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Garcia Bikes - Promising Brand

Togoparts Editorial Team - 3rd Apr 2017

2016 Cyclist's Choice Awards - Special Mention

Don't be fooled into thinking that Garcia bikes belong to the category of two-wheelers that can only be found in hypermarkets.

Garcia Trademark


Don't be fooled into thinking that Garcia bikes belong to the category of two-wheelers that can only be found in hypermarkets. Although it is considered a fairly-new entrant to the local cycling scene, Garcia is fast gaining notoriety as a brand that makes well-built but inexpensive folding bicycles. And RNE Bike Shop, the exclusive distributor of Garcia bikes, is taking several big steps to establish its presence in Singapore.

At last December's Cyclist's Choice Awards, Garcia was decorated by Togoparts with the "Special Mention" medal under the Folding/Commuting Category. That recognition did not come by chance. It is the relentless push by Garcia to place itself alongside established makers like Tern, Tyrell and Brompton. Whilst Garcia has its roots in the foldie sphere, the shrewd combination of marketing and technical support from RNE has augmented Garcia's plan to expand its product lines to include mountain bikes.

Garcia Folding Bicycles

Garcia Rapido Folding Bike - Black

There are three distinctive Garcia foldie models: Paseo, Rapido and Tiger. Despite their differences in terms of frame design, components, geometry and price, all three models share a similar trait: They are purposefully fun to ride on and can handle as well as those expensive folding bikes. 

For the budget-conscious foldie-lovers, the Tiger will be the perfect match. Whilst the seemingly-docile bike does not have any distinguished components to boast about, the Tiger has garnered raving reviews on its built and quality over long-distance riding conditions. A recent post by a rider at the RNE's FaceBook who wrote about using the bike for the TOGO920 challenge is testament to the quality of the bronze-coloured Tiger. 'Nuff said!

The Paseo range of foldies, which retail at a slightly more expensive price, are natural great-lookers, thanks to their striking frame livery and colour-matching components. Available in highlighter-green and screaming red, every Paseo is intimately assembled by the mechanics at RNE from the ground up. Configured with a nine-speed group-set, the Paseo weighs at a respectable 9.7 kilograms. On the road, the Paseo purrs with great ease, thanks to its low-resistance hubs. This makes the Paseo an ideal choice for those who love to cruise along the park connectors with minimal pedalling strokes.

Garcia Paseo Folding Bike - Green

The Rapido, which currently retails at a special price of $1,150 (usual price is $1,280), is supposedly the big brother of the three. Available in the five distinct colours - black, silver, bronze, brown and blue - each Rapido is specced with a SRAM X7 rear derailleur and shifter. The Rapido can be a good climber too, thanks to its 10-speed gear system. The pair of Avid brake levers, which are known for their modulated braking feel, add to the riding experience. Fitted with Kenda Kriterium rubbers, the Rapido has a solid build kit, and it should satisfy foldie riders who are using it for a combination of purposes from daily commuting to weekend expeditions. 

Garcia Rapido Folding Bike - Blue

Garcia Mountain Bikes

The Tornada is Garcia's only mountain bike model, and we have heard from RNE that Garcia has plans to introduce a few more mountain bike models. A 26-incher, the Tornado is admittedly not the bike of choice to bring to Batam's notorious Bukit Danga mountain biking trail. It does, however, gives amateur riders the confidence to take up the sports with its sloping top-tube frame design (which provides more clearance), well-padded saddle and a pair of Kenda 2-inch tyres. 

Available in four colour schemes, the maintenance-free Tornado comes fitted with the Shimano Altus front derailleur and the Shimano Acera rear derailleur. All it takes to bring the Tornado out for pure pedalling fun is a free-spirited rider.

Garcia Bikes are exclusively available in RNE Bike Shop, going on the road can never be the same again.

RNE Bike Shop
116 Bishan Street 12, 01-32, Singapore 570116

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