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Zipping around on smaller wheels

As an ardent advocate of cycling, riding on an electric scooter was never on my must-try list in the past.  Notwithstanding the widespread proliferation of this two-wheeler in park connectors, wet markets and even the Central Business District over the last 2 years, it did not occur to me that I should ever get myself a skate scooter, be it for recreational or commuting purposes.  There are just too many negative reports on electric scooters to prevent me from embracing them into my lifestyle!

In an ironic twist, my negative impression of this micro-wheeled gizmo turned out to be a rather short-lived one!  It all started when Trim...

Posted 26th Jul 2016
Posted in Reviews
LTA to Require E-bike Registration

Registration needed for more effective enforcement against illegal modifications.

Posted 25th Jul 2016
Posted in General News
All-day Access to Foldable Bicycles on Public Transport to be Launched Soon

Trial scheme will last for six months.

Posted 20th Jul 2016
Fulcrum Reveals Two New Wheelsets

Introducing the Speed T family and the Speed 40C

Posted 19th Jul 2016
Nobody Can Top Lance Armstrong - Evans

Former Tour winner says he "doesn't know if it will ever happen again".

Posted 18th Jul 2016
Posted in General News
EPIC-id Emergency Tag

We are a fortunate bunch of folks.  Despite the fact that Singapore is an extremely small city state without any resource, there is literally a system in place for the things we need!  From public transportation to education, from sanitation to water and utilities, properly thought out infrastructures were built around us at such an automated pace that most of us will shudder at the slightest thought of what may happen to us if all of these are lost.

Our healthcare system is another good example of a well-established system.  When we are unwell or injured, we need not have to worry one bit!  Our hospitals and medical centres are largel...

Posted 15th Jul 2016
Posted in Reviews
Cities Looking to Go "Car-Lite" Must Get Rid of Cheap Parking According to Study

Study also recommends prioritizing pedestrians over cars.

Posted 12th Jul 2016
Posted in General News
Construction of Round Island Route to Start Late 2016

Ambitious project aims to enhance connectivity, add more recreational space for cyclists and park goers.

Posted 11th Jul 2016
Posted in General News
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