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Knight Composites proudly announces the addition of Grand Tour Champion and road racing icon, Chris Horner, to its leadership team as Partner and Road Brand Champion
Posted 15th Jan 2016
A mother had appealed for help to locate and find the cyclist who knocked down her three-year old son at a park connector on Sunday morning.
Posted 14th Jan 2016
Posted in General News
One Pro Cycling Debut in the Big League of Le Tour De Langkawi
Shah Alam- There will be 22 teams that will be hosted by Le Tour De Langkawi on February 24 to March 02, this includes the first appearance of One Pro Cycling, the first ever British UCI-Registered Pro Continental Squad. They'll line with Kangar with no less than the 2011 Milan-Sanremo winner Matt Goss from Australia.
Posted 14th Jan 2016
Moon Sports Nebula & Ring Lights

Almost all cyclists are aware of some kind of danger when cycling in Singapore, and the risks increase if you are a road cyclist. It's when you have to share a small lane on the road together with a big chunk of strengthened steel on wheels that's easily more than ten times the weight of yourself plus your bike that things can get really hairy, and sadly, it doesn't take a big mistake or error in judgement to end up as a statistical figure for a safe cycling or safe driving campaign.  So it is always better to be seen and noticed from a long distance away, so that the driver and vehicle has ample time and space to keep clear of the cyclist...

Posted 12th Jan 2016
Posted in Reviews
In one of the article of an online news website in Singapore, an open letter was written particularly for the use of road around Singapore.
Posted 12th Jan 2016
Posted in General News
Over 250 charges against illegal motorized bike users
Higher than the 155 monthly average charges has been filed against illegal motorized bikes user after the tougher rules have been implemented in December.
Posted 11th Jan 2016
Posted in General News
10 Million riders served by New York Citys Bicycle Sharing Program in 2015
On New Year's Eve, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city's bicycle sharing network known as Citi Bike was used by riders 10 million times in 2015.
Posted 7th Jan 2016
Posted in General News
Shah Alam - From February 24 to March 2, 2016, 21st Le Tour De Langkawi will take place as updated on the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) calendar last December 16, 2015. This 2.HC race was originally scheduled from March 6 to 10.
Posted 7th Jan 2016
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