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The Happenings of #TOGO810 at the Togoparts Bike Carnival

For those went through National Service, you might be able to recount the feeling of pride and joy when you marched into the parade square on the day of passing out from your Basic Military Training.  That familiar sense of achievement was somewhat replayed at SAFRA Jurong last Sunday, when participating finishers of #TOGO810 amassed at the Togoparts Bike Carnival to collect their Finisher Jersey.

The brainchild of Togoparts.com, #TOGO810 was a radical fitness and reward program that anyone of any age from anywhere could take part in.  The game plan was simple: the participant would have to cycle at least 810km within a space of 8 weeks i...

Posted 27th Apr 2016
Farewell #TOGO810, Hello #TOGO920
3 months ago, togoparts.com launched #TOGO810, the first of Singapore's first-ever "Ride Anywhere, Anytime" cycling tri series.  The game plan was simple: the participant would have to cycle at least 810km within 8 weeks and he or she will automatically qualify for a Finisher Jersey.  Believe it or not, 243 riders actually completed the distance within the given timeframe!  Now that #TOGO810 is over, what is next?  
Posted 17th Apr 2016
#TOGO810 Jersey Collection at SAFRA Jurong
Pictures from the #TOGO810 Jersey Collection
Posted 12th Apr 2016
Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon

Being a mountain biker with a special interest in free-riding and down-hilling, weight is seldom a key consideration when it comes to purchasing a new bike or component.  In contrast, the heavier the bike or component, the better it is.  In the context of riding road bikes, the opposite is true.  

So, when I was told that a pair of light-weight Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon wheels have arrived at the office of togoparts.com for a product review, I must admit that I was overwhelmed by the excitement of deviating from the usual rumble and tumble of rough-riding in the dirt.  Although I owned a road bike with fairly-good components, road rid...

Posted 26th Apr 2016
Posted in Reviews
Alan Grant enters the Singapore Book of Records for the Longest Distance Covered On A Stationary Bike in 6 Hours at OCBC Cycle 2016 Event Launch
With a distance of 217.2km, cycling enthusiast Alan Grant smashed the current Singapore Book of Records for the longest distance covered on a stationary bike in 6 hours by a male, which was previously set by Zeng Yukai in June 2008. The previous record was 142.4km.
Posted 18th Apr 2016
BRU Kid on the Block!

Despite being a relatively young start-up in the cycling fraternity, the one-year-old BRU has already clinched two industry awards – the Best Folding Bike Range Award and the Best Commuting Bike Range Award – fortifying its position as a bike retailer that offers the widest range of Folding Bicycles and Commuting Bicycles.  Compared to mature cycling disciplines like mountain biking and road racing, Folding Bicycles and Commuting Bicycles are considered newer niche segments in the local biking scene.  For that reason, it is an amazing feat for BRU to be recognised as the bike joint to go to if one is keen to know more about these two types...

Posted 15th Apr 2016
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Developers to consider pedestrians and cyclists before building infrastructures
As distinct as they may be, cycling enthusiasts and green activists now have a common ground to rejoice about.  In a press announcement by the Ministry of National Development (MND), developers will have to take the needs of pedestrians and cyclists into consideration when developing new infrastructures.
Posted 14th Apr 2016
THE-Industries T3 Helmet

It is always a thrill to be able to get some adrenaline pumping in your veins, whether it is due to performing some death defying stunt, or for the majority of us less courageous people, something much more docile but still fairly dangerous, we can't help ourselves but crave for the need to feel the 'rush' and the 'makes you feel damn good and alive' feeling that we love so much.  But all these dangerous situations also calls for some kind of protection, for some truly death defying stunts, professional persons might have taken months or even years to plan and prepare for such a stunt, for most others, some pre-planning ahead of time coupl...

Posted 8th Apr 2016
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