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The Urban Bike Debuts in Taipei Cycle
[Taipei Cycle 2016] The Urban Bike (TUB) of Singapore Debuts in Taipei Cycle
Posted 11th Mar 2016
Locks Reimagined


VulcanSports, a Taiwanese manufacturer of locks since 1985, has been creating and perfecting the art of building quality and yet stylish products.

This year's edition of the tradeshow, VulcanSports did not fail to impress, by showcasing some of their creations.

One particular product of interest is the bottle lock. Surprisingly compact and formed into a structure that resembles the water bottle, is the uber flexible cable which is rust resistant. The cable length is at a whopping 1.5m and 7mm thick! 

The designers has put in further thought by adding a space for storage for small items at the bottom, saving us riders the nee...

Posted 10th Mar 2016
Converting Your Bike Into an e-Bike Made Easy


Hycore was established by the invention of an innovative dual motor system by a Ph.D student studying robotics.

CENTINEL wheels allows anyone with a regular 26-er bicycle (current available model) to easily convert into a pedal-assisted electric bicycle, just by hot swopping the original rear wheels with this new innovation. R&D is underway to manufacture wheels to fit another wheel sizes.

Despite the sleek look, this beauty comes with dual 180W DUOMO motors, detachable 24V Lithium-ion batteries which can lasts 2-4 hours on a single full charge, detachable housings, and even have bluetooth function to link with your iOS or Androi...

Posted 9th Mar 2016
CKC Released Pedals Made With Rice Husks


CKC releases their latest creation using rice husk to make pedals et al this Taipei Cycle 2016.

Tony Liang, the brains behind this innovation, showcased his creations in the Press Conference today.

He proudly shared that rice husks sourced from Taiwanese rice farms are produced in immense quantities as a by-product that has the advantage of being cheap and sustainable (since its normally a waste and are thrown away). Their use as a construction material seems like a win-win: it’s potentially an additional source of revenue for rice farmers, and it puts to good use a raw material that might otherwise be wasted.

The current iter...

Posted 9th Mar 2016
Taipei Cycle 2016: Day 2 Photostory
Taipei Cycle 2016 - Day 2 Photostory, stay tuned as we bring you the latest from Taipei Cycle 2016!
Posted 4th Mar 2016
Taipei Cycle 2016: Day 1 Photostory
Taipei Cycle 2016 - Day 1 Photostory, stay tuned for more! 
Posted 3rd Mar 2016
Singapore Cycling Federation introduces first-ever structured ranking and points system to enhance local cycling scene
THE Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) has announced the first-ever structured ranking and points system that is set to enhance the local cycling scene. 
Posted 26th Feb 2016
New Approach to National Cycling Team Selection
The Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) is throwing opening its application for anyone who thinks he or she is good enough to try out the National Team, and follow the footsteps of 2015 South-east Asia (SEA) Games bronze medallists, Vincent Ang and Dinah Chan. 
Posted 24th Feb 2016
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