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The Mountain Bike of the Future
Friedrichshafen, Germany – Wide, wider, widest: Is this the trend that will shape bikes in 2017? Plus sizes, not just in tires but also for other bike components, are already in style this year in the biking scene. But apparently it just won’t be enough width. Working towards an unprecedented 36 gears may be part of the craze. In any case, bike experts are already certain that the 12th sprocket is on the way. Whether they’re right will become apparent at the next Eurobike, from August 31 to September 04, 2016.
Posted 19th Apr 2016
Alan Grant enters the Singapore Book of Records for the Longest Distance Covered On A Stationary Bike in 6 Hours at OCBC Cycle 2016 Event Launch
With a distance of 217.2km, cycling enthusiast Alan Grant smashed the current Singapore Book of Records for the longest distance covered on a stationary bike in 6 hours by a male, which was previously set by Zeng Yukai in June 2008. The previous record was 142.4km.
Posted 18th Apr 2016
OCBC Cycle 2016 launches with more experiences and activities for participants
The nation’s largest cycling event – OCBC Cycle – returns for its second edition on 1 and 2 October this year. OCBC Cycle 2016 promises more exciting experiences, more interesting activities and more great deals for participants, their families and friends.
Posted 18th Apr 2016
New SHIMANO SLX M7000 groupset expands the possibilities for trail, adventure and recreational mountain bikers
Sleek makeover and high performance from the best pound-for-pound competitive-level mountain biking cranksets, derailleurs, cassettes, shifters, levers, rotors and hubs on the market.
Posted 18th Apr 2016
Di2 technology lands at DEORE XT level
Di2 now features wireless customization capabilities with upwards compatibility to XTR level
Posted 18th Apr 2016
Road-racing cyclist injured by disc brake!
Disc brakes are fast dominating the cycling world, and they are increasing their prominence in the road-racing scene.  It will not come as a surprise when every road bike at the racing level is equipped with this piece of motorcycle-inspired component in the near future.  However, it does come as a rude shock when Francisco Ventoso, a road-racing cyclist who rides for UCI Movistar Team, rallied for disc brakes to be abolished from the road-racing scene altogether. 
Posted 15th Apr 2016
Developers to consider pedestrians and cyclists before building infrastructures
As distinct as they may be, cycling enthusiasts and green activists now have a common ground to rejoice about.  In a press announcement by the Ministry of National Development (MND), developers will have to take the needs of pedestrians and cyclists into consideration when developing new infrastructures.
Posted 14th Apr 2016
SAFRA Jurong Bike Fair by Togoparts.com
Date: Fri - Sun, 8-10 April 2016
Time: 10am - 7pm
Venue: SAFRA Jurong, Atrium
Admission is FREE!
Posted 31st Mar 2016
Posted in General News
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