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TOGO1050 Finisher's Party And 2016 Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards

Faces and Smiles during the TOGO1050 Finisher's Party And 2016 Togoparts Cyclist's Choice Awards

Posted 13th Dec 2016
5LINKS 169 Folding Bike

The concept of a folding bike is essentially to reduce the overall size of a bicycle to make it easier to store and transport, so whether you need a folding bike just to save precious space in your home or office, or whether you need a bike that is light and compact enough when folded so that it can be carried or lugged around when folded, such as when taking public transport, or some may even call it 'Bicycle Commuting', where the folding bicycle plays an integral role in the seamless transport modes of combining public and personal and private commuting, such as a daily commute to and from the home and the workplace.  Even in a very space constrained country like Singapore, the government is starting to promote the use of 'Bicycle Commuting' by allowing foldable bikes and personal mobility devices (PMDs) onto public buses and trains.
Posted 13th Dec 2016
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Sennes DH 29: The first production downhill bike with 29" wheels

The Sennes DH 29 is probably the first production downhill bike to be fitted with 29" wheels. Designed and manufactured by Alutech, a well-established brand in Germany, the Sennes DH 29 is the fruition of several generations of the 26" and 27.5" model. Just before the Sennes DH 29, the German bike manufacturer has successfully concocted the right blend between 29-ers and gravity-based mountain biking with the Tofane enduro 150mm bike.

Posted 11th Dec 2016

The latest Galaxy folding bike from 700Bike has a streamlined aluminum frame which is not only thin but also stiff, a very critical component considering that it is the only main structure that holds the entire bike together.

Posted 9th Dec 2016
Legalised HolyCrit returned!

The infamous, or rather, illegal HolyCrit races that made headlines last year has staged a comeback. Last Saturday night (3 December), race participants competed with one another in the now-legalised HolyCrit, after its two organisers, project manager Zulkifli Awab and bicycle shop owner Eric Khoo Shui Yan, were imprisoned and fined in October for organising HolyCrit competitions without obtaining permits from the relevant authorities.

Posted 8th Dec 2016
Bike-sharing service coming to Singapore

For those who visited Taipei before, the concept of bicycle sharing is unlikely to be unfamiliar to you. The capital of Taiwan boasts more than 7,000 bikes that are available for rent from any of the 222 self-service, card-activated slots. Very soon, you need not have to travel overseas to get a taste of what bike-sharing at the national level is like. MoBike, the company that runs bicycle-sharing programs in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, is looking to expand its operations to Singapore by 2017.

Posted 6th Dec 2016
Birzman Pumps

Birzman and Innovation   Birzman, although relatively unknown to local market, it is an established Taiwan manufacturer of bicycle tools and pumps. Their products are sold across America, Europe and Asia region. Now the brand has arrived in Singapore too, exclusively distributed by Bike31.
Posted 5th Dec 2016
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LTA impounded e-scooter of user who rode along Mandai Road

Another e-scooter had been confiscated by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) after the user of that Personal Mobility Device (PMD) was caught riding along Mandai Road, endangering both himself and other road users.  

Posted 1st Dec 2016
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