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NKF's Cycling for Funds Charity Ride
NKF is organising a campaign coming 12 September 2015 with over 100 cycling enthusiasts gearing up to endure the heat for a 70km ride around our little red dot from 9am to 5pm.
Posted 18 hours ago
Colnago CLX Review

Famous high end Italian road bike manufacturer Colango is world renowned not only for their flair in designing beautiful bikes and frames, but is also famously known to create bikes with outstanding performance and rideability. Their bikes are ridden by professional teams such as Team Europcar which had a stage win in this year's Tour de France as well as the up and coming ladies professional cycling team Wiggle Honda.

The latest edition of the CLX consists of an attractive new frame which is based on the class leading V1-r road bike, albeit using slightly lower performing carbon fibre to keep production costs low, translating into a che...

Posted 23 hours ago
Posted in Reviews
Ironarm Torque Wrench

Anyone who has ever worked with bolts and nuts or anything that has threads will know about the frustration and the headaches and troublesomeness that follows a stripped thread, because once the thread is gone, there's no way to re-fasten the screw or nut. If you've managed to strip a female thread, then there might still be some hope in sight as you will be able to drill out the old stripped thread and re-insert in a kind of threaded sleeve to replace the previous original thread, as for a male end thread, that would usually mean that you might just simply need a new screw or bolt, but in any case, avoiding over tightening a screw or bol...

Posted 1st Sep 2015
Posted in Reviews
Eurobike 2015 - Day 3: Miche, MTB Cycletech, Olmo, Reverse
Miche, MTB Cycletech, Olmo, Reverse
Posted 31st Aug 2015
Eurobike 2015 - Day 3: Corratec, De Rosa, Hope, Montague
Corratec, De Rosa, Hope, Montague
Posted 31st Aug 2015
How to Bounce Back from Bonking

We have all been through a ride where every last calorie seems to have been squeezed out of our muscles. Usually this occurs in the middle of a ride, or the tail end of it – where the hardest part of the trip has already passed, and you’re perhaps riding home or just reached the trailhead.

Why we bonk

Think of your body as a 3 stage rocket. While exerting yourself, your body’s energy stores are depleted in this order.  First, calories in your blood stream as well as your digestive tract are used up, and these represent ready-to-burn energy available for your immediate disposal. These are responsible for your immediate outpu...

Posted 31st Aug 2015
Inaugural OCBC Cycle SEA Speedway Championship to feature 7 national teams from the region, led by SEA Games double gold medallist Hariff Salleh
SINGAPORE, 28 August 2015 - A day before Singapore witnesses OCBC Cycle 2015, the thrill and excitement of the event is starting to build among the South-East Asian (SEA) teams who will battle it out for the OCBC Cycle SEA Speedway Championship title.
Posted 28th Aug 2015
Eurobike 2015 - Day 2: Pyga, Ibis, Knolly, Thomson, Ubike, Wheels Manufacturing, Yeti
Pyga, Ibis, Knolly, Thomson, Ubike, Wheels Manufacturing, Yeti
Posted 28th Aug 2015
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