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5 Essentials for Riding Trails at Night

Night Rider Basics

Fancy squeezing a little more fun and ride time out of your weekend? Why not try trail-riding at night?

But first gird up your loins - riding at night is not for the faint-of-heart. Be prepared for a totally out-of-this-world experience, when anything can happen, and where riding can become a soul-transforming trip. Night-riding is one of those things that every mountain-biker needs to have done at least once, because unless you have done so, can you ever say “do you even ride, bro?”

Stoked yet? Alright let’s get on with it. Because night trail-riding comes with a set of risks all of its own, you’ll need the following accessories t...

Posted 5th Jul 2015
Sales of S5 Team MTN-Qhubeka bicycles will support #BicyclesChangeLives campaign. 
Posted 2nd Jul 2015
5 Post-Holiday Tuneups To Perform

It’s that time of the year again, when overstressed students begin trudging back to school in heavy white shoes, military-style uniforms, and dejected looks that shouldn’t rightfully belong on the face of any child. Yes, it’s the end of yet another far too short June holiday.

On the bright side, the children who are most sad to see the holidays end are the ones who enjoyed it the most. 

Assuming you did your job as a cycling parent and brought your child on all manner of cycling adventures (or if you’re a student or teacher), it’s now time to start working on the maintenance your childrens' bikes need, so they can be in great worki...

Posted 29th Jun 2015
Review & Ride Report Intense Tracer t275c

Togoparts takes time out to look at the Intense Tracer T275C, more Enduro than you will ever be.

So, yesterday I had a really ordinary ride. You know the type, travelled all the way out to Ubin with a riding mate who is clearly faster than me, feeling a bit tired, misjudging all the lines through the rocks, just couldn't get any flow happening, just one of those days. Needless to say I didn't have a hope of keeping up with said riding mate on the day and came away a little dispondent. Sure I still got a ride in which is always good, but it was the kind of day when you think about some kind of change to refresh your energy and enthusiasm. And then I got the call. Singapore has a new Intense Cycles distributor and there is a brand-spank...

Posted 25th Jun 2015
Posted in Reviews
Bike Review: FSIR Spin 3.0

FSIR Spin 3.0

There is a huge variety of folding bikes today in Singapore, with each brand or range or model catering to a specific consumer type.  Whether you want a folding bike that's performance oriented as a folding equivalent of your five figure priced road bike, or one that folds into such a tiny package that it might accidentally get mistaken for a skateboard, or maybe you just need a basic but still very portable foldie to augment the ease of public transport between your home and workplace, I’m sure that there's a particular model of folding bike out there that will suit your unique requirements, maybe even up to a 'T'!

One of the biggest ...

Posted 22nd Jun 2015
Posted in Reviews
5 Shopping Centres You Can Ride To

The Malls Cyclists Love

First of all, you might be interested to know that most malls in Singapore have no explicit rules against the parking of bicycles in basement carparks.

Just find a good spot to lock your bike to, don’t obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic, and be careful when sharing space with larger vehicles. A bicycle and a 4000-pound car are not equals.

That said, there are a couple of malls and shopping areas in Singapore that are especially pedal-friendly, either by design or accident.

1. Velocity@Novena

One of those 'by-design' bike friendly malls is Velocity. A mall named “Velocity” wouldn’t be complete without some wheels, and comp...

Posted 21st Jun 2015
Bike Review : Fuji Altamira 2.5, 2015

Fuji Altamira 2.5 provides bang for its bucks

With the Altamira 2.5, Fuji has produced a winner in the burgeoning market for affordable carbon racing bikes.

Let’s be honest, it's difficult to make a bad bike these days. What with the trickle down of technology from bike and component manufacturers as they continue to improve their top-end products, buying mid- or even low-range bikes from reputable brands more often than not delivers a good looking and great performing machine.

The Fuji Altamira 2.5 is no exception. With a price point of S$3,995, it costs about a third of the top-of-the-range Altamira SL but the geometry is basically the same. The slightly lower C5 high-modulus gr...

Posted 19th Jun 2015
Posted in Reviews
BRU - A Showroom Experience

The Flagship Store for Moulton, Tyrell & Airnimal

Step into a typical bike shop and you’ll expect to see an interior filled to the max with product: new bikes, tires, pumps, shoes, accessories, advertising materials, and maybe some grime courtesy of the typical bike mechanic area in the rear, with bikes in various states of disrepair waiting for attention.

Step into BRU at Block Number 9, Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-77, though, or their new shop, BRU2 at 67 Frankel Ave, and you’ll feel more like you’ve walked into a musuem of sorts.

For one thing, there’s the abundance of white space all around. White floors, white walls, white lighting, and white furniture, make this ...

Posted 19th Jun 2015
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