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NOCs Qualified for Mountain Bike Events at Rio 2016 Released

Quota of athletes also allocated to each of the 38 NOCs

Posted 3rd Jun 2016
Government looking at giving incentives to developers when they include bicycle facilities in buildings

Two months ago, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced that developers have to take into consideration the needs of pedestrians and cyclists before developing new infrastructures as part of the government’s move towards a “car-lite, people-friendly” city.  In a recent press release, the URA announced that developers will be given incentives to provide facilities such as bicycle parking lots in newly-built infrastructures to complement the government’s plan to encourage more people to cycle.

Posted 2nd Jun 2016
Safe Cycling Programme introduced to secondary schools!

Very soon, secondary school students will have another subject to grapple with.  The new programme, which is known as the Safe Cycling Programme, will be taking the participants out of their classroom to educate them on the basics of safe cycling in them.  Bicycling handling skills, riding etiquette and understanding road and off-road signs are some of the lessons that will be inculcated in the riders. 

Posted 29th May 2016
Singaporean Mountain Biker collapsed during Mountain Bike Race in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia!

A mountain-biking race that took place last Saturday in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, had claimed the life of a Singaporean cyclist.  Mr Al-Rashid Jamalludin was taking part in the MegaRide MTB Special Edition 2016 race when he collapsed.

Posted 26th May 2016
Clauds Bamboo Bike

There is a saying, "You will always remember your first love!".  Well this phrase holds true for me and my bicycles as well, as I can still clearly remember my first bike, a BMX made with crash proof steel and could take a good beating and some very big crashes without so much as a single dent in the frame.  A few years later, I progressed to an aluminium mountain bike, then to an aluminium road bike which was my 'fastest' bike at that point in time, I'd never thought that I could reach 40+ km/h just from the strength of my own legs.  It was only years later after I had worked for a few years and had saved up enough cash to pamper my hobbi...

Posted 17th May 2016
Posted in Reviews
Impressive Results by Decathlon Sportsman Lance Tan in National Cycling Team Selection Trials!

The recent selection trials for the Singapore cycling team had spun off a new national hopeful!  Lance Tan, a familiar face in decathlon races, had emerged himself as a strong contender from the pool of 145 candidates.  During the six-second peak power test on the Wattbike, Lance registered a high of 1,700 Watts.  The average reading posted by adult male cyclist is 1,500 Watts. 

Posted 17th May 2016
Posted in General News

You may still be pondering over whether you should be parting with $48 to sign up for #TOGO920.  You may be wondering how #TOGO920 can benefit you.  You may think that you are too old and weak.  You may argue that you have no time.  Or, you may be casting doubts on your physical ability to complete 920km in 8 weeks.  Yes, we agree that it will be tough.  We empathise that it may get stressful at times.  We know that accomplishing this uphill task requires a significant amount of mental assertiveness. 

Whilst we can cheer for you and perform the pom-pom dance moves (you got to use your imagination for this), we thought that the following 8...

Posted 16th May 2016
Motorists and Cyclists Advised to Look Out for Stray Otters

Low tides force otters to cross East Coast Park Service Road in order to get to their holt, putting them at risk of being accidentally run over by motorists and cyclists.

Posted 13th May 2016
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