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The competition in the bicycle saddle circle is getting stiffer.  Just 2 months back, we’ve tested the Scoop Elite saddle made by the folks at Fabric and we absolutely adored it!  Fabric is a relatively new kid on the block who has impressed the cycling realm with their race-inspired saddles.  Just as we were recovering from the intoxication of adrenaline pumped in by the Scoop Elite, we found ourselves holding a new saddle – the EN:GAGER FORTE.

EN:GAGER is a relatively new player in the saddle market.  It is so new that there is practically no technical review on any of the saddle models produced by Engager.  Togoparts is probably the fi...

Posted 12th Oct 2016
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Fabric Scoop Shallow Elite Saddle

Ask some cyclists which part of the human body forms the largest contact point with the bicycle and you will probably get a mixture of responses like “hands”, “palms”, “feet” and “sole”!  But the truth is, our bums is the biggest touch point with our two-wheeled gizmos!  As the mainstay that supports our spine and the weight of our torso, it is no surprise that the most fleshy part of the human anatomy is the key factor that determines how enjoyable your ride can be.  It doesn’t matter that you have a strong pair of legs or powerful lungs; once your backside feels sore, your ride is miserably finished!

The folks from Fabric probably kno...

Posted 10th Oct 2016
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Holy Crit organisers made a comeback with legalised races

The duo who made headlines about two years ago for organising a series of Holy Crit street races without the approval from the authorities have returned to the limelight.  The difference is that their races will be organised with the authorities’ full backing this time round.  

Posted 9th Oct 2016
More than 700 cyclists and Users of Personal Mobility Devices caught by LTA

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) revealed in a press statement on Wednesday (5 October) that more than 700 cyclists and Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users were caught by its Active Mobility Enforcement team for practicing unsafe riding.

Posted 5th Oct 2016
Official Launch of Treknology Premium Showroom

Treknology presented its personalised suite of services and facilities for high performance cyclists; Project One Lounge, Trek Precision Fit Studio, CycleOps Training Centre, full service Tech Centre for bike assembly and servicing and unveiled the latest 2017 Trek bicycle line-up at their premium store launch at 11 Cuscaden Road.

Posted 5th Oct 2016
Cyclists want more mass cycling events

It appears the 2016 edition of the two-day OCBC Cycle, which ended beautifully last Sunday (2 October), was not enough to fill the riders’ hunger for more mass cycling events.  Backed by the OCBC Bank for the eighth straight year, this year’s mega cycling episode attracted close to 7,000 cyclists on its second day.

Posted 3rd Oct 2016

MERIDA bikes are no strangers to the ever-evolving world of cycling.  Being Taiwan's second largest bicycle manufacturer after Giant, MERIDA has carved out a respectable reputation as a well-known industrialist of premium bicycles since it is established in 1988.  MERIDA is, in fact, so well-regarded in the two-wheeled business that even mega player Specialized sought the Taiwanese firm to manufacture bicycle frames for them.  To date, MERIDA is still the contracted manufacturer for Specialized.

MERIDA makes bicycles for all genres of cycling, from kids' bikes to top-of-the-end road racing machines.  But perhaps, the bikes under the Big N...

Posted 3rd Oct 2016
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POSH Action Cameras

GoPro Cameras aren't not the only heroes in the stimulating world of action cameras.  Apart from the influx of China-made copycats which one can easily source from online platforms such as Lazada or Taobao, POSH has shakened GoPro's status as the number one action camera after it made its first foray more than two years ago with a product line-up that are as capable as the Heroes but at less than half the price.

And there is one thing about POSH action cameras that many are not aware of - Each POSH action camera model was conceived and designed in Singapore!

Today, we'll look at three of POSH's more popular cameras - the POSH W9, the POS...

Posted 22nd Sep 2016
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