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Vittoria Tyres with Graphene Technology

Every racing cyclist wants faster, grippier, and more puncture resistant tyres. These are known parameters that affect your speed and time, and ultimately going faster without more effort is the best way to go. So if you can afford to splash out in excess of a few grand for a carbon race bike, you'll want to make the best of it.

Upgrading to newer and better parts constantly has become a favourite pastime of local cyclists. But one thing that's sometimes overlooked in favour of better carbon grade, deeper rims, aero profiles and weight savings is the tyres of your bicycle. Ever realised that the only thing between your expensive carbon bi...

Posted Yesterday
1.5 Milions Bikes recalled in North America by 17 Bicycle Brands
With the recall of Trek Bikes of their over 1 million bikes earlier this year, 17 more bicycle brands have also recalled their bikes with the same front quick releases. The 17 brands came voluntarily to U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) to recall their bikes with front quick release and disc brakes from 1998 to present.
Posted Yesterday
Lumos Bags Review

A backpack that has solar panels is not all that novel an idea. After all, it's been done before. Almost everyone carries a bag, but you won't see many of them deliberately going into the sun as they head from place to place. Air-conditioning, underground link ways and sheltered bridges are all being installed at rapid rates to please the community.

What's the use of a solar powered bag then, if you're going to stay sweat-free and keep your Chanel or Dior Eau de Parfum on you to impress your clients? Well Lumos' solar backpack for the cyclist makes a whole lot more sense. Even if you're not a cyclist, I think you'll quickly see why.


Posted Yesterday
Posted in Reviews
Selev Helmets by ReCycle Bike Seeker

Selev Helmets by ReCycle Bike Seeker

There are tonnes of cycling helmets out there in the market, with almost just as many brands and manufacturers out there too. Some of them are designed very well, with a lot of time and money spent on the research and design of that particular helmet, and at the other end of the quality scale, there are also the suspiciously cheap knock offs and counterfeits that would actually give you more worries rather than peace of mind that will make you wonder if the helmet would truly provide adequate protection for your cranium in the event of an unfortunate crash.
Selev is an Italian brand that is actually one...

Posted 2nd Oct 2015
Louis Garneau bicycles - Go clean and green

Singapore is working towards becoming a bike-friendly city. If you happen to pass by places such as Punggol Park or East Coast Park, you will see many cyclists, even some with their own group jerseys. Joining a cycling group is also a way to widen your circle of friends and to share the passion of cycling with others.

Cycling is an environmentally-friendly mode of transport that is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, especially for short trips - as part of the daily commute to work, to the MRT station or bus interchange, or for intra-town travel.

Besides being economical and convenient, cycling also offers many health benefits, b...

Posted 1st Oct 2015
87 year old man dies after being knocked down while cycling
An 87-year-old man was knocked down by a bus at the junction of Marine Parade Road and Marine Crescent on Sept 27 morning as was cycling.
Posted 30th Sep 2015
5 Unique Places Worth Riding On Childrens Day

Besides Christmas, his own birthday and maybe Chinese New Year, there’s no more memorable day than Children’s Day, to a child. It’s practically named after them! What’s more, it’s a holiday! That makes Children’s Day a fantastic time to bring them out cycling, so they will associate the great outdoors with leisure and pleasure.

But where should you bring your kids? I rounded up a few spots in sunny Singapore – but before we get to that, hold on a moment. Look up or out the window – is it hazy right now?

I started planning this story 3 weeks ago, when the skies were still sunny and outdoorsy was the spirit of the times, what with ...

Posted 28th Sep 2015
It has come to our attention that some of our users and merchants have received emails with the caption “Profile Verify!” that requested the recipients to verify their Togoparts accounts  and that their Togoparts account will be deleted if they fail to do so.
Posted 25th Sep 2015
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