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Togoparts.com Festive Season Guide Part 1

- 15th Dec 2009

We bring you the latest offerings in the market this holiday season! Part I

Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder

VEHO MUVI Micro DV Camcorder is the world’s smallest digital video camcorder that can capture precious moments you never thought possible. High Resolution 2 Mega pixel lens records both video and audio file of highest quality, making that trail biking experience of yours ever-more memorable.

“Single-Click” ease of use with voice activation makes this a cool “must-have” gadget for cyclists, motorists, business conferences and extreme sports enthusiast.

VEHO MUVI together with the Extreme Sports Pack is the perfect gadget for cyclists to record every biking experience be it road race, mountain trail or extreme stunt biking. It can also be used to film down cyclist’s facial expressions and emotions during their gruelling speed or endurance race.

Balanzza TOO Digital Weighing Scale

The Balanzza TOO is a 3 in 1 weighing accessory that incorporates a Timer Alarm and a convenient Flashlight. It’s the first scale that is horizontally positioned instead of vertically, offering the most natural way to weigh your luggage. Bring along your Balanzza TOO on that overseas holiday trip and shop without fear as its unique simple to use “Strap-Weigh-Beep-Read” design can prevent costly charges and frustrating airport delays due to overweight luggage.

Balanzza TOO is a must-have gadget for biking enthusiast this Christmas. Ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and lift with one or two hands. Its compact and lightweight design makes it portable enough to bring it around for showing off your new feather-light Pinarello bicycle frame or shimano wheelsets

For More Information on where to buy visit: www.boiatrade.com


The 2009 Togoparts Christmas Tree - Make Santa cycle instead.
Tell us what dream bike-related products you want this festive season and you may just walk away with it! Wishes that comes thru ends 30th Dec 2009.

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