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Crankbrothers' Candy 7 Pedal

2016 can be touted to be an exciting year for Crankbrothers, the company that shook the cycling universe more than a decade ago with its revolutionary Eggbeater pedal.  This year is the year in which the bike-component maker took its boldest step ever to overhaul all of its pedal models at the same time.

Whilst the bike-component maker enjoyed huge success from the phenomenal sale of the knob-like pedal, revenues started dwindling after scores of customers turned disdainful towards about the quality of its range of pedals.

In a bid to revive the company and sales, designers in Crankbrothers went back to their drawing board...

Posted 20th Jun 2016
Posted in Reviews
Togoparts featured in The Straits Times!
We did it!
Yesterday, Togoparts.com was featured in Singapore's 'The Straits Times' newspaper.
We've definitely come a long way from where we first started.
Posted 17th Jun 2016
Posted in General News
Multi-Modal Journey Planners Co-created By LTA and Industry Partners Will Take Advantage of Cycling, Pedestrian Routes
Commuters will have easier time planning out routes using multiple modes of transformation, including cycling, and walking, and even other personal mobility devices.
Posted 16th Jun 2016
First Red Cycling Paths in Ang Mo Kio Already Open
A couple of designated cycling paths in Ang Mo Kio were opened in June 11, the first two of their kind in Singapore
Posted 16th Jun 2016
Posted in General News
Piston Racing 50CC Wheels

Every cycling enthusiast knows the well-established wheel-builders.  Known brands like DT Swiss, Fulcrum, Mavic, Shimano and HED are always cited in bike topics among the cyclists, be they seasoned and novice riders.  Imagine this – A group of friends are discussing the brand of wheels to be used on their bikes and suddenly, someone in the group exclaims: “Shall we use Piston Racing Wheels?”  How do you think the rest of the group will react to the suggestion?


Well, no one will get blamed if he or she scratches the head when the name “Piston Racing Wheels” pops up in the conversation.  After all, it is a relatively new wheel brand in t...

Posted 14th Jun 2016
Posted in Reviews
6D ATB Helmet

If you ask most people and cyclists which part of the body is most important for cycling, chances are the majority will answer you that you require strong legs, or a stable core, or even a slim body with muscular legs, and very rarely will you hear that it's actually your head.  Honestly speaking, you definitely need to be very fit and have a great lower body physique to be a good cyclist, but what about the brain?  Many people take our heads and brains for granted because as most of the time, we aren't aware that it's the actual driving force behind all our mobility functions, our brain controls practically our entire body and without it,...

Posted 11th Jun 2016
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Ohio-Sport Pro Jersey and Streamlined Shorts

When Ohio-Sport came knocking on the door of Togoparts to introduce its line of cycling jerseys, I must admit that I did not even bat an eyelid.  As a matter of record, I am not a connoisseur of cycling apparel.  If you ever get a chance to peep into my wardrobe, you will see that my arsenal of biking wear consists of no more than five pieces of Fox Racing tees and a seven-year-old Team Volvo-Cannondale jersey which was purchased from eBay.  

The reason for my nonchalance was intuitively easy to grasp:  There are already countless types and designs of jerseys on the market.  With every apparel manufacturer telling the same sto...

Posted 8th Jun 2016
Posted in Reviews
Diabetic cyclist to cycle 18,000km to raise awareness about diabetes!
Diabetic patients know that an adequate amount of exercising plays a pivotal role in curbing diabetes.  But 27-year-old Chiara Ricciardi is taking one step further – She will be undertaking a cycling expedition that covers a vast distance of 18,000km in a bid to raise awareness about the metabolic disease that have long been known to cause such long-term complications as stroke, kidney failure and blindness.
Posted 7th Jun 2016
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