just in tires but also for other bike components, are already in style this year in the biking scene. But apparently it just won’t be enough width. Working towards an unprecedented 36 gears may be part of the craze. In any case, bike experts are already certain that the 12th sprocket is on the way. Whether they’re right will become apparent at the next Eurobike, from August 31 to September 04, 2016.
Posted 19th Apr 2016
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