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Piston Racing - MTB Wheelset

- 30th Mar 2017

2016 Cyclist's Choice Awards - Special Mention

“Together with the owner's vast experience, Piston Racing can build you a custom set of wheels to suit your needs and taste.”

Wheels Founded locally in our little sunny island of Singapore just a few years ago in 2013, Piston Racing is not only a local brand of bike accessories and parts, they also have some really high quality and high performance bicycle wheels developed together with the owner's vast experience in building and repairing wheels for almost a decade now. Piston Racing can not only build you a custom set of wheels to suit your needs and taste, but they are also able to finish the wheels for you in a variety of designs and colours, so that you will definitely be able to find something that will suit your bike's colour scheme perfectly.

Piston Trademark

Piston Racing has two models of off road wheelsets in their range, they are both made from 6061-T6 aluminum, which is not only a very light material but very strong as well, perfect to handle all the bumps and big landings while biking off road. The width of the rim is 24mm wide and should be able to fit almost all types of MTB frames out there in the market and is joined together at the ends using a sleeve joint, this involves applying epoxy to the sleeve itself which is then pressed into the rim at one end, then the same process is done for the other end to join up the entire rim together, after that it is set aside for 24 hours for the epoxy to cure properly and the ends are bonded together permanently. There are also quality checks done on the joint to ensure that the bond is firm and only after it has passed quality control will the rim be sent to be CNC machined to create the rim's brake track, and after that, the drilling machine takes over the drilling of the holes for the spoke nipples as well as the tube's valve. The completed rim is then sent to be anodized which basically coats the entire exposed aluminum portion of the rim, this is to ensure that every part of the rim is protected against any corrosive elements, so that you will be able to enjoy riding a beautiful pair of wheels for many years.

Customized Piston Racing 27.5 Carbon Rims with Chris King hubs; upgraded spokes to lighter round butted spokes.

Piston MTB wheelsets are available in either 26 or 27.5 inch sizes and are both laced with 32 spokes for both the front and rear wheels, both weigh in at about 1.75kg, a decent weight for an aluminum wheelset. These wheels are also customizable with different coloured aluminum nipples or if you prefer there is also a silver coloured brass nipple option, spokes are either butted 2.0 or 1.8 and if black spokes are not your thing, then you'll be happy to hear that you can order the spokes with a rainbow colour as well. The hubs are machined from aluminum and have a chromoly steel shaft which is stiffer and stronger than aluminum and are fitted with smooth rolling Enduro ABEC 3 sealed bearings, the freehub contains four oversized pawls which engage the body providing added engagement for better power transfer to the the rear wheel. These hubs can also be adapted to a variety of different axles types, for the front you can either use a standard quick release or 15mm thru axle, just by simply pulling out the end caps and swapping with the correct ones. The rear hub is both quick release and 142x12mm compatible as well, and also easily converted with the aid of hex wrenches and 17mm hub spanners.

The Performance wheelset

Considering the affordable price tag for such a performance wheelset, it is no wonder that Piston Racing wheelsets deserve a special mention despite not coming out tops in the Cyclist Choice awards, and moreover being a local company, it gives us even more reason to not miss such a good product.


Support local and give Wesley, the founder of Piston Cycle a visit!

Piston Cycle Pte Ltd
6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, 04-09, NorthView Bizhub, Singapore 768892


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