The Role of Volunteer Public Path Wardens

Will Singapore's paths and roads be made safer now that LTA has empowered its volunteers with greater authority? 

Posted 31st Jul 2017
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Egyptian Endurance Athlete Sets New Goals After Cycling Record

Not content with having been part of the fastest ever team to cycle across Europe, Egyptian endurance athlete Helmy Elsaeed is turning his attention to a challenge closer to home - and then potentially the Winter Olympics.

Posted 28th Jul 2017
No Matter What The Road Safety Issue Is, Cyclist-hating Always Seems Acceptable

This article might have been based on the other side of the globe, but it is undeniable that cyclists here too face the same unwarranted wrath from a handful of motorists.

Posted 26th Jul 2017
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Rigoberto Uran: Against All Odds

Find out more about the Tour de France runner-up who seemingly came out of nowhere: Rigoberto Urán.

Posted 25th Jul 2017
Tour de France 2017 Recap

Tour de France has ended, but these memories continue to live on.

Posted 24th Jul 2017
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Bianchi Specialissima and the Countervails Secret

The very mention of NASA probably invokes an image of prestige; the sight of large space shuttles launched into the stars and beyond often has that effect. Now imagine a frame that combines that technology with more than 130 years of proud Italian heritage. That’s the Bianchi Specialissima, a bike that Marco Pantani himself would have loved: light, rigid, and agile. It is the perfect racing machine for the Pyrenees and the Alps.
Posted 21st Jul 2017
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5 Beautifully Scenic Cycling Trails in Singapore

Our little island city state of Singapore is the third most densely populated country in the world behind Monaco and Macau, with a total population of around 5.6 million people. With just 719.1km2, land is scarce and comes at a premium, as reflected in our steep property and vehicles prices.
Posted 21st Jul 2017
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Product Review: Steve & Leif Magnetic Bicycle Trainer

There will always be a debate between stationary bicycle trainers and rollers, one of which being their respective effectiveness. Many claim stationary trainers aren’t so because they do not simulate actual road conditions where one has to maintain the bike’s balance; the trainer basically keeps the bike in a permanent state of stability.
Posted 14th Jul 2017
Posted in Reviews
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