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Gods of Repair

Malcolm Goh - 3rd Mar 2017

Singapore, though not exactly big, is a hub for almost everything, and with the high density of bike shops all over the island, it’s no surprise we are also a hub (effectively) for some of the best repair work you can get in the world, if not some say JB and Batam.

Just like us, when we are ill, we head down to the family doctors, but when serious issue crops up, we head straight into the hospitals. So you may wonder after all our hard work searching amongst the best of the best mechanics on the island, who deserves the title of “God”? Fret not while we bring you around island and highlight the final shortlist!


God of the West
(Monkey @ NSR Bikes Bukit Batok - 2 Bukit Batok Street 23, #01-14)

Yes, our global office is in the west, so it’s no surprise we begin here right at our backyard.

Crazy as it may sound, the west does have great mechanics, and the best in the west also happens to have a cool & wacky name – Monkey!

Started out with just fixing his humble BMX bikes solely based on his passion, Ang Wee Hou (aka Monkey) who is very talented, whom learned building wheels through YouTube Videos, during his tenure at HALCONBMX.

He is currently tenured at NSR Bikes Bukit Batok, where he was sent to Bike School Asia to expand his mechanic skill prowess for other breed of bicycles. While wheel-building - where he started his mechanic career - is what he still excels the most at and highly sought after for.

Monkey finds joy and pleasure through fixing a wide variety bicycles and serving passionate customers whom found joy on the two wheels. He does not hesitate to go an extra mile for any of his customers by sharing his knowledge on how to keep a bicycle healthy, is what he will do to ensure his customers’ bikes longevity and of course to get that addictive smile of satisfaction.

Many riders now pay pilgrimage to Bukit Batok (Journey to the West anyone?) just to experience being in bike repair heaven with “Monkey God”… he repairs; you can have fun with their darts machine. Yes, you heard that right, an actual working dart machine.
Not forgetting after repairs, you could even test out your bike with their indoor ramp!


God of the East
(Darren Chin @ L & T Cycle Pte Ltd 482 Tampines Street 43, #01-230)

Having the next God fixing up your bike is Orgasmic wet wet wet.
So now that we have a Monkey God in the West, in the East side, we have the East Ocean Dragon King, ok just kidding. But you do feel that you are in the ocean because of the marine blue painted walls around the humble shop.

Who is he anyway? The next in the list is Darren from the “Monastery of Bike Mechanics” aka L&T Cycle, where many legendary mechanics are from. Yes the Grandmaster is Darren’s “shi-fu”.

Darren is another self-taught and enlightened mechanic, who originally started it all with just passion, he came upon L&T cycle 8 years back, and through intense training through time, and motivated by the power of passion, Darren levelled up over the years to gain the rare skillset and tacit knowledge otherwise known as Experience - on everything about bicycles.

L&T, being the distributor of CN titanium spokes as a main part of their business, it comes as no surprise that wheel building also happens to be Darren’s forte. Did we mention the same spokes comes with bling factor to boost your ego, and actual godly performance gains? You can be sure to stand out and stand to gain by sending your precious bikes there.


God of the Northeast
(Syaikhul 'Azim @ Bacycle - 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-09)

Unlike most conventional bicycle shops in Singapore whereby they sell bicycle, accessories and topping it off with mechanical services. Syaikhul from Bacycle has a different concept, he runs it like a Bike Hospital, like literally.
“Doctor” Syaikhul, focuses his business primarily on servicing bicycles with simple ailments to mind-bloggling complications, with the exception of electric bikes. Why? One may ask.

The reason behind it is simple. Bacycle foresee the rise in the number of cyclists in Singapore in the years to come, hence having the concept of having a place whereby customers can bring their bikes in for a thorough service and rescue to ensure longevity, makes perfect sense and eco-friendly.

To make sure all bikes that come in leaves healthily, “Doctor” at Bacycle will do a full series of diagnostic questioning like any medical doctor would, such as asking “When was the last bike serviced?”

Armed with these information, this “Doctor” will be able to diagnose common problems that has surfaced, and rectify them accordingly. Ah yes, a must mention trait about Syaikhul is that he is a serious case of OCD (Obsessive “Cleaning” Disorder), pun intended.

Bikes serviced by him goes in old and dirty, comes out looking sparkling new, calling it magical is an understatement. Looking to pamper your bike to heavenly level? Be sure to contact Bacycle for more details now!


God of the South
(Winson @ ReEvolution - 16 Morse Road #209)

Ah… earlier we mentioned about the Monastery of Bike Mechanics above? This is one of the well-known famous seniors who has now spread his wings and formed his own team. Yes, his former employer is extremely proud of him, so is the cycling fraternity.

His enclave is situated in a quaint colonial era building at the foot of Mount Faber called ReEvolution, which has come a long way for what it has achieved since 2012.

They can also work on a myriad of bicycles genres, as all their mechanics have decades (literally) of experience on the technicalities of building bicycles and quality is assured by the numerous coveted United Bicycle Institute certifications they proudly hang on their walls.
The certs basically equates to “We are God-like”

“More than anything, we believe that bike shops serve as a home for anyone with the same passion for riding and we welcome them to join our family” Winson Peh.

However, where they really excel is the mountain bike discipline as they are the official distributor for Santa Cruz & Juliana bicycles in Singapore. In addition, their skillsets also extend to custom wheel building for specific applications, suspension rebuild and tuning, and troubleshooting on bikes.

Like God always keep to His Promises, ReEvolution did just that and has a track record to share: ‘In October last year, two riders were set to race the Cape To Cape event in Australia on board the new Santa Cruz Tallboy CC bikes. However, due to an unforeseen shipment delay, the bikes only arrived at our shop on the first night of the 4-day stage race. We worked overtime through the night, scrambling to build and pack the bikes into the travel bags. The next morning, we flew out to Perth to personally deliver them to the racers. I guess you could say that we went an extra 2,431 miles for that one!’

Like Promises kept? This is the temple of choice for you.


God of the Northwest
(Richard Chai @ 7 Cycle Workshop - 180 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, 01-14B, Woodlands Auto Hub)

Ever faced with a situation that you love your bike so much that you cannot bear to decommission it regardless how obsolete it may be? Ever been told your bike is beyond repair? Can’t find certain parts?

Look for Richard. The last few surviving grandmasters of the golden years.
He has the divine touch that breathes new life into most bicycles that are condemned as unrepairable. From classic era to modern age bikes, you name it, he will most certainly be able to fix it.

You will not be wrong to assume that you walk right into a junk yard, oops sorry we meant treasure trove. As many has thought so initially. Until you talk to the veteran Richard who joined this industry 19 years ago due to a spark of interest.
At the very beginning, Richard like everyone else, had the misconception that fixing bicycles is a piece of cake. It was until he experienced how complex and interactive, fixing and servicing bicycles can be, and many times problem solving is required which only by experience could the problem be solved.

Price is also a shocker in a good way. His quotes are so good, you need to slap yourself a few times to make sure you are not dreaming. With 19 years of experience under his belt and immense tacit knowledge behind his hands, you should be ashamed of yourself for paying so little.

On a serious note, if you wish your beloved ride back to its pristine condition, or just to get that awkward “off-feel” that has been plaguing your ride, wait no longer and make an emergency appointment with Richard.
P.S. He can do house calls too with his “Ambulance”.



Of course, there are other well-known legendary mechanics, which leaves us to talk about, at another time. With these names and shops in mind, you are sure to have somewhere near to visit and get your bike the best treatment it can. Be it bling parts, repair, build up or even upgrades, you can be sure they bring the best out of your bike to bring the best out of you. Be sure to contact the shops you are interested in for more information on what you need!

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 Thanks for the info
- photographer , Singapore. 22nd Mar 2017 9:24 PM
 It is so fun to know every region got a ultra professional, so no need to travel far to pamper my bike!
- gerald-yong , Singapore, Singapore. 14th Mar 2017 11:43 AM
 god of west is undisputed, he is a good mech with qualifications(haha). What wins over is his positive attitude, happy go lucky and most importantly, friendliness & non biasness to all bikes (yes all BIKES!). No other competitors on the west can fight him 

God of East, IMO, i feel, should be a tie between L & T and Tiong HIn. but maybe L & T wins over?

God of northeast too...may have been a tie between The Cyclogy and Bacycle, but Bacycle wins over for best cleaniness (haha). 2nd runner up would be Bikenest (xD)

God of South, also undisputed.. from Revo. Champion cyclist with his own team. Can tell if your bike has problems with just only a 50m ride (yes down to the smallest detail).  Runner-up would be Bike culture (room for improvement), but nice friendliness and good attitude.

God of northwest , am not so familar with this guy..but judging from other reviewers, bike technics could be runner up


- albatross , Singapore. 3rd Mar 2017 12:40 PM