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Trishaws in Car-Free Sunday SG!

The Civic District on Sunday (27 November) was a picturesque of people on inline skates and bicycles as Car-Free Sunday SG returned to the metropolis on the last Sunday of November.  Despite the rain, the turnout was exceptional, with many taking part in mass workout sessions, trishaw rides and music performances.

Posted 28th Nov 2016
Polygon Strattos S4

Should you get yourself a good road bike when you are still a freshie in the complex world of road riding?  Some say the first bike need not be a good bike, for fear that the rider's enthusiasm may not last long.  We have a different opinion though; your first bike should be a solidly-built bike.  It need not one which is spec'ced with high-end components.  But it should be one which is good enough to allow you to truly immerse in the beauty of the two-wheeled sport and to keep your passion going.  How good is good enough?  Polygon holds the answer to your question with the Strattos S4. 

The Specifications

The Polygon Strattos S4 is not ...

Posted 20th Nov 2016
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Togoparts Cyclist's Choice 2016 Voting is Back!

Cyclist's Choice 2016 is back! Vote for your favourite bike shops and bike brands and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

Posted 17th Nov 2016
Giro de Pilipinas 2016 Stage 3 - Road Race

Giro de Pilipinas 2016 Stage 3 - Road Race, direct from Subic Bay, Philippines

Posted 7th Nov 2016
Giro de Pilipinas 2016 Stage 2 - Criterium

Giro de Pilipinas 2016 Stage 2 - Criterium, direct from San Antonio, Philippines

Posted 5th Nov 2016
Ambersil Ambersolv SB1 Review

We all know that keeping our bikes clean is the best way of ensuring it works correctly and safely, while making sure it stays looking good. Clean components wear out less quickly than dirty ones, a well-kept bike will definitely perform better, and won't require as much maintenance. After that hard century ride, give yourself a big pat on the back but don’t forget about your bike. In weather changing Singapore, if you had just ridden in the rain, skipping the bike cleaning can result in dirt and grime accumulating on the drivetrain, and cause damage to the brakes or the braking surfaces on rim brakes as well as making your bike look under...

Posted 3rd Nov 2016
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Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer

If you have ever used or owned a bicycle trainer, chances are it was big, bulky and heavy, probably because of the weight that the trainer had to support upright, especially when you are on it and riding hard.  With enough common sense, any device that is able to support a heavy weight needs to be manufactured very robustly, probably with heavy and thick metal tubes to prevent the support legs and structure from buckling or bending when under stress, add to that stress factor some occasions when you are riding out of your saddle and lateral or sideways forces now come into the picture and the trainer needs to be very sturdily planted on th...

Posted 19th Oct 2016
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The competition in the bicycle saddle circle is getting stiffer.  Just 2 months back, we’ve tested the Scoop Elite saddle made by the folks at Fabric and we absolutely adored it!  Fabric is a relatively new kid on the block who has impressed the cycling realm with their race-inspired saddles.  Just as we were recovering from the intoxication of adrenaline pumped in by the Scoop Elite, we found ourselves holding a new saddle – the EN:GAGER FORTE.

EN:GAGER is a relatively new player in the saddle market.  It is so new that there is practically no technical review on any of the saddle models produced by Engager.  Togoparts is probably the fi...

Posted 12th Oct 2016
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