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2016 Cyclist's Choice Award - Aleoca - Promising Brand

Aleoca By any measure, Aleoca bikes have traditionally been perceived as lower-end bikes that can, at best, perform a milk-run to the nearest supermarket. Judging from the affordable price-tags and their abundance in hypermarkets, this might be true to a large extent. However, faced with increased competition in the two-wheeled trade, things have changed for Aleoca Pro Singapore Pte Ltd, the company that designs, manufactures and distributes Aleoca bikes. Having underwent several transformations within the company, Aleoca has kept up with the cadence of the peloton of bike-makers in the two-wheeled industry, successfully detaching itself from the stigma of being the maker of low-end bikes.
Posted 17th Apr 2017
Posted in Features
ADDIX: Schwalbe's new generation of compounds for MTBs

Schwalbe is launching all its legendary MTB tyres in the Evo line with a new compound developed from scratch. The compound which goes by the name of Addix solves the typical trade-off between grip, rolling resistance and wear across a much wider range than before.

Posted 20th Apr 2017
2016 Cyclist's Choice Awards - Jet Hobby

Jet Hobby is a local retail shop which originally started with the sale and supply of radio controlled aircraft as well as parts and accessories to build, repair or modify all manners and types of aircraft models, in their early days when drones were still rarely found in Singapore, helicopters and airplanes are the mainstay of radio controlled aircraft and in their shop, you could find all sorts of raw materials, parts, repair or build kits as well as a whole complete selection of specialized electronics and controllers to enable the user to not only get their aircraft off the ground, but to keep them flying in the air gracefully and skillfully and then land it back down just as carefully as well, and if there was ever an occasion where take-offs, flights and landings did not go as planned or as intended, you would certainly be able to find a replacement or repair part among the thousands of items that they had handing on the many display isles in the shop.
Posted 13th Apr 2017
Posted in Features
Polygon Bikes Reveals The New Square One EX Series

For over 25 years, Polygon Bikes has been driven by a vision and fueled by dedication to create bikes that spark the imagination of riders around the world.

Posted 19th Apr 2017
The Merida Speeder 2017 Series

With more than forty years of solid bike building experience under their belt, Merida is famously known all around the world as one of the world’s premier bike manufacturers of the cycling industry.  Accumulated through the decades, Merida has kept on building on their manufacturing expertise to be able constantly keep churning out lighter, better and faster bikes year after year, always pushing the boundaries and limits in order for their riders to be able to always have the best performing and best valued bike or bikes within reach.    Loosely translated from three Chinese words ‘mei’, ‘li’ and ‘da’, the brand name Merida is now one of the most competitive bike brands in the world, on par or even better than some other much more famous European high end bike brands in the market today.
Posted 13th Apr 2017
Posted in Reviews
New Bikes N Bites Grand Opening

Bikes N Bites. Sounds like a place to literally enjoy bikes and have a bite.

Bikes N Bites have just re-opened their shop at a bigger place at 100G Pasir Panjang Road, 01-11, Interlocal Centre Singapore 118523 for everyone to drool over the concept store of Cervelo and Focus range. With a much bigger space, means there will be plentiful of place for all riders to be gathered around to share with one another about their latest adventure on two wheels over a coffee and some bite.

Posted 12th Apr 2017
Futureproof Dirt Shredders

What do you mean futureproof? Is there a bike that will actually last us the next few good years despite the never ending technology advancements? We reckon there is a few trends whereby the bike industry is actually following. Maybe just as each year pass, these trends just gets more radical. Even though it is true that no two bikes are the same, we still think there is a certain trait a bike now and the future will have. Just like many things in this world, there are just some things that become timeless classic. Be it then or now, they still remain looking and feeling modern.
Posted 7th Apr 2017
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Posted 5th Apr 2017
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