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You may still be pondering over whether you should be parting with $48 to sign up for #TOGO920.  You may be wondering how #TOGO920 can benefit you.  You may think that you are too old and weak.  You may argue that you have no time.  Or, you may be casting doubts on your physical ability to complete 920km in 8 weeks.  Yes, we agree that it will be tough.  We empathise that it may get stressful at times.  We know that accomplishing this uphill task requires a significant amount of mental assertiveness. 

Whilst we can cheer for you and perform the pom-pom dance moves (you got to use your imagination for this), we thought that the following 8...

Posted 16th May 2016
Clauds Bamboo Bike

There is a saying, "You will always remember your first love!".  Well this phrase holds true for me and my bicycles as well, as I can still clearly remember my first bike, a BMX made with crash proof steel and could take a good beating and some very big crashes without so much as a single dent in the frame.  A few years later, I progressed to an aluminium mountain bike, then to an aluminium road bike which was my 'fastest' bike at that point in time, I'd never thought that I could reach 40+ km/h just from the strength of my own legs.  It was only years later after I had worked for a few years and had saved up enough cash to pamper my hobbi...

Posted 17th May 2016
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Impressive Results by Decathlon Sportsman Lance Tan in National Cycling Team Selection Trials!
The recent selection trials for the Singapore cycling team had spun off a new national hopeful!  Lance Tan, a familiar face in decathlon races, had emerged himself as a strong contender from the pool of 145 candidates.  During the six-second peak power test on the Wattbike, Lance registered a high of 1,700 Watts.  The average reading posted by adult male cyclist is 1,500 Watts. 
Posted 17th May 2016
Posted in General News
Ride for Rainbows 2016 - Sharing the Love through Cycling
Club Rainbow's annual charity ride is already on its fifth year, raising awareness and funds to support families of children suffering from major chronic illnesses.
Posted 11th May 2016
Posted in General News
#TOGO920 - Ride for Rainbows, Student Rates, Top50 Caps and Kit
Club Rainbow and Togoparts.com has teamed up to give you the perfect opportunity to ride for charity and be rewarded at the same time! Ride for Rainbow 2016 participants get a discounted rate of $45. if you are a Tertiary UnderGrad, you get a special rate of $39.
Posted 6th May 2016
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Dartmoor Primal

For anyone who enjoys mountain biking, the latest carbon fibre framed off road bikes with complicated looking and expertly designed rear suspension linkages and swingarms, coupled with equally impressive front suspension forks and gearing componentry that puts a Formula 1 car to shame is usually an eye turner wherever the bike goes, and regardless of the type of terrain that it gets put through, even if the bike never truly gets ridden to even half of what it's capable of handling, some cyclists still have the mentality that if they have a more expensive and higher performance bike under their feet, that they are able to ride faster, bette...

Posted 4th May 2016
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The Happenings of #TOGO810 at the Togoparts Bike Carnival

For those went through National Service, you might be able to recount the feeling of pride and joy when you marched into the parade square on the day of passing out from your Basic Military Training.  That familiar sense of achievement was somewhat replayed at SAFRA Jurong last Sunday, when participating finishers of #TOGO810 amassed at the Togoparts Bike Carnival to collect their Finisher Jersey.

The brainchild of Togoparts.com, #TOGO810 was a radical fitness and reward program that anyone of any age from anywhere could take part in.  The game plan was simple: the participant would have to cycle at least 810km within a space of 8 weeks i...

Posted 27th Apr 2016
Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon

Being a mountain biker with a special interest in free-riding and down-hilling, weight is seldom a key consideration when it comes to purchasing a new bike or component.  In contrast, the heavier the bike or component, the better it is.  In the context of riding road bikes, the opposite is true.  

So, when I was told that a pair of light-weight Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon wheels have arrived at the office of togoparts.com for a product review, I must admit that I was overwhelmed by the excitement of deviating from the usual rumble and tumble of rough-riding in the dirt.  Although I owned a road bike with fairly-good components, road rid...

Posted 26th Apr 2016
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