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LTA acts against errant e-scooter riders

In response to the report that there have been a marked increase in the number of errant e-scooter users who were riding recklessly at excessive speeds along footpaths and on the roads, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) issued a press release, clarifying that it is already acting on such complaints. 

Posted 19th Oct 2016
Reckless e-scootering behaviour increasing

More people are using e-scooters.  Likewise, cases involving users that rode e-scooters at high speeds on the roads are going up too.  And it appears that this trend has begun sparking some worry over the internet. 

Posted 19th Oct 2016
Mountain Biker jumped and cycled over Lamborghini

There is always a fine line between displaying great skills and reckless showmanship.  Tread on the unwise side and you may find yourself in the limelight for the wrong reasons.  In severe cases, it can be a brush with the law.  Mountain biker Izzadnaff Abdul Qusyairl probably knows this best. 

Posted 19th Oct 2016
Car-Free Sunday back for the second round

Car-Free Sunday will be returning this month, marking a new season of activities after a two-month hiatus in August and September. 

Posted 18th Oct 2016
Demand for e-scooters increases after rules on e-bikes kicked in

E-scooters have been on a rampant rise in recent times, with some shops reportedly selling hundreds of unit every month.  In contrast, consumers’ interest in e-bikes has dampened drastically.  Retailers put this trend down to the stricter rules that have been imposed on e-bikes since last December.

Posted 10th Oct 2016
Marin Attack Trail 8

For any cyclist, we need to sometimes push ourselves as well as our bikes to the limits, or else cycling will soon be a chore as it's human nature for us to feel bored once any activity gets repetitive and uneventful.  This is why for professional road cyclists, winning a stage in any road cycling competition, especially if there is a fiercely fought sprint to the finish line, the rush that they get makes their daily training rides month after month all worthwhile, a few seconds of excitement can be very rewarding and fulfilling indeed.  But personally, I find cycling off the beaten track and onto unfamiliar and more dangerous terrain keep...

Posted 5th Sep 2016
Posted in Reviews
Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG

About four months back, we did a product review on the Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon wheelset and launched an article on this top-end model.  That write-up had somewhat garnered some interest amongst the road riding aficionados and we have received a number of emails and phone calls about the wheelset from Fulcrum.  Some of the queries, of course, asked about the less-expensive models.  We sat down with Rodalink, the authorised distributor for Fulcrum Wheels, to mull over the email and phone responses and figured out that what most riders would have wanted is a mid-tier model - one which is affordable, and yet, does not compromise on quali...

Posted 5th Sep 2016
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The 2016 Polygon Xtrada 6

The bikes from the Xtrada Series are probably the longest-serving subjects in the Polygon kingdom.  Since its debut in 2010 as an all-rounder fun bike for the recreational mountain biker, the Indonesian-based bike-maker has never stopped making tweaks and improvements to the Xtrada models.  You can't blame Polygon for its enthusiasm.  After all, the Xtrada hardtails have always been the choice of many amateur and seasoned riders.

The Xtrada 6 Grey is Polygon's latest iteration for 2016 and we are quite certain that it will not be the company's last.  Whatever the future may hold for the Xtrada Series, we have invested some pedalling hou...

Posted 1st Sep 2016
Posted in Reviews
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