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Adventure-seekers who often go for long-haul cycling expeditions know fully well that the “survival” item that often takes the most space in their backpacks is the water bottle.  Whilst many riders choose to carry a water bladder, this means that they would not be able to back-carry another bag.  The Hydaway collapsible water bottle appears to change the way water bottles are kept in the bag.
Posted 11th May 2015
Not too long ago, the folks at Togoparts created some news buzz about a foldable electric bike!  And it seems that bike-makers of this genre is always looking at ways to out-do each other in terms of functionality and innovation.  This time, French start-up Isocycle pushed the innovation factor of foldable bikes to a whole new level with the Weelin.
Posted 10th May 2015
Serious riders who want to understand how injuries could arise from cycling or those who have been long bothered by cycling-related ailments might want to attend a talk organised by the National University Hospital (NUH) Sport Centre, which would be held at the same place on 23 May 2015 and 11 July 2015.    
Posted 10th May 2015
Some called it an act of bravery.  Most would say that it was mere recklessness.  Yesterday, a video footage of a cyclist being knocked down by a Comfort-Delgro taxi was circulated from a Facebook page by the “Singapore Reckless Drivers Community”.  The video made its rounds online and eventually showed up on Asia One news.
Posted 8th May 2015
Posted in General News
An electric bike that folds!
Usually, electric-powered bicycles are not the category of two-wheelers that appear in Togoparts’ News Section.  But the Impossible, which is the name given to the electric-powered bike, gives a good glimpse of the technology electric bikes could stretch to.  In an amazing feat of ingenuity, the Impossible, which made its first debut late last year, is also a foldable bike!
Posted 8th May 2015
Mr Sofian Mohd, a lecturer, and two of his businessmen friends Datuk Mohd Kepli Ahmad and Mr Harmy Yusuf are the latest group of cyclists to join the list of riders who cycle across the world for a cause.  For the trio, they want to spread a simple message:  Malaysia is a hospitable country to visit!  To carry out the cause, the three of them, who are all Malaysians, are intending to cycle a distance of 30,000km in 485 days.
Posted 7th May 2015
Posted in General News
Encountering a flat bicycle tyre is a loathsome affair.  This is especially so when the rear tyre is the flattened one and we have to get our hands covered with brackish grit as a result of dabbling with the rear derailleur and  the cog set when one tries to remove and install the wheel.  With the D-Fix bike hub, this untidy scenario could change.  For the better, of course.
Posted 5th May 2015
Posted in General News
Safest Bike in the World?
Yearn to ride on the road like a roadster and yet, afraid that you might end up in a mess of twisted metal and subsequently pay for a ride in an ambulance to the hospital?  Well, it seems that the fear of crashing and getting injured would be a thing of the past very soon.  Babel Bike, designed by British Bicycle Designer Crispin Sinclair, is touted as the safest bike in the world and it aims to keep the rider strapped within a safe zone.
Posted 4th May 2015
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