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Futureproof Dirt Shredders

- 7th Apr 2017

What do you mean futureproof?

Is there a bike that will actually last us the next few good years despite the never ending technology advancements? We reckon there is a few trends whereby the bike industry is actually following. Maybe just as each year pass, these trends just gets more radical. Even though it is true that no two bikes are the same, we still think there is a certain trait a bike now and the future will have. Just like many things in this world, there are just some things that become timeless classic. Be it then or now, they still remain looking and feeling modern.

Remember the film “Back to the Future”? If there is a 2017 Marty McFly going into the future looking at the same bike reflected here, very certain Marty might have thought his DeLorean is faulty, and didn’t know he has reached the future.

Here are our contenders for the futureproof bikes and Marty will agree. These bikes aren't in order of which is better or whatsoever. Of course there are no artificial intelligence that will scare Sarah Connor either. Just high tech non digital bicycles.

1- Dartmoor Blackbird (Enduro)

Why would it be futureproof? Here's the thing, Dartmoor has really upped their game in the recent years in the mountain bike department despite coming off as a street/BMX at the beginning. Hence for 2017, they have completely re-designed their enduro bike. Replacing the Wish that has been around since about 2012 which is still pretty modern till this day despite running 26" wheels till 2015. What's different? For the Blackbird Enduro, they went with the trend of having a lower centre of gravity to give an unparalleled bike control. Also, riders nowadays tend to be more particular with their bikes. With that, Dartmoor came with a solution of having an offset shock hardware to position the shock higher or lower for your individual riding style. Having that shock offset hardware will not only change the shock position, it also changes the headtube angle by 0.5 degree, varying around 66.5 and 66 degrees. With that being said, you can be sure that this pure enduro machine will last you in the years to come. Oh did i mention that it comes with the timeless color of black on black? I guess that counts as a plus. However for those who seek striking colors, you aren’t left out. Check out their Sea Lemon color!

Dartmoor Blackird Enduro (Sea Lemon)

Dartmoor Blackbird (Black on Black)

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2- Dartmoor Bluebird (+ sized Trail)

After reading about the Blackbird, you may be enticed to make your move but start thinking that maybe, just maybe enduro may not be your thing. Well I guess now you are in for a treat for the shorter travel +sized trail version. Made to fit either 27.5+ or 29” wheels, I guess they are made to fit either thrill seekers looking some fun, or race oriented riders looking at the rolling benefits of the 29” wheels. This will actually last you in the many years to come due to the fact of just the wheels. 29” wheels are here before 27.5” and it still remained competitive as a go to choice for many pro riders for its rolling benefits. While 27.5+ is a very new wheel size fit for those who just wants to have some fun with a playful bike. What’s more is that it comes with the new boost hub standard of 148mm in the rear. With these key differences already mentioned, the rest of the enticing tech from the Blackbird are included here. Just that the headtube angle changed by the hardware is varied around 66.5 and 67 degree.

Datmoor Bluebird (Turquoise)

Dartmoor Bluebird (Red Devil)

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3- Nukeproof Mega 27.5 Comp (Enduro)

A bike with a design philosophy of descending fast, is sure a bike that gives any rider lots of confidence. With a slack head angle of 65 degree, 435mm chainstay and 75.5 degree seat tube angle, it sure looks like a very gravity oriented piece of machinery. A modern piece of machinery that has been built to last you in the far future ahead usually comes in more than one variation to suit a more niche group of people if needed. This is what the Nukeproof Mega has provided. Having a 170/160mm travel 27.5” and 150mm travel 29” to choose from, these bikes are indeed made to cater for different people with different niches. With the suspension linkage being put through the enduro world series(EWS), it is another reason why it would make the bike not go out of date to the fact of them being put through seasons of aggressive usage by the professionals. Using a trend of having a tacky front tyre and a fast rolling rear, these bikes are indeed made with people who know what they are doing clearly. This is a trend that is not only gonna happen now only. In fact it is such a good strategy to have to produce better times that it will pull long into the future.

Nukeproof Mega 27.5 Comp (Enduro)

The Mega has evolved into the perfect all mountain and enduro race bike.

The Original Big Mountain Race Bike 

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4- Ragley Piglet (AM hardtail)

Good ol hardtail. Hardtail bikes just seem to not go out of date. Be it then, now, or the future, they are the staple bikes. Most of us started on a hardtail. Then we get a full suspension. But the saying goes, somehow we tend to go back to our roots. This is the bike for those who really seek for a fun, yet really confidence inspiring and responsive ride. Most of us associate hardtail with XC bikes which are meant to climb. However, with the long travel and slack design, you can indeed bring this downhill and still not feeling too sketchy. Not forgetting to mention that this bike is as timeless as it gets. Being a hardtail is one, this bike is also made out of triple butted 4130 Chromoly steel. Steel! Steel bikes just has its charm. As the staple material for bikes then and making it till now, it does make this bike as timeless as it gets. 10 or 20 years down the road, these steel bikes will still be appreciated by the most hardcore.

Ragley Piglet 27.5 Frame 

Custom Triple butted 4130 Chromoly steel 

Having the quote “Steel is real” stuck in your head? Head down to Willow. Bike. Art. Cafe now!

5- Mondraker Foxy R (All Mountain)

Ah... the builders of last year’s UCI MTB World Cup Champion. Forward geometry, zero suspension has shown the world the Mondraker can accomplish if you ever want a podium win. The conceptualisation of Summum DH frame is derived from the Spanish company’s first full suspension bike, the Foxy. Since the first concept, the Foxy R has been represented as an evolving bike, boasting 140mm Fox 34 Grip Fork, and Float Evo Performance Shox. It also sport the future-ready 148mm standard boost plus a stiffer frame.

Mondraker Foxy R 

With the Mondraker Foxy, you can expect a very capable all mountain bike to bring it to every trail you go basically. you can expect an ultra modern bike with uber handling capabilities yet will stay relevant for years to come (after all it is their patented tech right?).

the future-ready 148mm standard boost plus a stiffer frame.

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6- Mondraker Dune R (Enduro)

Yet another enduro up our list. The literal brother of our earlier shortlist. This one is sure not to disappoint you either, coming equipped with the same patented tech.

Mondraker Dune R Enduro 

Fox 36 27´5 Float Grip Performance, Open, Medium, and Firm modes with additional micro-adjust between settings. 160mm, Tapered steering tube, 15mm axle. Settings: Rebound, high and low-speed compression, air preload.

Rear Shocks; Fox Float X LV Evol Performance 3 positions lever. Settings: Rebound, compression (3 positions), air preload, 216x63mm, 22.2x10mm bushings on both sides.

As most enduro bike with long travel of 160mm have some pedal kickback, this isn't the case with the Mondraker Dune R (surprise eh?). Having a shock floating between the two suspension links and compressed from both ends. This allows the bike to have the advantage of having zero power loss through pedal stroke due to the zero suspension kickback under pedaling force. The suspension linkage system also allows the bike to have no brake jack under braking over bumps. With these benefits coming into play, it allows the rider to be more efficient and also braking with more confidence, hence enhancing safety as the outcome. Having the elements of efficiency, safety and confidence inspiring within the bike.

It sure is a dream for any hardcore trail shredder.

Check out MS Mondraker Enduro Rider Gabriel Torralba@ https://www.instagram.com/gabriel_torralba_33/

Check out MS Mondraker team@ http://new.ms-racing.at/home/team/

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7- Canyon Strive AL

Canyon Strive...Seems like a familiar bike for some of us. I guess some of us saw it at GMBN? Being a bike that has been around with GMBN for sometime, it sure is a bike that will see to the future with us. Having riders like Neil and Scotty behind the bike in the videos, we can sure tell how awesome they already are. Having the shape shifting technology, Canyon claims that this bike is made with climbing capabilities of a XC racer and also the ability to descent like a DH rig. Sounds impressive eh? What's more impressive is that the shape shifting technology can be activated with a flick of a switch on your handlebar. With such a simple movement from us to unveil another dimension of riding, we can surely now see why this is a bike for now and the future.

Canyon Strive AL; "the bike for now and the future"

With what I have mentioned above, I can assure you that there is a bike for everyone and anyone. Consisting of trail bike for the frequent trail shredders, enduro bike for the gravity junky who actually has to climb and for the ol skool hardtail die hard. Pick your favourite and get shreddin! Marty Approves!

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