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LTA to look into safer footpaths and cycling paths
A 14 member panel has been formed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to propose rules and regulations for footpaths and cycling paths in Singapore..
Posted 2 days ago
The international Bicycle Film Festival from New York is making its inaugural entry into South East Asia in Singapore next month from 20th-22nd August 2015. The Singapore edition is organised by sports marketing and lifestyle events management company, Firefly Connections SE Asia.
Posted 2 days ago


Living in a tiny and urban island city like Singapore, we do not have the luxury of having parks or country sides with sprawling greens and hectares of different types of plants, and in any case, those that can be found in Singapore are usually quite a distance away from our homes and offices as these parks are usually only found fringing the coastal areas of Singapore like Sembawang, Changi and our most famous coastline, East Coast Park. Therefore, the easiest and safest method of transporting our bicycles to and from these parks would be to transport them directly to the parks by using our vehicles, as cycling on our local roads ca...

Posted 29th Jul 2015
Posted in Reviews
Posted 28th Jul 2015
Yet another national cyclist has found himself in trouble with the law in just under a week.
Posted 27th Jul 2015
After three exciting weeks, 21 stages and 3,360km (2,088mi) through the Netherlands, Belgium and France, Chris Froome brought the yellow jersey to Paris to win ‘Le Tour’ for the second time.
Posted 27th Jul 2015
Pay for parking at parks
You might be used to going for your leisurely morning walk, or your long distance marathon training at the park you've been visiting for years, but there's now something new.
Posted 27th Jul 2015
6 Biking Trends To Watch

Things that go round and round


Maybe you've been biking under a rock for the last 2 years, or getting back into mountain biking after a long hiatus. Stay abreast of the bike trend curve and be set for the rest of this year! Here's the trends to watch in the fast-changing world of bike tech and bike retail.


650B+, 29+

Fat bikes have come and, well, some say this trend’s momentum is spent. But fat tires introduced riders to the joy of riding terrain previously barred to them due to lack of traction. For many, the feeling of floating over sand, snow or slippery roots on nothing more than a few PSI of air; with spades of traction to ride up any obstacle, is ...

Posted 27th Jul 2015
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