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Eurobike 2015 - Day 1: HT, Kemo, ITM, Kellys
New and exciting stuff from HT, Kemo, ITM and Kellys!
Posted 27th Aug 2015
Eurobike 2015 - Day 1: Campagnolo, Cipollini, Deda, Elite
Goodies from Campagnolo, Cipollini, Deda, Elite
Posted 27th Aug 2015
Eurobike 2015 - Demo Day Photo Story
Coming to you live from Eurobike 2015! Check out the coolest new gear now!
Posted 26th Aug 2015
Langtu KR14A Review

China bicycle manufacturer Jiangmen City Ming Le Sports Equipment limited company is a big company that manufactures all sorts of bicycles for the mass market, and they currently have over eight series with something like almost a hundred models of bicycles that they manufacture in Guandong province, China.

One of their flagship folding bike models is the beautiful and well made Langtu KR14A folding bike, the brand spanking new test bike that we received was all painted and blinged out in purple colour, the frame was a very classy matt purple colour, instead of the very common shiny gloss paint jobs that the majority of bikes co...

Posted 26th Aug 2015
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Merida 2016 Ride Series

Fresh from their Stage 16 win at the recently concluded Tour de France, Ruben Plaza masterfully carved the roads aboard his Reacto Evo and descended to Gap, crossing the finish line with a 30 second lead over the first runner up, handing Team Lampre-Merida a very valuable and prestigious solo stage win.

Merida was also honored in April 2015 at the Taiwan Excellence Awards with two outstanding awards, The REACTO was awarded Taiwan's Gold Excellence Award for "The Road World Champion's Bike", while the ONE-TWENTY grabbed Silver for "Dual Suspension Marathon Mountain Bike", so this shows that Merida has really come a long way in creating ver...

Posted 25th Aug 2015
Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Studies done by bike nerds have discovered the formula for calculating the correct number of bicycles to own: n+1, where n is the number of bicycles you already have. Now, a series of completely-made-up, yet convincing studies are today proving that the first rite of passage every new bike owner goes through after buying a new bike is shopping for bike accessories.

Psychologists say that the urge to decorate comes from the most primal instinct of all time: the desire to claim a cave, a mate, or even a parking lot, as your own - the human equivalent of a dog marking its territory.

This then, is why you will personalise your new bi...

Posted 24th Aug 2015
Craft your own leather saddle bag!
Have you always appreciated handcrafted Italian leather works? Envied your mate's handmade leather saddle? Been deeply impressed with exotic cars' hand-stitched interiors?
Posted 19th Aug 2015
Change DF-612BF Review



Lately, there's been a huge influx of folding bikes in the bicycle market, as more and more people prefer and demand the compactness and foldability of these type of bikes, manufacturers are hard pressed to keep coming up with new ideas and designs to draw more customers and grab hold as big a slice of the pie as they possibly can. In the folding bikes market where the majority of the bikes are made and assembled in China, you have to have a very unique product which must also be very robust and strong if you want to stay in the game. Especially so if you are designing a folding mountain bike, because unlike regular folding ...

Posted 19th Aug 2015
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