Bike Review: Custom Guerciotti Alero S

Guerciotti is an Italian bike brand that may not be on the lips of many an Average Joe rider here in Singapore, but to old hands in the road bike scene, it is well-known for its products that have been meticulously engineered and designed to the highest standards. The Alero S (an emphasis on the S, which stands for Sport, a breakaway from catering to hardcore cyclists, instead focusing on casual weekend warriors who are still intent on blazing the tarmac) might not be as top-of-the-line as its Eclipse counterparts, but make no mistake, it is definitely not lacking in the way it takes on the road.
Posted 30th Jun 2017
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Product Review: 7iDP M1 Helmet

In almost everything we do these days, safety is of paramount importance, whether you are waiting to board the train or bus to work or school, or even you are a pedestrian walking along the pavement, having a good sense of safety plays an important part in keeping us from harm's way so that we can all get back home to our loved ones safely at the end of the day. As the hub of our nervous system, the head is probably the most critical part of our body to protect, as head injuries may adversely impact the rest of our bodies as well. Having adequate head protection whilst you’re cycling may seem like a fashion faux pas to some, but victims of these injuries would certainly beg to disagree. To alleviate this, helmet manufacturers are starting to place great importance into the design and aesthetics of helmets to make them look seriously cool with a whole variety of colours and paintjob designs to suit almost every rider's taste and fancy.
Posted 29th Jun 2017
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Urban Chic - it's Hip to Fold!

Folding bicycles, or simply Foldies, are all the rage nowadays! Since its steady inception into the local market about three to four years ago, more cyclists have taken an interest in riding folding bikes, discarding their prized mountain-climbing rigs and road racing gizmos to make space for the smaller-sized two-wheeler (well, in fact, many sold them away online at a third of their original prices).
Posted 19th May 2017

The introduction of shared bicycles, which are a pretty common sight these days in cycling-friendly Singapore, has been both a boon and a bane. And it seems that the bane factor has taken itself to another level, thanks to the increasing number of reports on illegal parking and abuse of the shared bikes. To tackle the problems, the Jurong-Clementi Town Council inked a memorandum of understanding with the three bike-sharing companies - Mobile, ofo Singapore and oBike - to manage issues arising from illegal parking or unsafe bicycle use.

Posted 10th May 2017
The Penny Farthing

If you think you are a worldly-wise cyclist who has ridden and conquered every type of bicycle, then you may be quite wrong. When bike-themed cafe Wheeler's Yard knocked on the doors of Togoparts with a Penny Farthing, many of the cycling veterans in the office were ensnared by the bike's peculiar design and.. ah-hem.. wheel sizes.
Posted 6th May 2017
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The TOGO517 Cycling Challenge

The long awaited TOGO-X challenges are back for 2017, better than ever.

Posted 6th May 2017
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Ever dreamt of a bike which is practical, robust and compact all together at once?

Posted 3rd May 2017

After four very successful seasons in the world tour, Merida has formed a new race team in the road scene called BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team.

Posted 3rd May 2017
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