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Jin and Her Journey Around the World

If you think your round island ride is exhausting, wait till you hear what this lady has been doing for the past 5 years and counting.

Posted 21 hours ago
Debut Race Category for OCBC Cycle 2017

The OCBC Cycle 2017 was officially launched this afternoon, unveiling exciting new features in the process.

Posted 7th Jul 2017
CCK Cyclists #TOGO517 Team Challenge Experience

#TOGO517 was certainly a new experience to many a rider, but it also debuted tweaks and improvements on our end, too.
Posted 7th Jul 2017
Pearls of Wisdom for #TOGO817

#TOGO517 may have been over, but for these ambitious riders, the thirst for more success remains just as acute with #TOGO817 looming ever closer. For some hopefuls, the #TOGO517 Jersey Collection Day left them star-struck, as elite finishers and achievement winners turned up to collect their sleek black finisher jerseys and certificates. Perhaps you’re wondering how you would ever be able to get on their level; perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in mediocrity, on the verge of throwing in the towel. “Just what does it take to scale greater heights?” you may wonder. These winners, having started from the bottom, know exactly how it feels and have generously shared their personal tips, in the spirit of the strong comradeship often demonstrated within Singapore’s many cycling communities.
Posted 5th Jul 2017
Posted in Features
Summary: #TOGO517 Jersey Collection Day

A recap of what went down at #TOGO517's Jersey Collection Booth.

Posted 1st Jul 2017
Product Review: Steve & Leif Magnetic Bicycle Trainer

There will always be a debate between stationary bicycle trainers and rollers, one of which being their respective effectiveness. Many claim stationary trainers aren’t so because they do not simulate actual road conditions where one has to maintain the bike’s balance; the trainer basically keeps the bike in a permanent state of stability.
Posted 14th Jul 2017
Posted in Reviews
Product Review: Tsinova TS01 (LTA Approved e-Bike)

Perhaps to most, e-bikes are generally perceived as two-dimensional contraptions whose sole function is to provide electronic assistance to the struggling rider, or one who prefers a more effortless ride. A battery attached to the bike frame drives the motor attached to the rear wheel which in turn powers the pedal. It is a relatively basic concept with no two ways about it.
Posted 13th Jul 2017
Posted in Reviews
Ridley News: New e-Bike and Full-Suspension MTB

We bring you the latest news to come out of the Ridley grapevine, including their inaugural e-Bike hybrid model.

Posted 12th Jul 2017
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