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Tighter rules for e-bicycles from Dec 1
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced tighter regulations for power-assisted bicycles (PABs) as well as stricter penalties for those who sell and use non-compliant PABs.
Posted 20th Nov 2015
HolyCrit street bike race organizers charged
Singapore- Bike shop owner Eric Khoo Shui Yan, 29, and project manager Zulkifli Awab, 39, was charged in court on Wednesday (Nov 18, 2015) with organizing and promoting an illegal bicycle race without police approval and permits.
Posted 19th Nov 2015
Momentum by Giant

Introducing Momentum Bicycles, a fresh new brand and collection of lifestyle bikes that is founded by Giant Bicycles that are both fun to ride and designed to be very functional as well. Guided by their brand's spirit "Move Happy", Momentum Bicycles are poised to independently create bicycles for the commuter that are stylish, elegant, comfortable, and most importantly, be easy to ride. The bikes are built on the vast pool of knowledge and expertise already present in Giant Bicycles as well as all of their leading innovations and manufacturing processes, therefore the bikes that emerge from the factory are of the highest quality and stan...

Posted 16th Nov 2015
ElliptiGO C Series Review

If you've never heard of the proverb "Necessity is the mother of all invention", then probably you might not be aware of this fantastic new kind of bicycle called the ElliptiGO, it is basically a bicycle that is powered not by the standard and usual way of pedalling, but you actually need to 'run' on it to make it move. If you have ever used an elliptical trainer machine in the gym to exercise, then imagine that same movement and principal but with the addition of two 20" wheels to enable it to move.

The ElliptiGO is the brainchild of former U.S. Marine and Ironman triathlete Bryan Pate, ElliptiGo, Inc.'s CEO, when in 2005, he lost his a...

Posted 13th Nov 2015
Posted in Reviews
Location-based search now enabled on Marketplace!
We have now upgraded the search criteria bar on the left of the Marketplace to include location!
Posted 9th Nov 2015
2016 LIV Bikes

As the year comes to a close in just a few months' time, this is also a period when bike manufacturers will be launching and releasing their latest bikes and tech for the next 2016 model year, and as most big branded bike brands are pushing and shoving for any advertising publicity they can get to expose all their latest offerings to the world. For comparison's sake, the other bike manufacturer brands are like thorns among the roses, actually, among a single rose quite literally, for the LIV brand is a purely female specific bike brand created by Giant, to be able to offer a whole collection of comprehensive cycling products, designed esp...

Posted 9th Nov 2015
5 Reasons To Buy A Used Bike In Singapore

The Better For Riding With


After last week’s tongue-in-cheek story about 5 Reasons NOT To Buy A New Bike Online In Singapore, I was given the idea for a follow-up story on why you should buy a used bike instead. Of course, chief amongst the reasons would be price. But there’s also:


1.         More value for money

As mentioned by the TGP member who goes by the nickname albatross, very often, the used bike you are eyeing has had component upgrades or replacements, often with parts from higher-performing groups.

So unless you have a problem with getting more for your money, you’ll appreciate not needing to shell out your hard-saved money for bet...

Posted 9th Nov 2015
5 Reasons NOT To Buy A New Bike Online In Singapore

In Search of A Better Ride

Hardly anyone ever comes up with a list like this. After all, everyone knows that the best way to encourage someone to do something is to discourage them from doing it. The more forbidden the fruit is, the sweeter it’ll taste am I right?

The truth is, once an avid cyclist has his or her mind set on buying a new bike, online or otherwise, hardly anything in the world will disrupt that train of thought. You, me and just about everyone on this website has experienced the red mist that comes over our eyes when the stars of disposable income and a bling new bike cross, sealing our wallets' fate.

With that in mind, there are some hidden ...

Posted 4th Nov 2015
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