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Bike Review: TYRELL CX

Chiu Ling - 4th Mar 2013


Brief Company Background:

Founded by Mr Masahito Hirose in 2004, Japanese bicycle maker, Tyrell is famed for their mini-velo bikes. What is noteworthy is that the brand has already garnered numerous design awards in Japan, even before their products were first launched to the consumer market in 2005. Not surprising considering the fact that all Tyrell bikes are designed and assembled in Japan under the strict supervision of Mr Hirose. Despite the widespread media coverage it enjoys in its homeland, the Tyrell bikes are relatively unknown globally as mini-velos are still considered niche in the bicycle industry. Tyrell bikes have however been gaining popularity in parts of Asia and here in Singapore (since they were introduced to the market just two years ago).

What is a Mini-velo:

Mini-velos are full sized road bicycles with 20" wheels that originated from Japan and Korea. Designed for urban commuting, these bicycles are light and compact compared to their ubiquitous bigger wheeled brothers, which makes them perfect for dense city living. This makes mini-velos especially relevant for us here in Singapore (White paper - 6.9million, 2030, yo). The mini-velo’s appeal also lies with its appearance - started in the land of the fashion trendy, mini-velos are popular among “hipster” cyclists.  


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