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Review: Boardman AiR 9.8

Story and photos by Bjorn Wong. - 23rd Mar 2012

A Legend?s Namesake

For the benefit of those who have no idea what Boardman Bikes is about, here’s a quickie.

Chris Boardman was born to professional cyclist-parents. This gave him the edge in racing, and this can be seen clearly from his track records (pun intended). The British legend broke the world hour record three times while competing against archrival Greame Obree between 1993 and 1996.

Throughout his career, Chris had always strongly believed in proven scientific technology. So when he stepped down from a professional racing career and started his own brand of bikes, research, innovation, creativity and technology were elements that went into developing each bike’s design.

Since its Boardman Bikes’ inception in 2007, Chris has headed the company’s Research & Development department to this day. Under his supervision, Boardman bikes have carried riders to the podium at Olympic, World, European and National-level titles across all disciplines which they produce bikes for.

Boardman’s range currently includes road, MTB, cyclocross, hybrid and female-specific bikes.


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