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Merida - One of the largest Bicycle Manufacturers

Merida - One of the largest Bicycle Manufacturer

Merida is the second largest bicycle manufacturer in Taiwan, and is known for their quality products for as long as I can recall. The brand has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1972. In the International competition arena, Multivan Merida team is well-decorated with over 30 World Cup wins as well as Olympic gold and silver medals since 2004. In 2013, Merida took a leap beyond mountain biking and co-sponsored the Pro-Tour Lampre-Merida team.
Posted 24th Apr 2014
TERN-ing the world into a better place, one bike at a time

Tern's funky container exhibition booth at the 2013 Taipei International Cycle Show are designed to be reusable, which is in line with the company's commitment to environmental sustainability
Text & Photos: Chiu Ling posted 12th Apr 2013
TICS 2013: SABS Brake System for Bicycles

We know about ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for cars, but ever heard of ABS for bicycles?  The Safe ABS (SABS) Brake System is the world’s first ABS system that is developed specifically for bicycles. 
2013 International Bicycle Design Competition at the Taipei Cycle Show

Thin Bike by Roger Rodriguez Bodi (RRB estudi d'arquitectura) from Spain Thin Bike is a light racing bike with frame tubings as thin as one centimeter in diameter, made possible thanks to the locked solid cyclinder profile structure which creates triangular geometries. 
By Chiu Ling posted 8th Apr 2013
TICS 2013: First look-Author & AGang

Nothing to do with books or gangsters, Author & AGang are bicycle brands from the Czech Republic. Author has a broad range of road, mountain and hybrid bicycle models to meet the varying needs of consumer while AGang is focused on mountain, downhill and BMX bikes…
TICS 2013: Merida-Pro bikes and highlights

Merida’s sponsorship of the Italian-based Lampre-Merida professional cycling team in 2013 has cast Taiwan’s second largest bicycle manufacturer in the spotlight. A major highlight at the Merida booth during the Taipei International Cycle Show were the fleet of pro bikes are currently used by the Lampre-Merida team. 
TICS 2013: Tyrell-New Products for 2013

Award winning Japanese mini-velo and folding bike brand Tyrell will be releasing 2 new products for 2013: RX, the brand new 700c Chromoly road bike, Tyrell's first venture into this category, and the FSX, an updated version of Tyrell's existing popular FX. 
TICS 2013: Agogo Bike-Sneak Peeks for 2014

Agogo Bike manufactures a wide range of bicycle frames, components and accessories which are practical and lightweight for discerning ‘weight weenies’ or those who wish to ‘bling’ up their rides. For 2014, Agogo Bike will be launching an exciting range of new products:
Story by Dean Koh posted 4th Apr 2013
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