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Taipei Cycle Show 2015 - Ladies of Taipei Cycle Show
Posted 19th Mar 2015
Taipei Cycle Show 2015 - Fatbikes
Posted 19th Mar 2015
Taipei Cycle Show 2015 - Road Bikes
Posted 19th Mar 2015
Taipei Cycle Show 2015 - Mountain Bike
Posted 18th Mar 2015
Selle Italia - The Development of High Quality Saddle

Selle Italia - The Development of High Quality Saddles

The Selle Italia brand name is almost unanimous with high quality bicycle saddles. Started since 1897, Selle Italia did not go into the development of high end bicycle saddles until the 1970s. They have never looked back ever since. Below is a quick snapshot of their past achievements.

1990: Selle Italia introduced the Flite. It was the precursor of lightweight saddles, weighing in at less than 200 grams. Its slim profile also reduced friction considerably. It was the top choice among many professional racers back then.

1998: Selle Italia created the Trans Am, the first saddle with an opening in the middle for more flexibility and relie...

Posted 21st May 2014
Merida - One of the largest Bicycle Manufacturers

Merida - One of the largest Bicycle Manufacturer

Merida is the second largest bicycle manufacturer in Taiwan, and is known for their quality products for as long as I can recall. The brand has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1972. In the International competition arena, Multivan Merida team is well-decorated with over 30 World Cup wins as well as Olympic gold and silver medals since 2004. In 2013, Merida took a leap beyond mountain biking and co-sponsored the Pro-Tour Lampre-Merida team.

In the last decade, Merida has seen numerous successes in the mountain biking segment, which corresponded to their active involvement in the professional racing circuit via th...

Posted 24th Apr 2014

Feature Article - Guru Bikes

Guru Bicycle is a boutique Canadian frame maker, based in Montreal, and has been building custom frames for the last 19 years. They produced a wide range of frames for various applications, utilizing carbon, titanium and steel as the base material. While their complete range covers triathlon, road, touring, cyclocross and even cross country, their main focus is in the area of Road and Triathlon, or at least that was the impression I got talking to Adamo Furian (one of Guru Bicycles representatives)  during the Taipei bicycle show.

Adamo was proud to show us their latest road frames, the Photon. Guru has built the new Photon based on the o...

Posted 11th Apr 2014

Xentis is an Austria based company that specialized in the design and production of high-end carbon wheels

Posted 11th Apr 2014
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