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Colnago Strada SL Review

If you see a bicycle with a signature on the frame itself, you will know that it's not there just for the design's sake, but that this frame might have something special in store for you, and if that signature happens to be of Ernesto Colnago's, then prepare to be surprised once you get this bike under your feet.

Though this aluminum framed Strada SL is not considered light when compared to most other carbon fibre framed bikes, it's definitely not on the heavy side as well, as modern aluminum materials have enabled bike builders to create some truly lightweight aluminum frames. A new or beginner rider might actually think that this is a ...

Posted 22nd Oct 2015
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Grouphunt: Community hunting for the best deals!

Ever heard of Grouphunt? Well if you haven't, perhaps it's best you read on. Why, you ask? Well you're gonna score yourself some great deals with this website and it's ingenius crowdsourcing concept that's proven to recommend you only the best stuff at the best prices.

Now you wanna read on? We asked 5 key questions to Grouphunt and got their response about it, which will shed some light into the main idea behind this wonderful initiative.

What's Grouphunt's concept all about and how does it work?

The concept is simple: GROUPHUNT brings cycling enthusiasts together, providing them the tools to discover, share and buy the best new produc...

Posted 20th Oct 2015
Fox Racing Shox bought Marzocchi
Fox Factory Holding Corp. announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire certain assets of Marzocchi's mountain bike product lines through its certain subsidiaries.
Posted 20th Oct 2015
Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe

Ever thought about the history of cycling in Singapore? Considered how the future would be like when you look at the entire timeline from the past till the present? In truth I have no real idea what the history of cycling in Singapore is like, because I wasn't born when Singapore was. But I know a guy who does; his name is Mr Poon Kng Joo, founder and Director of Soek Seng 1954.

Let's get something out of the way immediately. Mr Poon, affectionately known as "Ah Joo" by those who know him, was very sure to point out that 1954 was the year the company was founded, hence those numbers in the name. So if you didn't already know, you do now.

Posted 19th Oct 2015
Vincita Transition 45 litre Bag Review

Ever needed to pack your bag for a cycling trip up north and had lots of gear to bring? Found yourself requiring lots of various storage pouches to organise different sets of items in your luggage? Well so have I. After all, dumping everything into the luggage without any sort of order is not something that everyone can stomach.

Enter the new Vincita Transition 45 litre, a bag that looks innocuous and unassuming at first glance but turns out to be um, more than meets the eye, if I may use a transformers phrase. It's designed and sold exclusively by Fazz Bike360, and is only available through them.

What's so special about this bag then?...

Posted 19th Oct 2015
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5 Reasons To Buy A Foldie in Singapore

The foldable bicycle is the poster-bike of “last-mile” commuting and sustainable transportation, and has become immensely popular in recent years amongst Singaporeans.

So much so that a multitidue of local bike shops have sprouted all over, such as Star Merchants E-Walker, InnerCityRhythm, and BicycleSg, which solely sell, service and support foldable bikes.  

So clearly, foldable bikes have niched out into the mainstream and are here to stay. Now, just what makes them so popular and why should you be looking at a foldie for your next purchase? Here’s my take on this trend:


#1.      They let you geek out over over-engineering

Posted 18th Oct 2015
Sinbao XD 3.0 Review

Fat bikes were originally designed for riding in the snow, so what would someone living in tropical Singapore do with one? Have loads of fun, that's what!

This writer had a blast on the XD 3.0, putting the big-wheeled monster through its paces on a variety of terrains. It ate up the roots and rocks on the trails, bounced its way along the Green Corridor and slowly slugged its way through the golden sands of Sentosa.

While not exactly a high-performance machine, the Sinbao XD 3.0 provides a good introduction into the strange world of the juggernauts that are beginning to find their way into local bike stores. And at a price point of just ...

Posted 16th Oct 2015
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Jail or Hefty Fine for Rash Cycling should serve as a Deterrent: Judge
Due to the growing numbers of cyclists pedaling their way on the pedestrian pavements, a High Court Judge told that sentences should start at close to the maximum S$2500 or a short-term jail in order to prevent "Rash Cycling" offenses and alike. This punishment should act as a deterrent according to Justice Chan Seng Onn.
Posted 16th Oct 2015
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