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Featuring Cane Creek - Latest and future development

Featuring Cane Creek - Taiwan Cycle Show 2014

During the Taiwan Bike show, we had a chance to chat with Mr. John Otis, Director of OEM Sales at Cane Creek, to understand the latest development in Cane Creek.
From our short chat, we understand that Cane Creek is planning to downsize their product line in the near future, so as to concentrate on the things they do best.

While exact details were not disclosed, it was clear that their headset, rear shock and Thudbuster seatpost lines were not under the axe. John went on to share that, since they already have a pretty comprehensive headset range, Cane Creek will be placing more emphasis on their successful line of Double Barrel rear ...

Posted 7th Apr 2014
2014 Taipei Cycle Show Photo Story - Accessories, Components and Eye Candy

Modification and add-ons for your love ride. Feast your eyes with all the accessories, components and eye candies we have managed to snapped during the Taipei Cycle Show 2014. Yay!

Posted 12th Mar 2014
2014 Taipei Cycle Show Photo Story - Small Wheel Wonders and All Things Foldable.

Foldable bikes, foldies, folding bicycles, 20", 16" and electric bicycle fans fall in!

Posted 7th Mar 2014
2014 Taipei Cycle Show Photo Story - All-terrain Bicycles and Parts

Some Mountain Bikes Pictures that we captured during the Taiwain Cycle Show 2014

Posted 7th Mar 2014
2014 Taipei Cycle Show Photo Story - Day 1

A quick pictorial overview of the show on our first day at the Taipei International Bike Show

Posted 5th Mar 2014
2014 Taipei Cycle Show Photo Story - Roadies and things that are really fast

Our collection of Road Specific stuff spotted at the Taipei Cycle Show 2014.

Posted 4th Mar 2014
TERN-ing the world into a better place, one bike at a time

Tern's funky container exhibition booth at the 2013 Taipei International Cycle Show are designed to be reusable, which is in line with the company's commitment to environmental sustainability

Terns are small and light migratory birds that are known for flying over long distances.  The Artic Tern in particular, sees more daylight than any other animal, as it migrates from its northern breeding ground to the Antarctica waters. Like these birds, Tern, which is one of the latest folding bicycle brands, is committed to designing and making quality products that can bring you distances and still remain light and compact (foldable in this case)....

Text & Photos: Chiu Ling posted 12th Apr 2013
TICS 2013: SABS Brake System for Bicycles

We know about ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for cars, but ever heard of ABS for bicycles? 

The Safe ABS (SABS) Brake System is the world’s first ABS system that is developed specifically for bicycles. 

Emergency braking applied while cycling can usually cause riders to skid or lock brakes which may result in serious injuries. This is a common problem faced particularly by road cyclists who are usually travelling at incredibly high speeds where sudden braking can suddenly throw them off their saddle.

Mr Huang Tan Cheng (above), the general manager and inventor of the Safe Anti-lock Braking System (SABS) Brake System is an engineer and a...

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